7 Types Of Glico Japanese Cheeza Crackers

7 Types Of Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers

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Wanna try all the Glico cheeza crackers? Here are all the types of Japanese Glico cheeza crackers flavors available. Check out the reviews and try all of them!

Whenever summer approaches in Japan, an ice cold beer becomes more and more famous again for all the Japanese working people and the whole adult population. Snacks are an important part of drinking beer in Japan and the Glico Cheeza Crackers is one of them.

Types Of Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers

Some even say that the Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers are the best ‘Otsumami’ (おつまみ) or snack that you can eat while drinking a delicious beer after a long day’s work. With the insane popularity of Glico Cheeza Crackers in Japan, it has reached overseas as well.

That is why for this article, we will be reviewing 7 different Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Types Of Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers

Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers

Of course, we can’t discuss all the other Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers if we can not introduce first the original flavor that cemented Glico’s success in the Otsumami (おつまみ) industry in Japan.

The Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers is the first and original flavor of Glico and it’s considered as an innovative invention because it is flavored with real cheddar cheese that has been perfectly grilled over the oven and into the crackers.

Glico claims that the snack is not only made out of real and legit cheddar cheese but 53% of it made up of the whole cheese ingredient.

This makes the crackers taste more savory and rich because of the amount of freshly grated cheese cooked on top of the crackers.

Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers

Indeed, this is innovative because we haven’t seen anything like this before, especially the amount of fresh cheddar cheese.

Glico did a great job formulating the ingredients for this cracker because the taste isn’t overpowering at all.

The taste is indeed perfect for beer or wine because it’s like eating crunchy cheese without the overpowering aftertaste.

The crackers are tiny as well which makes it so easy to eat without making a mess.

The packaging of the Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers original flavor looks like it came from a high end shop to say the least because of how fancy and sophisticated it looks.

At first glance, you wouldn’t expect the Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers to be a household snack literally anywhere.

An illustration of cheddar cheese is being cooked and melted in the middle of the packaging with falling Cheeza Crackers from the top.

The big Cheeza logo is seen in the middle in white text with different text on the top and on the bottom.

Overall, we would rate the taste a solid 5/5 because of all the occasions it can fill and it can literally be eaten by anyone and everyone on different occasions.

The packaging is a solid 4.5/5 as well because of the color composition and design.

Glico Cheeza Camembert Cheese Crackers

Imagine eating the original Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers but with a whole different kick.

It’s a lot different because instead of the normal cheddar cheese, camembert cheese from Normandy, France is used instead.

The taste is more umami now because camembert cheese has a lot of flavor notes that could sometimes be interpreted as garlicky or mushroom.

We think that this flavor is much more compatible with beer or some other alcoholic beverage because the flavors are perfectly in sync with alcohol or wine.

Glico Cheeza Camembert Cheese Crackers

The packaging is in dark blue with the same illustration as the Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers but with the camembert cheese being melted alongside the cheddar cheese.

Glico Cheeza Low Carb Black Paper Double Cheese Crackers

This one’s for cheese lovers because Glico pulled off a bold move and incorporated both cheddar cheese and camembert cheese into the mix alongside black pepper flavoring.

This one is a bit healthier as well because they claim it to be low-carb.

Glico Cheeza Low Carb Black Paper Double Cheese Crackers

The taste on this is good but it’s too cheesy for our liking, it hits the right spot but eating too much overpowers the tastebuds.

Nevertheless, it’s a good combination of both kinds of cheese and the crunch in the crackers is still there.

The packaging is in black with the same illustration as the Glico Cheeza Cheese Crackers but with all the cheeses being melted in the middle.

Glico Avocadooza Avocado Crackers

For the fruit and avocado lovers out there, this is a very interesting flavor to try, especially with how Glico invented this unique yet flavorful combo.

Glico incorporated their famous crackers with avocado and they kneaded it together for this flavor.

