15 Best Japanese Cartoons For Children 2024

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You must definitely keep a watch over what cartoons your little ones watch. Here are some of the best Japanese cartoons for children with positive messages and images that will bring a smile to their face. You can also accompany them when watching these Japanese anime for kids.

Which are the best Japanese cartoon for children?

Doaremon is the best Japanese cartoon for children. This iconic anime features a blue robot cat named Doraemon who travels back in time to help a clumsy boy named Nobita. With his magical gadgets, Doraemon teaches Nobita valuable life lessons about friendship, perseverance, and kindness, all in a fun and whimsical way. The animation is simple yet charming, and the stories are heartwarming and relatable for children.

Watching these best Japanese cartoons for children is also a great way to learn Japanese for your kid (and you). It’s a great way for beginners to learn Japanese, for sure!

However, I always suggest that no matter how safe you think any show on the TV for your child is - make sure you’re always supervising what your little one watches on the TV.

So, without any further ado, let’s introduce our list of the 10 best Japanese cartoons for children!

Best Japanese Cartoons for Children -- Quick Summary

Best Japanese Cartoons For Children Link
Anpanman - Best Japanese Cartoons for Children Check it out Amazon
Doraemon  Check it out on Amazon
Aikatsu! Check it out on Amazon
Yokai Watch Check it out on Amazon
Pokemon Check it out on Amazon
Chibi Maruko Chan Check it out on Amazon
Crayon Shin-Chan Check it out on Amazon
Chi’s Sweet Home Check it out on Amazon
Dragon Ball Check it out on Amazon
JARINKO CHIE Check it out on Amazon

Our Top Picks For Best Japanese Cartoons for Children

  1. Anpanman
  2. Pokemon
  3. Dragon Ball

Top Japanese Cartoons For Children


PreCure certainly will bring to mind the iconic series, Sailor Moon; however, its fans would undoubtedly say that the two differ greatly. 

PreCure has gained immense popularity among girls aged 4-5 and older, second only to Disney princesses in Japan. One of the things that sets PreCure apart from its magical girl counterparts is that it reboots itself every two years or so, introducing a new team of heroines each time. 

The current team is Pretty Cure A La Mode, comprising of the charming Cure Chocolat, Parfait, Gelato, Whip, Macaron, and Custard. To PreCure fans, these lovable protagonists make the series wholly unique and incredibly special.

Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro

Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro is an animated series that revolves around the official mascot of educational publisher Benesse’s learning program, Kodomo Challenge - Shimajiro. 

This series is specially designed for preschoolers, as it engages young minds in activities that educate and entertain. Focusing on the adventures of Shimajiro, each episode highlights a certain aspect of his life, such as nutrition, health, interpersonal relationships, and more. 

Not only can you find a wide variety of Shimajiro-branded educational materials and products in Japan, but the series also has a large following across the world.

Hana Kappa

Hana Kappa is a charming and lighthearted animated series that airs on a daily basis on NHK. The animation is vibrant and energetic, specifically designed to capture the attention of young viewers. 

The show revolves around a family of Kappa, Japanese mythical creatures that sport a flower on their heads. As Kappa enter adulthood, the flower blooms and reveals their true identity. 

Unfortunately, Hana Kappa does not know what her flower will reveal and is therefore filled with curiosity and apprehension. In order to adequately deal with these feelings, Hana frequently visits her close friends in Yamabiko Village, who always support and console her.


Sazae-san is, without a doubt, a cultural institution that transcends all borders. It holds a special place in the hearts of many all over the world and is, in fact, the longest-running animated series in history. 

It follows the Isono Family, a typical big Japanese family living together in Tokyo. The main character is Sazae-san, an energetic and sometimes awkward woman in her early 20s, living with her husband, son, father, mother, brother and sister under one roof. 

Each character has their own individual personality and humour and are all named after fish! Sazae-san, originally debuting in 1969, is an incredibly loved show worldwide, and has only grown in popularity since its start.

Anpanman - Best Japanese Cartoons for Children

Here’s the first pick for the best Japanese cartoons for children and an obvious one! Anpanman is one of the most loved Japanese cartoon characters by kids in Japan.

In fact, even the adults love this little guy because there are 5 Anpanman themed museums across Japan. 

kid friendly anime series

Anpanman, real-life bean paste filled-pastry, is a superhero whose mission is to save his friend from Baikinman, meaning germs in Japanese. Anpanman also has other friends (all of whom you’d find in a bakery) that feature in this Japanese cartoon for children.

There are three main life lessons that Anpanman wants to teach the kids. Firstly, justice always prevails. Secondly, don’t do bad things. And finally, be kind to others.

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Doraemon is another favorite and a Japanese cartoon character loved by kids all over the world.

A robot cat from the future goes back to help Nobita and keep him out of trouble. Unfortunately, our boy Nobita is always falling in trouble - at home, in school, with his friends. He is also bullied by his classmates and schoolmates.

But, not to worry, Doraemon will always help Nobita out of a sticky situation! I mean that’s what friends are for, eh?

anime for japanese learners

It’s a great Japanese anime series for children to watch. Doraemon, the cat robot, has all sorts of futuristic gadgets in his 4th dimensional pocket that he uses to help out Nobita.

It’s one of the best Japanese cartoons for children to spark their imagination and encourage kids to think ‘out-of-the-box’.

