Is The Beast Titan Eren's Dad

Is The Beast Titan Eren’s Dad?

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Are you wondering, is the beast Titan Eren’s dad? If yes, check out here to find out who the Beast Titan really is. Read further to know more about it.

Attack on Titan is hands down one of the best and most enthralling series in the anime industry. Both the manga and anime are equally appreciable and have done an amazing job at garnering countless fans across the globe. 

The storyline of Attack on Titan is based on a post apocalyptic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. The major threat faced by humanity is the Titans. 

Titans are humongous humanoids who feed on human beings or attack them. The remaining humans reside between huge walls that protect them from the fatal Titans. The anime series has been quite intriguing so far but fans have raised several questions as well. 

If you have the same question, then hop in and read along as we’ve discussed a detailed explanation below.

Is The Beast Titan Eren’s Dad?

The Beast Titan, Zeke Yeager is not Eren’s dad but he is Eren’s older half brother. Prior to marrying Eren’s mother Carla, Grisha Yeager was married to Dina Fritz who’s the biological mother of Zeke Yeager. Throughout the show, the Beast Titan has been the main antagonist.

Eren’s mother was literally eaten by a Titan and he was completely devastated after that incident. Eren was consumed by vengeance and hatred towards the Titans as he vowed to eradicate all of the Titans. 

When Eren was at his worst, his father, Grisha Yeager found him and handed him his basement key, and insisted that he find the basement as soon as he could so that they could reclaim Wall Maria. Grisha would proceed by injecting a Titan serum into Eren.

Later during the year 847, Eren, his adopted sister, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Alert enlist in the 104th Training Corps. They all pass with good grades and then proceed to join the Survey Corps. 

The Survey Corps is an organization that’s formed by humans to study about the Titans and it trains soldiers to be able to combat the Titans. 

 Eventually, Eren finds his father’s basement, and not just the basement was found but also his father’s dark secrets were unfolded. 

Eren learned about the history of Titans and the secrets of Eldia and Marley as well. He then realizes that his true enemy is the rest of humanity that resides near the ocean. 

Eren is currently the holder of three titans which are: The Attack Titan and the Founding Titans which he inherited from his father, and the War Hammer Titan which he received when he ate Willy Tybur’s younger sister.

Beast Titan, Zeke Yeager, Is Eren's Half-brother

The Beast Titan is one of the Nine important Titans in the Attack On Titan manga and anime series. The Beast Titan is much larger in size than most Titans and it has the physical appearance of an animal which is why it’s called the Beast Titan. The Beast 

Titan is inherited and operated by Zeke Yeager, the son of Grisha Yeager. This titan not only possesses the appearance of an animal but also has other characteristics that resemble the traits of animals. 

However, the traits of the Beast Titan depend on the holder of the titan. For instance, previous holders of the Beast Titan had animal appearances like bulls, monkeys, crocodiles and wolves, etc. Zeke’s Beast Titan looked more like an ape and he possessed traits of a bighorn sheep. 

Since Zeke Yeager is of royal blood, his Beast Titan possessed unique abilities like powerful throwing, titan creation, body hardening, and titan control. With powerful throwing, the Beast titan could throw large objects at a high speed at its intended target in precise accuracy. This ability came in handy when the Beast Titan attacked the Survey Corps with huge rocks. 

The hardening ability is something most titans were able to do. The Beast Titan would harden itself usually when it’s being attacked by humans. By hardening, it can prevent any injuries from deadly weapons. 

In addition, Zeke can create titans by using his spinal fluid to transform Ymir’s subjects into titans. All Zeke has to do is to roar or do the titan scream and the titans would get attracted to him. 

Zeke can also manipulate the minds and mannerisms of other titans, especially Pure Titans. In the anime, it can be seen that the Beast Titan commands the Pure Titans to move and resist them from eating human beings. 

How Is The Beast Titan Related To Eren?

So, let's answer this question, is the beast Titan Eren's dad? Since we have familiarized ourselves with the history of the Beast Titan and about Eren Yeager we can now move on to the main question. The question we have all been waiting to be answered. Is Eren’s dad the Beast Titan?

The Beast Titan is not Eren’s father. Grisha Yeager is Eren’s father who was the holder of both the Attacking Titan and the Founding Titan but he never was the operator of the Beast Titan. 

The Beast Titan is currently operated by Grisha Yeager’s other son, Zeke Yeager who’s the older half brother of Eren Yeager.  Practically, the Beast Titan is Eren’s half brother and not his father. The Beast Titan has been operated by Zeke Yeager since 842 and he is considered as one of the ruthless and best warriors in the Attack On Titan series.

Is the Beast Titan Eren’s brother?

The Beast Titan is Zeke Yeager who is Eren’s older half brother. Eren’s father, Grisha Yeager was previously married to a woman named Dina Fritz who’s the biological mother of Zeke Yeager. Hence, Eren Yeager is the half brother of Zeke Yeager since Eren was born to Grisha Yeager’s second wife, Carla.

What Titan did Eren’s dad have?

Eren’s father, Grisha Yeager was the holder of the Attack Titan. He was an Eldian doctor who was sent on a mission to acquire the power of Founding Titan from the family of Reiss. Hence he was given the powers of the Attack Titan. He possessed the power of the Founding Titan after eating Frieda who was the previous holder of the Founding Titan.

Is Zeke Yeager Eren’s dad?

Although Zeke Yeager shares the same last name as Eren Yeager, he is not Eren’s dad. In the anime, it’s later revealed that Zeke Yeager, who’s the holder of the Beast Titan, is Eren's older half brother. Before their father Grisha Yeager married Eren’s mother, he was already married to Dina Fritz who’s the mother of Zeke Yeager.

Is the Beast Titan a Yeager?

In the Attack On Titan manga and anime series, it’s revealed that the Beast Titan is in fact from the Yeager family. Zeke Yeager, the holder of the Beast Titan is the older son of Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz. He is one of the main antagonists of the Attack On Titan series and he worked for the Marleyan military where he was indoctrinated.

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