Glico Avocadooza Avocado Crackers

The taste is good. It’s still crunchy and with every bite you take, you get that flavor hint of avocado and it actually feels like you’re eating a crunchy avocado.

The flavors aren’t overpowering at all and it’s just the right combination of fruit and cracker.

The packaging is very green with a big avocado at the top of the packaging and falling Cheeza Avocado Crackers on the right.

Glico Shall We Rich Cultured Butter Biscuits

For this one, Glico was still able to produce a very crispy outcome with the crackers despite them being way thicker than the normal ones that you see earlier in the post.

Combined with macadamia nut powder and rich butter, this one is very savory and crispy.

The taste of this is indeed rich and flavorful but you won’t be able to eat a lot of crackers in one sitting because each cracker is filling on its own given its thickness and rich flavor from the butter.

The packaging is different because it houses bigger crackers. It’s rectangular now and it has pre-cut lines in the form of an envelope which makes it easier for you to open and enjoy.

Glico Bisco Hokkaido Milk Cream Sandwich Biscuits

If you’re a fan of tasty fillings in between crackers, this one is for you.

Glico had a different approach on this one because the biscuit is now soft and melts in your mouth with a milky filling in the middle with the ingredients fresh from Hokkaido.

Glico Shall We Rich Cultured Butter Biscuits

The taste is good and it can even pass off as breakfast because it goes well with morning tea or coffee.

It’s just a little bit different from the previous flavors that we discussed and reviewed but it’s still very tasty.

The packaging is red with illustrations of the sandwich biscuits at the bottom and a child eating them at the top.

Glico Bisco Baked Chocolate Cream Sandwich Biscuits

Again, another melt-in-your-mouth variant by Glico but this time, they made it as chocolatey as it can get.

This can pass off as a dessert treat as well because of its perfectly sweet combination with the biscuit.

Glico Bisco Hokkaido Milk Cream Sandwich Biscuits

The chocolate is Ghana chocolate which has the perfect sweetness that goes well with the already-flavored biscuits. It’s not too overpowering and it’s not too sweet either.

This is our favorite among the sandwich biscuits that Glico created.

The packaging is very blue and there are a lot of illustrations of the sandwich biscuits at the top, stacked on top of each other with the logo of a child eating it at the top.

Where To Get Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers

As mentioned earlier, the Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers are famous almost everywhere in Japan because it fits almost all occasions possible because of its delicious and savory taste.

This is why you can buy and see these Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers in almost all convenience stores or groceries around Japan.

You can get Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers from different convenience stores like 7/11, MiniStop, Lawson and more.

You can buy different Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers for a retail price which is considerably cheap given the taste.

Now, if you can’t go to Japan, there’s still a way to get your hands on Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers and that is through online specialty or novelty stores that specialize in selling authentic Japanese snacks to fans worldwide.

The only downside to this is that the prices are inflated because it’s how these online specialty or novelty stores get their profit from.

You just have to find the right platform to buy these snacks that doesn’t charge too much for these snacks.

Shipping time and price depends on how far you live from the location of the online or specialty store.

It might take longer if you live on another continent or on the other side of the world. Regardless, the snack will still arrive.

The payment method also depends on the online novelty or specialty shop. Usually, as long as your bank account is affiliated with Visa or Mastercard, payment will be easy. There are other platforms as well that allow PayPal payments which are easy to do so as well.

7 Types Of Japanese Glico Cheeza Crackers

Indeed, Otsumami (おつまみ) is a really good go-to if you’re on the go or if you’re serving finger food for a simple social event in your house or company. It goes well not only with beers but with other food and drinks as well because of its taste and the Glico Cheeza Crackers are surely one of them.

Now, you have a new reason on why you should visit Japan so you can get your hands on these tasty and savory Glico Cheeza Crackers.

We hope that this article has been helpful in reviewing 7 different Glico Cheeza Crackers that you can only find in Japan or through online specialty stores.

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