Where To See Geishas In Kyoto?

Where To See Geishas In Kyoto?

Jun 06, 2024Jon Ng

Wondering where to see geishas in Kyoto? We’ve listed all the places where you can catch a glimpse of beautiful Geisha or even catch their Geisha performances. Check it out!

Kyoto, in Japan, has a unique beauty and a rich and profound cultural scene that attracts many visitors. 

Visitors to the area can look forward to a truly unique and timeless experience in Japan's former imperial capital. 

In particular, some of Kyoto's most famous landmarks and cultural attractions involve the art and beauty of geishas. 

Where To See Geishas In Kyoto

Geishas can be seen in Kyoto's five hanamachi, traditional areas of the city where geishas live and perform. 

geishas in kyoto

Kyoto’s five hanamachi to spot Geisha are:

  • Pontochō
  • Miyagawachō
  • Gion Higashi
  • Gion Kobu
  • Kamishichiken

Additionally, Kyoto’s annual Odori dance performances featuring geishas take place throughout the year in the city. The five main Odori performances include the Miyako Odori, Kyo Odori, Kamogawa Odori, Kitano Odori and Gion Odori. 

Visitors can also look forward to the traditional performances at Gion Corner which takes place every evening at seven o’clock and features music, dancing, and Kyôgen comic plays. 

No visit to Kyoto is complete without embracing its traditional culture by appreciating the art of geishas.

What is a Geisha

A geisha is a traditional entertainer of Japan, with roots going as far back as the 1700s. 

what is a geisha

Geishas, seen as fashionable and artistic, are female performers skilled in traditional Japanese performing arts such as singing, dancing, and musical instruments. 

Found in the kyotos hanamachi districts - Pontochō, Miyagawachō, Gion Higashi, Gion Kobu, and Kamishichiken - geishas are often seen in dark kimonos and white-painted faces.


It is said that a geisha's greatest asset is their personality and conversation. They are trained to be elegant and well-mannered, knowledgeable in a variety of topics, and trained in the arts of the tea ceremonies as well. 

When you witness a geisha performance, you could be taken back hundreds of years.

Kyoto is one of the best places to witness geishas, as the city is rich in tradition. 

Throughout the year, Kyoto’s annual Odori dance performances such as Miyako Odori, Kyo Odori, Kamogawa Odori, Kitano Odori, and Gion Odori can be attended to catch a glimpse of a geisha in motion.

At Gion Corner, you can witness traditional performances involving a geisha.

The beauty and artistry of a geisha performance are timeless. Although the modern age has brought major changes to the geisha culture, witnesses of a geisha performance are still in awe and fascination at the spectacle. 

Seeing a geisha perform is an extraordinary experience and should not be missed whether you are in Kyoto or visiting Japan!

History of Geishas in Kyoto

Geishas are an iconic part of Kyo-machi, the capital city of Japan. As far back as the Edo period, these beautifully-dressed ladies have been entertaining wealthy individuals with their enchanting performances. 

Although courtesans also existed during this time, geishas stood apart from them by providing an art form that included music, dancing, and conversations. 

Though their dance routines, elegantly presented make-up and clothing, and refined manners gave society a much-needed diversion from life’s difficult realities, they also offered the opportunity to experience something truly beautiful and timeless. 

Even today, the anticipation of seeing a geisha appear onstage still stirs the imagination and captures the hearts of many.

Here in Kyoto, the booming culture of geisha has been preserved for centuries, and still brings joy and delight to those who witness the art and performance of these charming and elegant women. 

When in Kyoto, make sure to take a moment and appreciate the cultural history and beauty of geishas.

Traditional Geisha Performances at Gion Corner

Gion Corner is a special performance hall located in the Kyoto district of Gion. It is the ideal spot to see traditional geisha performances as well as other traditional Japanese art forms. 

This complex is like a miniature version of Japan with its various venues showing traditional arts, such as shamisen music, traditional dance, flower arranging, and more. 

Traditional geisha performances at Gion Corner showcase the elegance and beauty of traditional female dance and music.

The performers, known as geishas, wear traditional kimono, often with many layers of bright, vibrant colors. 

Accompanying the performances are shamisen music, drums, and Japanese flutes. The performers express their emotions and movements with grace and finesse, leading the audience through a mesmerizing traditional dance. 

