10 Types Of Japanese Pocky

All Japanese Pocky Flavors You Must Try | 10 Pocky Flavors To Try!

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Have you tried all the pocky flavors? Here are all the. types of Japanese pocky flavors you gotta try!

Embark on a delightful taste adventure with our guide to all Japanese Pocky flavors you must try.

From the classic chocolate to exotic regional specialties, each stick is a portal to Japan's inventive confectionery spirit.

Indulge in this iconic snack and discover why Pocky is a beloved treat across the globe.

10 Different Japanese Pocky Flavors

Original Pocky Flavors

Before we head on to the special types of Pocky exclusive in Japan, let’s discuss first the pioneer flavors of Pocky that became globally famous over the decades.

We have five flavors that are globally available and it’s pretty easy to find in any convenience store or grocery.

Japanese Pocky Flavors

Those flavors are Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies And Cream, Matcha Green Tea, and Banana.

The packaging for these original types are nothing out of the ordinary and it just depicts what the flavor is inside with an eye-catching illustration bursting with color.

Original Chocolate Pocky

The taste of these original types of Pocky are what you expect of it as well, Chocolate Pocky literally tastes like good old chocolate, Strawberry Pocky still has that sweet and tangy flavor to it. Cookies And Cream flavor has that crunch and sweetness to it.

The Banana Flavor gives you that tropical feel and the sweetness is just right, while the Matcha Green Tea definitely tastes like you’re drinking a freshly made Matcha drink out of a cup.

Now, let’s head onto 10 unique and totally exclusive Pocky flavors available only in Japan.

Although it’s important to note that not all of these special edition flavors are available in Japan all year round as some of these are only seasonal.

Almond Crush

If you love almonds or nuts in general, this type of Pocky is perfect for your taste buds! The Almond Crush Pocky is perfect for people with a sweet tooth as the concoction of chocolate and almonds create a sweeter punch with every bite that you take.

Almond Crush Pocky

The crushed almonds are immersed with the chocolate together in every biscuit which gives it that extra crunch and texture that a normal chocolate-coated Pocky couldn’t give.

The packaging of the Almond Crush Pocky has a golden color to it alongside a depiction of whole almonds and chocolates mixing together, giving the customer a preview of what’s to come inside.

Creamy Vanilla

Typically available only during the summer season only, Pocky’s Creamy Vanilla is actually a collaborative effort with the famous Japanese tea brand Gogo no Kocha.

The flavor on this Creamy Vanilla Pocky definitely has the right amount and note of vanilla and it’s creamy enough to not overpower the sweetness of the coating.

This Pocky flavor was made to complement Gogo no Kocha’s product of Afternoon Tea.

The packaging is very bright and white. It also depicts the biscuit with a white vanilla coating alongside cute texts and a figure that goes along with Gogo no Kocha’s logo.

Heart Shaped Strawberry Pocky

We know what you’re thinking, there’s already a Strawberry Pocky available worldwide and you might be asking what makes the Heart Shaped Strawberry Pocky special. Well, instead of the normal cylindrical shape of the biscuit, the Japanese version has a cute little twist to it.

The biscuit is literally shaped and carved like a heart but the flavor and taste is exactly the same with the regular Strawberry Pocky.

The packaging is still in pink like the regular Strawberry but the Pocky sticks resemble a heart surrounded by images of real strawberries at the bottom. This Pocky flavor usually comes in packs of two inside.

Limited in Summer

Since it’s usually cold in Japan compared to other countries, we now have two Pocky flavors that bring the taste of summer and tropical vibes to the Japanese people and it comes in two variants, Brazilian Orange and Coconut.

The Brazilian Orange Pocky has that tangy taste and sweet note of an orange while the coconut in the Coconut Pocky comes in flakes to complement the chocolate coating in the biscuit.

The packaging on these two give off a beach and tropical vibe with the design of coconuts, leaves, and freshly-cut coconut in the bottom of the design.

Just like the other special edition Pocky, these two usually come in two packs inside the packaging.

Otona no Milk

Created and catered for the older customers who still have that sweet tooth in them, Pocky’s Otona no Milk is a must-try special flavor!

If you look at it, it looks just like the original Chocolate Pocky but looks can be deceiving as the base biscuit of this Pocky is created in a different way with the help of milk. Yes, the biscuit tastes almost like a crust on a pie.

Otona No Milk Pocky

The packaging is very creative on this one as it depicts the Pocky biscuits taking a plunge on a sea of milk at the bottom. This usually comes in two packs inside.

Pocky Midi

Even though the size of Pocky sticks is small enough to be considered as a small dessert or a light snack, Japan even made a smaller version of Pocky for the folks out there who are watching their weight rigorously.

Pocky Midi is literally a miniature sized Pocky that has all the default original flavors from Pocky but in a tinier version.

Pocky Midi

You’ll see Pocky Midi for the flavors of Chocolate, Strawberry, and Matcha all around convenience stores and groceries in Japan.

The packaging is square and tiny compared to the normal rectangular shape of Pocky.

Pocky Trinity

You’ll surely feel more luxurious and fancy when you eat this one because the Pocky Trinity has all the flavor notes that you’re looking for. This comes in two flavors, Pocky Trinity Almond and Pocky Trinity Orange Peel.

In this type of Pocky, it’s not just the biscuit and the flavor coating, there’s also sprinkles of real sea salt which completes the flavor combination. This is where it also got its name since there are three major ingredients in the Pocky.

The packaging definitely looks more fancy in design. The Almond flavor has the color green while the Orange Peel has the color orange. Both packaging depicts all the ingredients inside the Pocky.

Regional Pocky Flavors

Just like the Wagokoro Pocky, the Regional Pocky pays homage to different regions in Japan as well that have their specialty ingredient which made their region famous and special.

There are three flavors to choose from and they are Yubari Melon from the Hokkaido area, Uji Matcha from Kyoto, and Shinsu Grape from Nagano. The flavors of these Pocky are what’s literally in its name.

The Yubari Melon Pocky gives a strong resemblance of the melons from the Hokkaido region, the Uji Matcha tastes similar to the Wagokoro Matcha, while the Shinsu Grape Pocky tastes exactly like the grapes that you can get in Nagano.

The packaging is a lot bigger than the normal Pocky packaging and the design is much more simpler and straightforward.

Rainbow Pocky

If you are more experimental and you want to try a lot of Pocky flavors at once, the Rainbow Pocky is created just for your needs!

Rainbow Pocky literally has seven flavors of Pocky: chocolate, banana, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, matcha, green tea, and orange all in one packaging.

You will be able to taste one of many of Pocky’s wide array of flavors and this is only available in Japan.

The packaging is very colorful as it tries to depict a rainbow with the different colors of Pocky sticks on the side.

Wagokoro Pocky

Pocky’s Wagokoro is like homage to traditional Japanese culture and it comes with two flavors, Matcha and Azuki (red bean).

Even though there’s already a Matcha Green Tea Pocky flavor available outside of Japan, their own version of Matcha tastes richer and much more authentic since the ingredients came from Kyoto Uji. 

Meanwhile, the Azuki Pocky is like a specialized version of the Chocolate Pocky because the biscuit has red beans as a part of its ingredients. The coating also has flakes of red beans.

The packaging comes in a solid green color for the Matcha Pocky and a strong Violet-ish color for the Azuki Pocky.

10 Types Of Japanese Pocky

With all the different types of Pocky in Japan, you’ll never run out of new flavors to try especially with all the seasonal flavors that they release from time to time. Indeed, Pocky has become a household name in Japan when it comes to snacks for everyone.

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