The Japanese cartoon also focuses on Nobita and Doraemon’s friendship and how they both are there for each other, unconditionally.

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Aikatsu follows the journey of Ai, Ran, and Ichigo - three ordinary girls who want to excel at Starlight Academy, where they’re training to become an idol.

Aikatsu! Is also the name of an arcade and card game that’s quite popular. How it’s played is: The players buy cards. These cards can either be a fashion accessory, an item of clothing or even skill.

Ultimately, the player uses these cards to create an outfit for their character or idol. The players then scan the collected cards into the arcade in exchange for points.

They can now have their very own idol or character show off her clothing, skills, and accessories on stage. There are also a number of songs, because of the nature of the show, that your kids will definitely enjoy. 

popular childrens anime in japan

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Yokai Watch

The next of the best Japanese cartoons for children to watch is the very popular Japanese cartoon Yokai Watch! This Japanese cartoon is about a 5th grader, Keita. The cartoon follows his adventures with a spirit cat named Whisper.

His journey involves him befriending Japanese spirits called Yokai with Whisper’s help. With every Yokai he befriends, he receives a friendship medal.

These friendship medals along with his special wristband device called the Yokai Watch will help him summon yokai to help him through his journey. 

japanese shows for learning japanese

The basic concept behind this Japanese cartoon for children is that a yokai is always behind any mischief caused by humans. This is a great Japanese cartoon for children in terms of creative storytelling.

With supernatural characters and concepts from Japanese traditional folklore included - this cartoon is also a gateway for your kids to understand some of Japanese storytelling traditions. 

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Pokemon, hands down, is definitely one of the best Japanese cartoons for children. In fact, I still watch it. Pokemon is a Japanese anime for kids that is popular all around the world amongst kids and adults alike. 

Pokemon follows Ash (or Satoshi), an 11-year-old boy, whose mission is to become the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer.

To win the Pokemon championship, Ash has to travel cities beating other Pokemon trainers of official Pokemon gyms at Pokemon battles and make it to the top. Along the way, Ash and his friends encounter all kinds of adventures, mishaps, and fun!

japanese childrens television series

The series is also about the friendship, trust and love that is shared between not only Ash and his friends but also the Pokemons. Join Ash as he catches and trains Pokemon to become the world’s greatest Pokemon master!

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Chibi Maruko Chan

The next one in this list of best Japanese cartoons for children is Chibi Maruko Chan. This Japanese cartoon is a very family-oriented show.

Unlike, most other Japanese cartoons that take place in big cities like Tokyo, Chibi Maruko Chan takes place in the suburbs. The cartoon is about Maruko, a little girl who lives with her family with a modest income. 

Any child can easily relate to this cartoon as Maruko is just like any regular child and the cartoon shows the daily problems and concerns that Maruko goes through. 

popular japanese childrens shows 2020

This Japanese cartoon mostly takes place in Maruko’s school. This is one of the best Japanese cartoons for Children starting school so they can understand what elementary school life may be like.

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Crayon Shin-Chan

Shin-chan is world-famous and a Japanese cartoon character that is loved and adored by all. While some adults may not approve of Shin Chan mischievous behavior there is still a good reason why Shin Chan is loved by children all over the world. 

Shin-Chan is a 5-year old kindergarten-going child. He lives in Saitama along with his family. Your kid is definitely going to burst into giggles watching how Shin-Chan behaves and talks. Shin-Chan says whatever comes to his mind and is often in trouble for the same. 

japanese cartoon characters

This is a show both adults and kids can enjoy together. Definitely one of the best Japanese cartoons for children of all ages. Check it out on Amazon below!

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Chi’s Sweet Home

Here’s another one of the best Japanese cartoon for children that the entire family can enjoy. This is a heart-warming show filled with everything good.

The story follow an adorable kitten Chi who is found and adopted by a little boy, Youhei, and his mother. Chi is extremely happy to be a part of a new family after she lost her own. 

japanese cartoons list

Chi, and Youhei and his parents make new friends along the way and many good memories. This cartoon is filled with cuteness and moments that will definitely bring you to tears. It’s a heartwarming cartoon that is great for children.

The relationship that Chi and Youhei share is very sweet. You should definitely get your child to watch this Japanese anime for children.


Dragon Ball 

This is not one of the best Japanese cartoons for children but also a good Japanese anime if you want to learn Japanese.

The characters in Dragon Ball talk slowly with clear pronunciation so you can learn Japanese as you watch the show. If your child (or you) is new to Japanese - you should definitely give this Japanese cartoon a try! 

popular japanese childrens shows

Other than that, this Japanese anime for children is packed with humor and action. It’s a great pick for your child if you want to introduce them to Japanese. 

Check out Dragon Ball on Amazon below!


This Japanese cartoon is a bit different from your typical Japanese cartoons for children. The cartoon follows Jarinko Chie who lives with her family in Osaka. Jarinko Chie faces the challenges of a broken home. Due to this, she attains a sense of responsibility early as a child.

japanese anime for kids

Other than that, this best Japanese cartoon for children also shows the challenges Jarinko faces with the yakuza and badass cats! Definitely an interesting Japanese anime for the kids to watch. Check it out below! 

So these were some of the best Japanese cartoons for children to watch. Get the best Japanese cartoons for your child. These cartoons are a lot of fun and your child wild definitely learn something from these cartoons. They’re all filled with positive messages that is important for growing children to see. 

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