There are many interactive elements to the performances, such as audience participation, which allows spectators to really feel the energy and emotions that are tied to the traditional dances.

Gion Corner has performances for all types of audiences, from those who want to learn more about the traditional art form to those looking to be entertained. Each month, there are two geisha performances at Gion Corner. 

These events are a great way to gain a better understanding of the art form, its history, and customs.

Gion Corner also hosts the Kyoto’s annual Odori dance performances, welcoming performers from Miyako Odori, Kyo Odori, Kamogawa-odori, Kitano-odori, and Gion-Odori to the hall. 

Geishas in Kyoto offer visitors a peak into the art form’s history and a glimpse of its future. 

Gion Corner is an excellent way to experience the grace and poise of these traditional Japanese dancers, while being surrounded by the beauty of the culture.

Attend the Geisha Performance at Miyako Odori

Attracting visitors from around the world, Kyoto’s Miyako Odori dancers gracefully perform in elegant kimonos every spring with an exquisite dance performance. 

Involving both maiko and geiko from different districts of the capital, the dance known as the Dance of the Capital, or Miyako Odori, is a beautiful sight. 

Originally started shortly after Tokyo was named the new capital, the graceful dance was held at Kaburenjo Theater and later moved to the Shunjuza Theater. 

The Miyako Odori comes and goes with the cherry blossom season, and tickets are available for purchase up to four days prior to the date of the performance, at about ¥4,000 to ¥7,000 a ticket. 

Those who attend the shows will be in for an astonishingly beautiful performance from the geiko and maiko who are dressed in exquisite kimonos. 

From traditional Japanese music, theatrical plays, and classic dances, the breathtakingly beautiful Miyako Odori is something that can only be fully appreciated when seen in person. 

As far as the performances themselves, there are three shows a day, 12pm, 2:20 pm and 4:40 pm. 

Each show lasts for about an hour, and during that time the maiko and geiko will perform traditional dances, as well as perform skits that showcase the four seasons in Japan. 

The performers also don different costumes and wigs in order to portray different roles, as they perform on the stage with gentle charisma, gracefully presenting the alluring culture and mysterious beauty of Kyoto. 

In addition to all the performances, there is also a small exhibition of ornately designed costumes on display. 

The display showcases the decades-old costumes from Kaburenjo and the genuine craftsmanship that goes into creating them. 

For anyone looking to get some insight into the traditional culture and beauty of Japan, the Miyako Odori is the perfect opportunity to do so. It’s an immensely fascinating experience, one that visitors to Kyoto will be sure to treasure.

Geisha Performance at Kyo Odori

Kyo Odori is one of the most magnificent performances of Japan’s traditional culture. With its annual performances being held in Kyoto for over 400 years, it is a gorgeous glimpse into the past. 

It is especially worthwhile to take in the Kyo Odori geisha performance, celebrating the beauty of Kyoto’s culture with the delicate dance of highly skilled geishas. 

Being surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of Kyoto and the luxurious presence of a traditional geisha performance is a truly remarkable experience. 

The performance is organized by the Kyo Odori Preservation Society and contains a mixture of traditional dances and other forms of entertainment, such as koto and shamisen music, conducted by the geishas. 

There is something magical in the way the geishas present themselves, captivating and entrancing the audience with their skill. 

Kyo Odori is celebrated in April each year, so if you have the opportunity to visit Kyoto then it is essential to enjoy the stunning display of Japanese culture that Kyo Odori provides. 

Watching geisha move gracefully during a traditional dance is almost like witnessing a very special piece of history — a reminder of Japan’s rich heritage and culture. Being able to experience this kind of performance is truly something to behold.

Geisha Performance at Kamogawa Odori

Are you looking for a chance to witness the graceful and stunning performances of Kyoto’s geishas? 


If so, the Kamogawa Odori might just be the perfect event for you! Traditionally performed in the first half of April each year, this annual event dates all the way back to the 19th century, making it one of the oldest geisha performances in the city of Kyoto.

The venue for Kamogawa Odori, known as the Takarabune Hall, is an experience in and of itself – stepping into the hall is like traveling through time. 

