Types Of Japanese Potato Chips

Must-try Potato Chips From Japan That Are Absolutely Delish!

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Looking for potato chips from Japan? Take a look at the list of types of Japanese potato chips and find the perfect one for you!

Experience the enticing world of potato chips from Japan, where culinary craftsmanship meets innovative flavors.

Delight in a tantalizing array of unique chip varieties, from wasabi-infused to nori-seasoned delights.

Embark on a flavorful journey through the best of Japanese potato chips, promising a symphony of taste in every crispy bite.

Must-try Potato Chips From Japan

Calbee Potato Chips Fried Chicken

Calbee doesn’t require an introduction in Japan because it’s one of the leading snack brands in the country that has numerous flavors in its potato chip portfolio.

After munching on dozens of Calbee potato chips I’ve ultimately decided to rank the Fried Chicken flavor first. 

Who doesn’t fancy fried chicken? Calbee has ensured to incorporate the iconic herbs and spices into this fried chicken potato chip recipe to recreate the authentic fried chicken flavor.

Potato Chips From Japan
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This flavor of the Calbee potato chips is packed in a canned bottle. The chips are slim yet crunchy and they’re dusted with the fried chicken seasoning.

Just one bite of this fried chicken-flavored chip is sufficient to enslave your tastebuds. Trust me when I say you’ll never want to share the Calbee Fried Chicken Potato Chips with anyone because it’s just so mouth-watering. 

Koikeya Strong Plum Flavored Chips

Ever heard of plum-flavored potato chips? Well, these are a staple in Japan where people love everything plum and cherry blossoms.

This potato chip is from the brand Koikeya which is the arch-rival of Calbee. Let’s keep all the beef away from the table and enjoy the potato chips from both brands. 

japanese potato chip flavors
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The plum-flavored potato chips from Koikeya have a unique palate and it’s unlike anything I’ve had before.

They’re round, crispy, and have tangy and salty flavors while also smelling like authentic Japanese plums. These chips come in a packet that has depictions of cherry blossom flowers all over. 

The seasoning of the Koikeya plum-flavored chips consists of powdered plum which gives the chips a sour flavor.

This is definitely a must-try potato chip flavor for those who are displeased by the original potato chip flavors.

Calbee Kata-Age Grilled Seaweed Potato Chips

I frankly can’t get enough of Calbee’s potato chips and this time it’s a seaweed-flavored one. These chips are packed in a green-colored bag and upon opening the bag I was hit with a fragrance of grilled seaweed that slightly reminds you of sushi.

Since seaweed-flavored snacks are quite popular in Japan, I assumed these potato chips would taste similar to the rest. 

what are japanese potatoes
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However, I was alarmed when I snacked on the Calbee Kata-Age Grilled Seaweed potato chips as they had an intense umami flavor that lingers on your mouth even after drinking water.

The potato crisps are very slim and extremely crispy and you can even see little black bits of seaweed spread on the chips which gives them a smoky taste.

I highly doubt these potato chips contain MSG because they’re so addictive.

Koikeya Strong Sour Cream Onion Potato Chips

I couldn’t let down the sour cream and onion chips lovers hence I had to add the Koikeya Strong Sour Cream Onion Potato Chips to the list.

These sour cream onion potato chips are distinct as they have a thicker texture as well as ridges on the surface. 

This is because these sour cream onion potato chips are from the ‘Strong’ line of the Koikeya brand thus the chips are designed to have a sturdy texture.

Once you open this bag of chips you’ll perceive how intense the sour cream flavor is. 

potato chips in japanese
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The chips are tough to bite and munch but the sour cream and onion seasoning is spot on that you can witness green onion flakes on the chips.

You’ll smack your lips right after each bite because the savor is quite sour and salty, however, the hard texture helps to balance out the overpowering sour cream flavor. 

Yamayoshi Wasabeef Wasabi Beef Potato Chips

You can’t ignore wasabi when talking about Japanese potato chips and the evergreen Japanese snack brand Yamayoshi boasts the number 1 wasabi flavored potato chip which is known as Wasabeef.

These crispy snacks are packed in a bag like most potato chips.

types of potatoes in japan
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The aroma of wasabi is very prominent in the pack of chips and the wasabi flavor is dusted perfectly throughout each potato chip.

The recipe for the Wasabeef potato chips is influenced by Japanese beef broth with wasabi.

Although I couldn’t perceive any flavor of the beef broth right off the bat, after munching more than 5 potato chips I began tasting a hint of beef broth savor. 

