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Who Is The Strongest Titan In Attack On Titan? (Ranked By Strength)

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Wanna know who is the strongest titan in Attack On Titan? We ranked the strongest titan on Attack on Titan here! 

Attack on Titan is one of the best anime that has garnered countless spectators in the anime fandom. The unique and mind-blowing storyline of the anime is definitely worth praising. 

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the existence of humans is threatened by cannibalistic and monstrous giant humanoids called Titans. The humans reside in a kingdom surrounded by vast walls that protect them from the titans. 

They have also formed an organization called the Survey Corps which aims to evict the titans.

Titans From Strongest to weakest Inheritors Strengths
The Founding Titan Eren & Grisha Yeager, Uri & Frieda Yeiss, Ymir & Karl Fritz. Telepathic communication, Titan creation, and body and memory manipulation.
The Wall Titans None Able to form walls
War Hammer Titan Eren Yeager and Lara Tybur Able to create hardened titan structures and weapons
The Colossal Titan Armin Alert and Bertolt Hoover Enormous strength and size and can emit powerful steams
The Attack Titan Eren & Grisha Yeager and Eren Kruger Inherits future memory and extreme physical strength
The Armored Titan Reiner Braun Possesses strong armor
The Beast Titan Zeke Yeager and Tom Ksaver Hardening, powerful throwing, and animal characteristics
The Female Titan Annie Leonhart Body crystalization, titan attraction 
The Jaw Titan Ymir, Marcel & Porco Galliard and Falco Grice Speed, tough claws, and strong jaws
The Cart Titan Pieck Finger Speed and high endurance level

Although the titans are harsh towards humans they have a huge fanbase for their impressive abilities. If you want to know who’s the strongest titan in Attack on Titan then read further to find out. We’ve ranked them based on each of their strengths. 

Who Is The Strongest Titan In Attack On Titan?

In the world of Attack on Titan, the Founding Titan is widely regarded as the strongest Titan, possessing the ability to control other Titans and manipulate the memories of Eldians.

#1 -- Founding Titan

As the name suggests the Founding Titan is the first of the Nine Titans that came to exist. By far the Founding Titan is the most powerful titan of all time and it has a unique ability to scream. 

This powerful scream can create titans and manipulate their minds by altering their memories. It would also make them follow any order and it was used by Eren Yeager who commanded the Pure Titans to attack his foes.

Other inheritors like Karl Fritz used the scream to build walls and command Colossus Titans. The Founding Titan can control the minds of Ymir’s subjects and also manipulate the functions of their bodies. 

It can communicate telepathically with any of the Ymir subjects. The Founding Titan also possesses clairvoyance which allows it to see the future. 

These immense powers make Founding Titan the strongest titan of all time and it can only be accessed by anyone who has royal blood.

#2 -- The Wall Titans

The humans living in the kingdom are protected by huge walls that hinder the titans from entering. However, the walls protecting the humans were ironically a group of colossal titans who are comparatively smaller than the original Colossal Titan. 

Unlike the Colossal Titan, these Wall Titans are mindless however, they have the ability to annihilate the entire human race if they were released from the walls.

The Wall Titans are quite powerful that they cannot be destroyed by cannons and bombs. 

Eren caused the rumbling in the anime and the Wall Titans started walking and crushing everyone on their way. The Wall Titans aren’t inherited by anyone.

#3 -- War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan is one of the Nine Titans and also the last of them to make an appearance. This Titan has a unique ability that helps its inheritor to control it from anywhere due to the cable which is made from titan flesh. This also allows them to hide underground in a crystallized form. 

It is called the War Hammer Titan because it’s able to create hardened titan structures and weapons by using its own titan flesh. This makes the War Hammer Titan one of the strongest titans that other titans and humans will find tough to combat. It can make weapons of any sort and harm anyone.

#4 -- Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan is extremely immense and has the physical appearance of a human without skin and the red muscles can be seen. Its physical features and size make it one of the feared titans in the anime. 

Anybody who knows the transformation process of the Colossal Titan wouldn’t want to be nearby. Because when a Colossal Titan transforms tons of energy are released that can damage an entire city.

This Titan’s body can emit steam which has a very high temperature and is sufficient to incinerate the flesh of a human’s body. Since Colossal Titan is tall it can cross through the walls and destroy them instantly. However, its immense size hinders the titan from moving faster.