Revelers from across the city flock to the Takarabune Hall to marvel at the bewitching performance of the geishas on-stage amid a lush backdrop of traditional Japanese music, performed on classic Japanese instruments like the shamisen.

The show itself features a performance art known as “odori” – a type of dance which traditionally involves women donning traditional clothing while they perform slow and graceful movements that tell stories of ancient Japan. 

During the Kamogawa Odori, visitors will witness a unique blend of geishas, maikos (apprentice geishas), and tachikata (dance assistants) who are dressed in highly-elaborated kimono and stand alongside renowned musicians, providing the traditional accompaniment with the instruments.

Each year, the show changes in terms of costumes and choreography, so no two Kamogawa Odori performances are ever quite the same. 

Of course, there are always traditional elements that remain, including the 7 acts that form the main part of the show, representing each of the 7 major rivers of Kyoto.

The Kamogawa Odori is one of the most popular geisha performances in Kyoto, so be sure to book your tickets in advance to guarantee a spot in the audience. 

Gather your friends and family for a once-in-a-lifetime evening filled with traditional Japanese culture and eye-catching geisha performances – you won’t regret it!

Geisha Performance at Kitano Odori

If you’re looking to get an authentic glimpse into traditional Japan, then a visit to the Kitano Odori dancing festival featuring performance by geiko from Kamishichiken is for you. 

During this exquisite performance, you will be treated to a captivating show that contains three parts: a short play, a series of dances, and the so-called “Kamishichiken serenade.” 


You will be able to enjoy the performance in the pleasant atmosphere of a historical theater, with its modern conveniences to ensure your comfort.

This unique event is held annually in the month of April to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of nearby Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. It has been held since 1952 and continues to draw in audiences aplenty. 

Every year, the traditional stage is lavishly decorated with lanterns and stunning backdrops. Every corner of the theater is full of surprises and enchanted by the looming mysteries of a bygone era.

To join in on the celebration, simply purchase your tickets and get ready to take a deep dive into traditional culture from the comfort of your own seat. 

Tickets are ¥6,000 with a tea service for each person available for an additional ¥1,000. 

They can be purchased in advance or just the same day the performance starts. Please note that there are only two performances a day - at 2pm and 4.30pm, so make sure to book your tickets on time!

Throughout the performance, geiko will treat you to masterful and skillful moves. This is a unique opportunity to experience the elegance of traditional Japanese entertainment. 

Every aspect of the performance, from the singing to the dancing, is heavily infused with heritage and culture-filled history. 

Some of the familiar folk tunes and melodies that you will hear here are hundreds of years old, and they will transport you back to a time of immense cultural heritage.

At the end of the performance, the geiko also perform a special Kamishichiken serenade to honor their beloved audience. 

This song is special and unique to Kamishichiken and you are sure to be deeply moved by this peaceful tune.

If you’ve ever wished to travel back to the ancient era of Japan, then you should consider watching a performance of geisha at Kitano Odori. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you do not want to miss out on, as it offers you an incredible opportunity to better understand not just the art, but also the culture of the country.

Miyagawacho Geisha Street

Miyagawacho Geisha Street is a legendary tourist site in Kyoto’s hanamachi or “flower town.” 

It’s renowned for its picturesque atmosphere, with the old-fashioned streets lined with traditional tea-houses, okiyas (Geisha houses) and ochayas (teahouses where you can enjoy entertainment provided by traditional artists such as Geisha and Maiko or apprentice Geisha).

When the sun sets, glasses clink as crowds gather in Miyagawacho to witness the dazzling performance of the Geisha and Maiko as they dance and sing, accompanied by the melodic sounds of traditional instruments. 

Step out of the noisy alleys and you will find attention-grabbing displays of bright kimono layered in vivid patterns with intricate hair ornaments and sparkling accessories, setting the perfect stage for these captivating performers.

Though Miyagawacho geishas and maiko don’t perform as frequently as their counterparts at other hanamachi's in Kyoto, you can still get a glimpse of their mesmerizing performances during the annual Odori dance performances.

 You can also try your luck and check out the traditional performances at Gion Corner to see them perform. 

Nevertheless, a stroll down Miyagawacho Geisha street on a summer evening is a must-do when visiting Kyoto – you’ll take in the beauty of the kimonos, the rhythmic clap of traditional instruments, and the captivating performances of these artistic ambassadors of a long-held cultural tradition.

