Is Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Good? | Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Review

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Wondeing is Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Good? Here's a detailed review of Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Good

Matcha tastes amazing in itself when you incorporate it with drinks, but it goes a level higher when you combine it with one of the most famous and delicious chocolate treats in the world which is Kit Kat.

Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Good

For the matcha lovers out there who also want to eat matcha for dessert, Kit Kat has found a way to fix that problem for you as they created the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha which combines the delicious flavor of the Kit Kat Wafer with real and fresh matcha.

In this article, we’ll give the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa a thorough review.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Is Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Good?

Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Packaging Review

The packaging is very green to say the least with a darker shade of green chosen for the packaging. The size is not that big considering that there are 13 mini Kit Kat chocolate bars inside it.

The huge Kit Kat logo in red stands out more because It is kind of contrasting with the dark green background color of the packaging.

It is definitely the first thing you’ll see if you see this on the shelves of a convenience store or a grocery shop aisle.

The text ‘Otona No Amasa’ is written in Hiragana or traditional Japanese text which means ‘sweetness for adults’.

They describe the flavor of this Kit Kat like this because authentic matcha has a bitterness tone to it that we will discuss more in the Flavor Review portion of the article.

Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Packaging

On the right hand portion of the packaging, an eye-catching illustration of the matcha fluid is seen in the form of a leaf with an actual illustration of leaves at the top and bottom. There is also the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha cracked in the middle in front of it all.

Lastly, at the bottom right of the packaging, the nutrition facts are seen which shows the important nutritional details of the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha which includes sugar, calories, fats, and others.

The sides of the packaging have a teeth-like cut which makes it very easy to hold up and open with your bare hands. This packaging design is very nice because It is easy to do and you don’t have to grab a pair of scissors or any equipment to open it.

For the individual Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha packaging, the color is just matcha dark green all around. The standard mini size of all the other Kit Kats are the same as this one and It is definitely a quick bite size for its size.

The design is very minimalistic with only one color all around and the Kit Kat logo at the top right being the only different color in the packaging. There are also different Japanese texts in different packets.

Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Individual Packaging

The overall design of the packaging is minimalistic which signifies a more premium or luxurious taste that is very different from what a usual Kit Kat bar would taste like. If this was their goal then they definitely did a good job in terms of packaging design.

We don’t hate the packaging design but we think it could do better with another color that contrasts well with the dark green color. A smaller Kit Kat logo would be better as well because the matcha illustration should be bigger to show what the product is all about.

If we were to give a rating for the packaging of the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha, we would give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Its minimalist design blends well with the overall feel of the product but a few more elements would’ve made it look much better and eye-catching.

Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Flavor Review

Matcha is naturally a bit bitter with a sweet aftertaste so you should expect that the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa to be much more bitter than the normal Kit Kat flavors. The good thing about this is that the Kit Kat wafers blend well with the matcha.

As stated in the name, the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha has a distinct bitterness and sweetness for adults and It is true. The first bite was pretty weird to say the least because it was purely bitter but after sometime, the flavors changed.

After the first bite, it started getting sweeter and sweeter as we went through the crunchy wafer inside. As the matcha coating and Kit Kat wafer started to combine, it was a perfect blend of bitter and sweet.

Kit Kat Otona No Amasa

Despite the Kit Kat wafer being sweet and a bit nutty, it didn’t overpower the natural flavors of the matcha and in fact, it actually blended well with the wafer. It was indeed a sweet experience and the small size of the Kit Kat makes it a perfect indulgence because It is not too much to take in.

We tried eating the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha in a warmer condition and left it at room temperature for some time before eating. It was a whole different experience and it might be the best way to eat it even.

The experience was completely different because the matcha coating literally melts in your mouth which makes it faster for it to combine with the wafer. The bitterness only lasts a few seconds because It is quickly followed by the sweet aftertaste of the wafer and matcha.

Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Inside

The only thing that we didn’t like about this tiny experiment is that there’ll be leftover matcha in your hands after eating because it literally melts in your mouth and unfortunately in your hands as well.

Overall, the experience was great because It is not like the other matcha dessert treats that are too overpowering and bitter. If It is a dessert treat the sweetness of the snack should be the main flavor component and that’s what the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha delivered.

If we were to give this a number rating, the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha gets 4.5/5 stars from us. It is an amazing dessert snack that is perfectly bitter and sweet at the same time and you could definitely eat this even as a normal snack throughout the day.

Where To Get Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha

If you’re in Japan, buying Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha is a piece of cake because It is available in almost all stores around the country. You can literally walk in any convenient store or grocery and you’ll find this exact product.

Convenience stores like 7/11, Lawson, and Mini Stop are places that you can go to if you want to get a taste of the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha. This is widely available in groceries and department stores as well that sells snacks.

7/11 In Japan

However, it might be a different case if you’re living overseas. Living outside of Japan means that it’s pretty much impossible for you to find Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha in your local convenience stores, groceries, or department stores because Japan doesn’t mass export this product.

Before you give up, there is a solution for this but it might cost you more than the normal suggested retail price of the Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha. You can opt for online novelty shops that sell hard to find Japanese goods and snacks.

There are a lot of online novelty and snack shops online like this that specialize in selling Japanese treats but it is still subject to availability because sometimes, the stocks run out so you have to be quick.

Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Outside The Packaging

The payment for these treats depend but usually if your card belongs to the Visa or Mastercard group, you are good to go. Having PayPal could be an option as well if the site is partnered with them.

Shipping time for these Japanese snacks depends on a number of factors and the biggest of them is your location from the location of the novelty shop. If you live far, chances are it might take a longer time for you before you receive your Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha.

As we mentioned prior, the prices for these might be a bit higher than the usual price because it’s already in resell. It’s actually how these online novelty shops get their profit to keep running their business.

Is Kit Kat Otona No Amasa Matcha Good?

Indeed, matcha tastes unique yet amazing and there’s no better way to enjoy it than combining it with Kit Kat. Even though the taste is claimed to be ‘sweetness for adults’, people of all ages are still welcome to give this one a try.

The Kit Kat Otana No Amasa Matcha flavor is widely available in Japan only in almost all convenient stores and groceries. This might be one of the many reasons for you to finally visit Japan!

We hope that this thorough review of the Kit Kat Otana No Amasa Matcha was helpful in determining if It is worth the try or not.

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