#5 -- Attack Titan

The protagonist of Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager is the current inheritor of the Attack Titan. The Attack Titan possesses intense physical strength which helped Eren to attack and defeat the Nine Titans. When it’s time to attack the Attack Titan knows no bounds and is unstoppable. 

Apart from physical strength, the Attack Titan can view the memories of his past and future inheritors which can be quite useful.

#6 -- Armored Titan

The Armored Titan is one of the powerful titans that has an impressive defensive strategy which is its body itself. This Titan has its body protected by hardened skin which acts as well built armor that makes the Armored Titan almost indestructible. It’s quite impossible to stab through the armor to attack the titan. 

Apart from the armored body, this titan can harden its limbs and make them into strong weapons that can damage anything. The Armored Titan is durable and was also able to cause enough damage to Wall Maria by charging towards it. However, the Attack Titan was able to shatter parts of Armored Titan’s armor by continuous striking.

#7 -- Beast Titan

The Beast Titan has a creepy and scary appearance that would bring fear into the hearts of anyone who faces it. The Beast Titan has the ability to take on the physical attributes of many animals which is why it looks like a monster but its appearance changes according to the transformed animal. 

If the inheritor of the Beast Titan has royal blood then the titan could turn humans into titans. One of the most impressive strengths of the Beast Titan is its powerful throw. The Beast Titan could use anything at its disposal and throw it forcibly which can destroy anything in the way. It can also harden its skin which makes it almost impossible to harm the titan.

#8 -- Female Titan

The Female Titan is one of the Nine Titans and also one of the mighty titans in the series. It is inherited by Annie Leonhart who’s one of the most skilled members of the Marleyan Service. She possesses outstanding fighting skills and this makes her titan fearless and invincible. 

The Female Titan has the ability to scream and attract other titans. It also has the ability to crystalize itself during battle to protect itself from any outward danger. However, this ability can be considered a strength or weakness depending on how long the Female Titan crystalizes itself. In fact, Annie was completely frozen after crystalizing herself and it took her years to break free. 

#9 -- The Jaw Titan

The Jaw Titan is one of the Nine Titans and looks like a lion with a huge body, sharp claws, and a powerful jaw. Despite having a large body the Jaw Titan is the smallest titan out of the Nine Titans. With its sharp claws, the Jaw Titan can rip anything into pieces and destroy it. 

The notable strength of the Jaw Titan is its jaw which has big hard teeth that can be used to bite into anything. This titan is extremely powerful when it’s on the run as it can destroy anything with its claws and teeth.

#10 -- Cart Titan

The Cart Titan is also one of the Nine Titans that has its own powers. However, it’s the weakest of the Nine Titans as it doesn’t possess that many remarkable powers. The Cart Titan is quadrupedal and it’s used to carry heavy loads on top hence the name given. 

The Cart Titan is fast and has higher levels of endurance unlike most titans hence it can transform multiple times without getting exhausted.

Which Titan is the strongest in Attack on Titan?

The strongest titan in Attack on Titan is the Founding Titan. It has marvelous strengths that overpower the rest of the titans. Its list of powers includes telepathic communication, mind and body manipulation, and creating titans. If the holder of the Founding Titan is royal blood he/she can turn any human into a titan and control their minds.

Who is the weakest Titan?

The Cart Titan is the weakest titan out of the renowned Nine Titans. The Cart Titan is huge, quadrupedal, has a high endurance level, and can move faster but its powers are less impressive and useful when compared to the rest of the Nine Titans.

What is pure Titan?

Pure Titans are the original titans who were once humans and took the form of titans due to the scream of a titan or the serum. They are mindless beasts that feed on humans. They have instincts similar to animals but don’t possess any intelligence.

Who is the biggest Titan?

The Colossus/Colossal Titan is the biggest titan which is 60 meters in height. The Colossal Titan has a very muscular appearance and when transformed it releases a great wave of energy that can kill anyone nearby.

What are the Female Titan’s powers?

The Female Titan is one of the powerful titans among the Nine Titans which has remarkable strengths. This titan is known for perfectly mimicking a titan scream which attracts Pure Titans. The Female Titan can also crystalize and harden its body parts to defend itself.

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