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15 Best Japanese Mascaras For Asian Lashes 2024
05 de May, 2024
Check out our curated list of best Japanese mascaras for Asian lashes to get the perfect look for your eye makeup and lashes!
best japanese eyeliner
29 de April, 2024
Looking for a long lasting, waterproof eyeliner? Here’s our curated list of best Japanese eyeliners for you to choose from! Check it out! Eyeliners that last long are a must have for every cosmetic bag. Japanese makeup products are taking the world of make up by storm. Due to their long lasting formulas and affordability, they have a wide fan base. J-beauty eyeliners are some of the best eyeliners available. 
8 Popular Japanese Makeup Brands: A Guide To Top Beauty Picks
25 de April, 2024
Out of the numerous renowned cosmetics brands, Shiseido stands out to me. Their iconic Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation is a testament to their commitment to skin health.  This brand consistently delivers high-quality products that merge safety with effectiveness, making it a trustworthy choice in the realm of J-Beauty. Check out the reveiws of all other Japanese makeup brands that made the list! 
best Japanese makeup brushes
22 de April, 2024
My team and I tested 20+ Japanese makeup brushes on the type of hair, quality, design and cost. We found Hakuhodo Basic Selection Makeup Brush Set of 3 to be the best. Hakuhodo Basic Selection Makeup brushes sculpt your face really well and you can use it to perfectly apply highlighter as well. This is definitely one of the best Japanese makeup brushes for beginners. The brushes bristles are designed to be long lasting and give you the most out of your beauty products. The makeup brushes will stay soft and fluffy and will always give you the finish you like.
7 Best Lashes For Asian Eyes 2024
19 de April, 2024
Ardell Naturals or Kiss Looks So Natural are the best choices for beginners or everyday wear. They're both comfortable, natural-looking, easy to apply, and reusable, making them a great starting point for enhancing Asian eyes.
Canmake Foundation Review
14 de April, 2024
Find out all you need to know about Canmake Creamy Foundation before making a purchase. Check out my Canmake creamy foundation review based on my tests!