Pringles Japan Truffle Premium Review

Pringles Japan Truffle Premium Review

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Wanna try the pringles Japan truffle premium flavor? Check out my detailed review below!

Japan never runs out of innovative and creative food ideas that makes every foodie around the globe crave and get encouraged to visit Japan to get a taste of these delicious treats and snacks.

Premium Truffle Pringles

One of these unique and tasty snacks found in Japan is the premium-flavored Truffle Pringles that you can only get from Japan and nowhere else in the world.

In this article, we’ll do a complete review of the premium-flavored Truffle Pringles from the flavor up to the packaging, and how to get your hands on these pringles.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Pringles Japan Truffle Premium Review

Pringles Japan Truffle Packaging Review

The sizing of these premium pringles is not the conventional long can of the pringles that we’re used to seeing. It’s the same size as the mini sized pringles which means that it doesn’t have as many pringles inside like the conventional sized ones.

The can has the iconic Mr. Pringles logo right at the front with a bronze backdrop and black lining at the bottom. The design definitely looks much more sophisticated which helps the case of the wording “Premium” at the bottom.

Truffle Pringles Packaging

On the side of the packaging, you’ll see the key ingredient of the Pringles which is truffle being immersed into the single Pringle chip.

Writings are seen at the back noting the ingredients used and some nutritional facts for the health-conscious foodies, all written in native Japanese writing of course.

On the left side of the can, there is a badge for an award of some sort that boasts a good track record of this Pringles flavor and Pringles in general in Japan. It’s pretty obvious that the Pringles brand is very famous and enjoyed in Japan by a lot of people.

The bottom of the lid is the usual stainless look of the can because they did not put any design on it whatsoever anymore. We expected the can design to go all the way because it was branded as premium but the design all in all is eye-catching.

Overall, the design of the packaging is well-thought and captivating to the eyes to say the least. They were still able to incorporate the iconic Pringles logo into the mix and they were still able to make it look fancy and luxurious with the design as a premium can.

This in itself is a good sign for the packaging because the Mr. Pringles in the Pringles can logos are associated with normally flavored and much more affordable Pringles cans. This is why some food brands have a separate logo or look if they were to release a premium line of products.

The classic plastic lid is still placed at the top to protect the can and to ensure freshness even if the paper cover is pulled open already. Once opened, the pringles occupy only half of the can which explains why the can is pretty light.

The paper cover is easy to peel off just like any other pringles. Some foodies prefer to open it but not all the way through so that they could bring it back down after consuming some pringles. They claim that it ensures the freshness better because the plastic lid has a small crevice for air to seep in.

Pringles Japan Truffle Flavor Review

Once you open the paper cover lid, the aroma of the Truffle Pringles will get to you first and it’s definitely a different smell than the normal Pringles. The smell of the truffle-infused Pringles is savory and mouthwatering.

You’ll start to get an idea of what the Pringles will taste like after opening the lid and smelling the aroma of the Pringles. The smell is reminiscent of a savory broth or meat which is what you’d usually smell and taste from real truffles.

The Premium Truffle Pringles are perfectly baked just like all the other Pringles in the market. The crunch is always there, but what sets this Truffle Pringles apart is the quick kick of flavor that you get with the first bite.

Premium Truffle Pringles

It is indeed savory, perfectly salted, and meaty because of the Truffle flavoring. All the flavor notes combine well together and you can definitely finish the small can in one sitting because it’s surely addicting to eat, especially if you’re watching something.

There’s roughly 30 Pringle chips inside the small can so we wouldn’t really recommend the Truffle Pringles to be shared as a group but it can definitely be munched by another person or two.

The can is roughly 51 grams, so there aren't really a lot of chips inside and as mentioned earlier in the packaging portion of the article, the chips only filled half of the can and we expected a little bit more from that because of the height of the can.

We assume that it’s a part of the premium and luxury branding of this type of Pringle chips wherein the ‘quality’ of the product is given more emphasis compared to the ‘quantity’ of it. Nevertheless, it would’ve been better if there were more chips inside for its price.

We also expected the chips to have visual hints or representation of truffles in it like black flakes but there were no signs on the chips. It literally looked like a normal Pringles chip. It seems like the addition of the Truffle oil or flakes were included during the composition of the chip itself.

Overall, it tastes good and we can definitely note the difference between the regular flavored Pringles and the Truffle Pringles. But the difference is not that drastic to be priced way higher than normal pringles and to be labeled as a premium line product.

Despite this, it’s still definitely worth the try especially if you’re visiting Japan!

Where To Get Truffle Pringles In Japan

You might be curious now how much this could cost and where you can exactly get them. Well, it’s pretty much all over Japan so you can get it anywhere and everywhere if you’re in the area, especially if you’re in the bustling city of Tokyo.

Typically, you’ll find the Premium Truffle Pringles in convenience stores like 7/11, Lawson, MiniStop, Family Mart, and New Days. You can also find it in groceries around the country although less convenient than the first option.

Lawson in Japan

The Premium Truffle Pringles in Japan retails for about 440 Yen or $3.39 USD. In comparison, the regular Pringles are priced around 260 Yen or $2.00 USD. There is definitely a cost disparity between the two, but that is because the Truffle Pringles are a part of the premium line.

Now, we have good news and bad news. Good news is that even if you’re abroad and unable to go to Japan anytime soon, you can still get your hands on the Truffle Pringles. Bad news is that you have to pay for more since you’re going to get it online and at resale price.

There are a lot of famous souvenir and novelty shops online that solely focus on selling Japanese goods and food products because they know that there is a huge international demand for people that are curious to try the weird and exclusive food offers in Japan.

We did some research so you don’t have to and we tried to figure out how much would these Premium Truffle Pringles sell online and how would you be able to buy and pay for it if you were to get a few orders in.

We excluded sites that sell these Truffle Pringles at a way overpriced cost and we can say that the resale price could go at a range of 650 Yen to 780 Yen or $5.00 to $6.00 USD. Again, a big increase from the suggested retail price.

Typically, you can use your credit card or even debit card as long as your bank is affiliated to Visa or Mastercard to process international payments instantly. You can also opt for online payment platforms like PayPal or whichever the site is partnered with.

Shipping time for the Premium Truffle Pringles are dependent on how busy the shop is and how far are you from the shop itself. International shipping is usually a week or two from the day you ordered but Pringles can be easy to ship given their packaging so it could be faster.

If you get it from Amazon or similar platforms, there are express shipping options for extra cost that you can opt for if you want to get your hands on these Premium Truffle Pringles faster.

Pringles Japan Truffle Premium Review

If you ever find yourself strolling around the streets of Japan looking for a quick food to snack on, the premium Truffle Pringles is a must-buy and definitely a must-try. As mentioned earlier, this flavor is found in almost all convenience stores and groceries across Japan.

The whole experience is truly worth it especially if you’re a fan of trying out new food and snacks. You can even clean and collect the can for these Truffle Pringles and add to your collection if you’re a certified foodie.

We hope that you find this intensive review of the premium-flavored Truffle Pringles helpful.

See you in our next posts!

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