Canmake Foundation Review

Canmake Creamy Foundation Review 2024

14 de April, 2024Shopify API

Find out all you need to know about Canmake Creamy Foundation before making a purchase. Check out my Canmake creamy foundation review based on my tests!

Looking for a foundation that offers both coverage and a natural finish? Canmake's Creamy Foundation is a popular drugstore choice. This 2024 review dives into its creamy texture, SPF protection, and wear time.

We'll see if it effectively conceals imperfections while leaving a lightweight, "bare skin" look.

Canmake Creamy Foundation Review

Today I’ve decided to review the Canmake Foundation stick which has been one of the most sought-after products in recent times on e-commerce websites and drugstores.

This Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick 03 comes in the shade of Very Light Beige which has a rating of above 4 stars on Amazon.

Based on its performance, contents, texture, coverage, etc I’ve explored every factor of the Canmake Foundation and laid out my honest review. Check it down below!

Canmake Creamy Foundation Packaging

The Canmake Creamy stick foundation comes in the signature cylindrical-shaped stick bottle like most stick foundation brands. The entire stick is in the color of pink while the brand and product names are labeled in gold letters.

The stick is enclosed with a lengthy cap. The base of the Canmake Creamy Foundation is rotatable thus it’s convenient to be applied directly to the face or by filling a brush with the foundation for application.

Canmake Creamy Foundation Review
Source: Instagram

The Canmake Creamy Foundation stick bottle is made up entirely of plastic. The quality and strength of the bottle are ordinary and there’s nothing extra special about it.

I would say the packaging is inferior compared to most stick foundations from renowned brands. However, the packaging makes the Canmake Creamy Foundation travel-friendly thus you can use it anytime or anywhere you want.

Ingredients Of Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick

It’s always wise to take a glance at the ingredients of a beauty product before attempting to use it. I vigorously researched how the Canmake Creamy foundation was formulated to identify which ingredients are beneficial or detrimental to the skin.

Throughout my research, I figured out that the Canmake Creamy foundation is formulated with many emollients and moisturizing ingredients like olive oil, sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, aluminum hydroxide, Buxus Chinensis oil (jojoba), butylene glycol, etc. 

canmake marshmallow finish powder
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Olive oil is a good old skincare ingredient that consists of countless skin benefits like deeply hydrating the skin, reducing aging signs, protecting skin from harmful rays, and reducing puffiness and irritation.

Meanwhile, sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid are deep moisturizing agents that prevent skin from drying.

On the other hand, butylene glycol and Buxus Chinensis also possess hydrating characteristics that ensure the skin is free from irritation and redness.

This makes the Canmake Creamy foundation an irritant-free and hypoallergenic product thus your skin is protected from inflammation.

Furthermore, jojoba oil also consists of Vitamin E that’s effective in reducing aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. 

The aluminum hydroxide in the Canmake Creamy foundation works as a skin protectant that reduces the visibility of the foundation on the skin thus ensuring an equally blended appearance.

It also contains titanium dioxide that guards your skin against UV rays and grants SPF50+ PA ++++ protection.

However, some components in the Canmake Creamy foundation like olive oil can clog pores in some skin and cause breakouts.

Even with jojoba oil, some people may experience irritation or rashes thus it’s best to do a patch test before applying entirely to the face.

Review Of Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick On Application

After applying the Canmake Creamy foundation I came across some of its prominent characteristics like texture, color, how long it lasted, and its visibility on my face.

Thus I needed to assess the characteristics in detail so you can have a fundamental idea of how this product works.

canmake marshmallow finish powder ingredients
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Texture - The consistency of the Canmake Creamy foundation lives up to its name. It was very creamy and smooth than it looked and was extremely lightweight.

Just dabbing a bit of the creamy foundation worked its way on my entire face. After applying I honestly didn’t feel like I had a foundation put on. 

Color - This particular Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick 03 has a very light beige shade. It consists of a hint of yellow that grants a natural effect after application. The foundation's color is very bright and ideal only for light skin tones. 

Visibility On The Face - After applying the Canmake Creamy Foundation, the components sat well on the face and weren’t superficially visible like most makeup products.

To an extent, I could point out the traces of foundation but it’s barely noticeable when seen from afar. 

How Long It Lasted - When I just put the foundation on, it didn’t last any longer than 4 hours. My skin felt slightly sticky and patchy just when the foundation began to melt.

However, with a proper makeup base, this foundation did last a bit longer than it did as a solo product.

What’s Unique About Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick?

Since Canmake is a cosmetic brand of Japanese origin I certainly knew what I was getting myself into when I bought the Canmake Creamy Foundation.