Geisha Etiquette & Tips

When visiting Kyoto to see geishas, it is important to understand and respect the age-old traditions and cultural etiquette that come with it.

The experience of seeing geishas in the hanamachi – Pontochō, Miyagawachō, Gion Higashi, Gion Kobu, and Kamishichiken – can be truly remarkable if you follow certain guidelines. 

  • Be Respectful

The most important thing to remember when visiting these areas is to be respectful at all times.

Geishas are highly respected performers and professionals, and it is considered rude to approach them directly or take pictures without permission. It’s best to keep your distance and observe from afar. 

  • Take Picture From Afar

Taking out phones, headsets, and cameras for close-up shots can be disruptive, so remember to take any photos from a safe distance.

  • Attend Official Geisha Dance Performances

Another great way to experience the culture of geishas is to attend Kyoto’s annual Odori dance performances such as the Miyako Odori, Kyo Odori, Kamogawa Odori, Kitano Odori, and Gion Odori. 

These performances take place in spring and winter and are a great opportunity to watch the traditional art of geisha performance up close.

You can also gain an insight into the culture by visiting Gion Corner. This traditional theater performance combines various forms of Japanese entertainment such as Bunraku, Kyogen, and the shamisen and is a fantastic way to experience the geisha culture. 

No matter where you go to view geishas in Kyoto, remember to dress and act appropriately, become familiar with the changing cultural attitudes, and above all, take the time to appreciate this centuries-old art form.

Doing so will make your experience even more enjoyable, and help to ensure the geisha tradition’s longevity for generations to come.

Additional Information & Resources on Geishas

Before you venture off to try and find some of Kyoto’s famed Geishas, there are a few factors to consider and many additional resources to consult.

 It’s important to remember that because they are based in tradition and are at their root, performers, the Geishas of Kyoto are a key demographic that is still viewed somewhat as a commodity, so be respectful and polite when interacting.

For additional information and resources, there are many sources available online, such as travel blogs, tourist websites dedicated to Kyoto, and personal blogs from first-hand Geisha experiences. 

It’s worth doing your research and finding reliable sources before planning a Geisha viewing trip to Kyoto. 

Here you can learn more about the distinct areas of the city where you are most likely to find them practicing the art of traditional performance - such as the city’s five Hanamachi, Gion Higashi, Gion Kobu, and Kamishichiken districts. 

It may also be worth researching the many traditional performances that occur throughout the year, including the Miyako Odori, Kyo Odori, Kamogawa Odori, Kitano Odori, and Gion Odori. 

Even if you are unable to actually see a Geisha performance during your stay to Kyoto, experiencing these traditional dances can be an incredible cultural experience in itself. 

For those travelling to the city and wanting more than just a peek into the world of the Geishas, there is also the Gion Corner cultural show which features a number of traditional musical and theatrical performances, costume changes, and post-show participatory activities. 

Here you’ll be able to have an interactive experience that showcases the true talent, beauty, and privacy of these performers. 

The Gion Corner can be found in the popular Gion district and is one of the best sources for experiencing a taste of the traditional arts of the Geishas. 

No matter what your reasons for visiting Kyoto, be sure to take some time to explore the city, the traditional performances, and the intriguing art of the Geisha. 

After all, a visit to the city of Kyoto is not complete without a brief, respectful, and memorable encounter with these alluring ladies and their legendary performances.

The experience of seeing geishas in their richly adorned traditional kimonos in the beautiful streets of Kyoto is a sight you’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

Kyotos hanamachi - Pontochō, Miyagawachō, Gion Higashi, Gion Kobu, and Kamishichiken are the main places where you can find these exquisite performers of traditional Japanese culture. 

There are also annual Odori dance performances like Miyako Odori, Kyo Odori, Kamogawa Odori, Kitano Odori, Gion Odori, and Miyako no Nigiwai, with traditional performances occurring at Gion Corner. 

From witnessing the graceful movements of these timeless geisha figures to soaking up the atmosphere of the hanamachi, Kyoto’s geishas provide a unique cultural experience like no other, and leave all who bear witness with a deep sense of appreciation for this fascinating corner of Japanese life.

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