The Wasabeef potato chips have a moderate texture which isn’t too thick or too slim. They taste exceptionally well with the perfect crunch, however, I should warn you of the spice.

Yes, they tend to be on the spicy side and your tongue can feel the heat right after you munch half of the Wasabeef potato chips.

Calbee Honey Butter Potato Chips

Here comes Calbee’s Honey and Butter potato chips to kill your diet right away. The packaging of these potato chips will tell you how irresistible they are.

The potato chips are sliced extremely slim and they’re very lightweight. However, don’t let that fool you because each chip can contain several calories. 

japanese chips
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I hands down adored Calbee’s unconventional way of making sweet potato chips. The fragrance of the butter was intense and the chips were rightly sweet.

I could tell honey was added because the chips tasted so natural. I crammed my mouth with 4 potato chips at once and it still doesn’t feel adequate. 

You’ll never get fed up with the honey and butter potato chips, however, I shall add that this is one of the unhealthiest flavors of potato chips on the list thus beware if you’re on a diet.

Jagariko Hawaiian Burger Flavor Potato Chips

Jagariko is a distinct potato chip line from the Calbee brand and this line of potato chips are distinct in shape and texture from the chips we’ve seen above.

The Jagariko potato chips are packed in a package similar to cup noodles and the potato chips inside are parallel in appearance to french fries. 

weird japanese chip flavors
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These Jagariko potato chips are in the flavor of Hawaiian Burger. I was more than inquisitive to try them. The potato chips were tawny, long, and extremely crunchy.

I could go hours nibbling them because I loved the dense texture of these potato chips.

I wasn’t certain if the Jagariko chips replicated the flavor of a Hawaiian Burger because it didn’t taste much like any burger yet had an identical flavor to roasted chicken.

The only setback of these potato chips was, 1 pack was insufficient and the potato sticks are bound to finish sooner than anticipated.

Koikeya Strong Carbonara Potato Chips

I felt the need to add the Koikeya Strong Carbonara Potato Chips to the list despite them being limited edition.

These potato chips are hands down to die for and they come in a unique flavor for potato chips which is carbonara. Now don’t expect them to taste like pasta.

These potato chips are averagely sliced and possess ridges to them that grant them the extra crunch. 

japanese potato snacks
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They’re powdered with creamy cheese seasoning as well as a few bits of bacon. The cheesy flavor of the Koikeya Carbonara Potato Chips is intense and the fragrance smells of heavy cream.

Powdered black pepper is also dusted to the potato chips which reminds you of the authentic taste of carbonara. 

Although these potato chips don’t even come close to the original carbonara pasta, they’re downright fabulous on their own.

I finished 3 bags of the Koikeya Strong Carbonara Potato chips in one go and my fair warning to you is, they’re tempting and you’ll always yearn for more.

Calbee Pizza Potato Chips

When there are potato chips inspired by pasta dishes there ought to be a pizza-flavored one and that’s why I included Calbee’s Pizza Potato Chips.

There are countless pizza-flavored snacks out there but this one is a must-try. The packet of Calbee Pizza Potato Chips displays a molten cheezy pepperoni pizza that foreshadows the flavor of the potato chips inside. 

japanese potato chip flavors
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Yes, the potato chips are flavored with cheese, and not just artificial cheese powder but streaks of melted cheese are visible on the chips.

In addition to the cheese, there’s also an authentic pepperoni seasoning that enhances the overall flavor of these potato chips by making them slightly spicy. 

They taste just like pepperoni pizza and there are no setbacks to them. They’re crispy, delectable, and captivating and prove to be a perfect snack for a picnic.

Koikeya Seafood Noodles Flavor Potato Chips

Seafood flavors are mandatory for Japanese potato chips and I’d highly recommend the Koikeya Seafood Noodles Flavor Potato Chips if you wish to taste a snack that closely represents a seafood meal.

This potato chip pack shows a seafood platter consisting of shrimp, octopus, and oysters. 

types of potatoes in japan
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The potato chips possess a slim appearance and are very lightweight hence you can devour several chips at once.

The fragrance of the chips was similar to prawn crackers and it reminds you of the seaside.

The savor of the potato chips just tasted like shrimp and I barely noticed any octopus or oyster flavors. They’re very crispy and have a hint of sweetness to them.

The combination of potatoes and seafood is a match made in heaven and you can never hate these potato chips because they’re too good.

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