Albeit it is a cosmetic product, Canmake has ensured to incorporate skin beneficial components to the foundation. 

This undoubtedly helps those who are concerned about choosing the ideal foundation that not just conceals uneven tone but also is harmless on the skin.

Looking at the ingredients in the Canmake Creamy Foundation, I figured it’s loaded with humectants and emollients that deeply hydrate the skin. 

As someone with dry skin, this aided me to confidently wear makeup because the Canmake Creamy Foundation locked the hydration in my skin and prevented any dry patches from appearing on the surface. 

The lightweight smooth texture of the Canmake Creamy Foundation was convenient to apply across the face and it granted enough coverage by concealing my pores, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars.

My favorite factor about this foundation’s texture is I didn’t even feel like I was wearing foundation, thus I had a comfortable time with it.

Furthermore, it even blended well on my skin and didn’t seem to leave white casts hence it wasn’t obvious that I was wearing foundation. Its SPF50+ PA++++ aptness shielded my skin from harmful UV rays thus when I removed it I didn’t perceive any tan on my face.

However, it didn’t do a good job of lasting on the face. Just a few hours after application I felt the foundation losing its ability to stick to the skin as it melted away.

Yet when I put the Canmake Creamy Foundation on with a fitting makeup base it did last longer. Therefore, the Canmake Creamy foundation doesn’t perform its best as a single product.

Is Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick Worth It?

The Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick 03 Very Light Beige is worth $13 on Amazon. To begin with, the exact net weight of the product wasn’t stated on the packaging hence I couldn’t compare the price with other stick foundations that labeled the mass of the product. 

canmake secret beauty base review
Source: Instagram

When browsing several other stick foundations from e-commerce websites, I came across foundations from renowned cosmetic brands that charge only between $5 to $10.

These stick foundations not just come in packaging of superior quality but tend to last much longer on the face and provide complete coverage of flaws than the Canmake Creamy foundation. 

Though the Canmake Creamy Foundation has a skin-beneficial formula and a lightweight texture that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, there are much better stick foundations for cheaper prices to choose from.

From my personal experience, I’ve listed the pros and cons of the Canmake Creamy Foundation below.

Pros Of Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick 

  • Travel-friendly packaging makes it a handy product to use instantly.
  • Formulated with hydrating ingredients like olive oil, hyaluronic acid, and sodium hyaluronate that prevent the skin from drying.
  • Olive oil and jojoba oil contain Vitamin E thus preventing aging signs.
  • Hypoallergenic face foundation.
  • Has a lightweight texture that can be applied to the face smoothly.
  • Grants coverage of uneven skin tone, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.
  • The hint of yellow tones in the foundation provides a natural glittering effect.
  • Has SPF50+ PA++++ sun protection.
  • Can be applied with fingers or a makeup brush.
  • Doesn’t leave any white casts or obvious foundation traces on the face.

Cons Of Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick 

  • Quite costly compared to most stick foundations.
  • It only suits light skin tones specifically Asian and Caucasian skin tones.
  • The yellowness in the foundation might be visible on certain skin tones and can diminish the whole purpose of the foundation.
  • Doesn’t last long if applied as a single product.
  • Tends to melt from the skin after a few hours.
  • May not grant full coverage of blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

How To Use Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick?

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how you can use the Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick effortlessly for a sudden event. 

canmake foundation stick review
Source: Instagram

Step 1. Prep Your Face - Wash your face with a mild cleanser to purge dirt, impurities, and oil. This will help the foundation to linger on your face longer and prevent dryness and patches.

Step 2. Apply A Moisturizer - Although the Canmake Creamy Foundation is formulated with dozens of humectants, it’s best to apply a light moisturizer to ensure the foundation sticks to the face. Use your fingertips to dot your face with moisturizer and evenly apply all over.

Step 3.  Applying The Foundation - Start off by slightly twisting the tube leaving only the top edge sticking out. Now draw on your face with the Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick, particularly focusing on areas with dark blemishes and acne scars.

Use your fingertips to gently rub the foundation and blend it evenly across the face ensuring there are no spots left out.

Step 4. Apply A Translucent Powder - This is an optional step but highly recommended. Use a translucent powder to set the foundation as it removes excess oil from your face thus ensuring the foundation doesn’t cause dry or oily patches on the face. 

Who Should Use Canmake Creamy Foundation?

The Canmake Creamy Foundation Stick 03 has a light beige shade which makes it an ideal foundation for those with light skin tones.

It also has a dainty bit of yellowness to it thus it leans more toward warm undertones. Since the foundation is loaded with humectants and emollients it’s effective on dry skin, normal skin, and combination skin.

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