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7 Types Of Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

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We reviewed the tengu beef steak jerky. Check it out!

Snacking is a very popular part of the eating culture in Japan because everyone is on the go and time is of the essence. This is why there are a lot of famous snacks that originated from Japan that also became popular overseas.

But sometimes, a sweet snack isn’t enough to fill your belly which is why Tengu Beef Steak Jerky has risen in popularity over the years with their easy to eat but very meaty Beef Steak Jerky.

In this article, we will discuss seven types of Tengu Beef Steak Jerky and give a thorough review about each one of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

7 Types Of Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

Regular Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

We can’t go over and discuss the unique flavors that Tengu Beef Steak Jerky offers without mentioning first the flavor that started it all and made the brand famous all over Japan. The Regular and Original Tengu Beef Steak Jerky has made the Tengu brand famous all over the country.

With a soy sauce base, the jerky taste of the regular flavor is perfectly salty and savory. The regular cut of the jerky gives it a good munch but it’s not too tough that it becomes hard to eat. The thickness is just right with the heaviness of the flavor that comes in the jerky.

Regular Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

The packaging comes in a simple plastic packing with the red color being the dominant color in front. The Tengu brand label has a gold background and the Tengu logo lies at the bottom middle portion.

Overall, we’ll give this a flavor rating of 4.5/5 because the salty flavor gets too much if you try to consume the whole package. There wouldn’t be an issue if you had someone to share it with though.

The packaging gets a solid 5/5 rating because it serves its purpose in being a convenient and accessible snack. You can easily fit this inside your bag and you can easily dispose of it too after consuming.

Thin Slice Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

For the people that aren’t a fan of the chewy feel of the jerky, this is the right flavor type for you. The Thin Slice Tengu Beef Steak Jerky has the same flavor component as the regular flavored one but with a thinner slice that makes it much easier for you to consume and eat on the go.

Not only that the thickness of the jerky itself is reduced, the cut of the beef is in smaller pieces too so it’s easier to consume and eat as a snack on the go.

Thin Slice Tengu Beef Jerky

The flavor is exactly the same as the Regular Tengu Beef Steak Jerky. The only issue here is the reduced feel of texture because it’s way thinner than the regular jerky, but the flavors are still there and it’s still good.

The packaging is just like the Regular Tengu Beef Steak Jerky but with a marking that states that this one is the Thin Slice version.

Less Salt Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

If you’re health conscious and you’re trying to cut down on salt, this is the perfect flavor to choose so that you can still enjoy good and quality Beef Steak Jerky. The flavor components on this one are just like the regular jerky but with less salt in the composition.

Less Salt Tengu Beef Jerky

This one is our favorite because it lives up to the flavor of a light snack. Just the right amount of saltiness (50% less) and the right amount of flare with the pepper. You could definitely eat the whole package in one sitting.

The packaging here has a green color going throughout the plastic packaging and it’s resealable as well. The Tengu Brand is written on top with a gold background and the 50% less salt marking is in the bottom left.

Hot Pepper Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

If you want to enjoy the Tengu Beef Steak Jerky brand but with a little kick of spice, the Hot Pepper variant is the flavor that you must try. It packs the perfect amount of spice that it won’t throw you off guard.

Hot Pepper Tengu Beef Jerky

If we had to choose what’s our favorite spicy version of the Tengu Beef Steak Jerky, this would be it because it’s just the right amount of spice that will entice you to eat more jerky. The spice also doesn’t overpower the saltiness of the jerky.

The packaging on this one is very red including the background of the Tengu Brand. It signifies that this one is a little bit spicier than the other regular flavors.

Extremely Hot Flavor Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

If you’re a fan of spice, you have to try this one because Tengu did not hold back on the spice for their Extremely Hot Flavor variant. If you have a sensitive tongue, make sure to prepare a drink on the side because this one packs a solid kick.

Extremely Hot Tengu Beef Jerky

The spice is still very good but it gets too much if you try to eat the whole package. We’re not sure if our spice tolerance is just low or if Tengu just made it really so spicy that it makes our tongue blow steam!

It is made with the so-called ‘Sudden Death Sauce’ as seen in the packaging which has skulls in it that signifies that the spice on this one is not a joke at all.

Tengu Beef Steak Jerky Gold

Now, let’s move towards the premium line version of Tengu and it’s called the Tengu Beef Steak Jerky Gold. They really did not indicate what is the difference between this and the Regular Tengu Beef Steak Jerky but we think we figured it out.

Tengu Beef Jerky Gold

The beef on this one is much more tender and even though the thickness is the same as the regular one, it doesn’t fight the bite and it’s not as chewy as we thought it would be. The cuts on this one are fairly small as well so it’s easier to consume.

The packaging on this one is very gold to say the least, from top to bottom, the color of the packaging is gold except the background of the Tengu brand which is black.

Midleaf Corn Chips with Tengu Jerky Flavor

This one is a collaboration between Midleaf, creators of a yummy Corn Chip snack wherein they made it in the flavor of the Tengu Jerky.

This is a good light snack for socials or if you’re drinking beer or alcohol. It’s literally light corn chips in the taste of the Tengu Jerky, what else could go wrong?

Midleaf Corn Chips With Tengu Jerky

The packaging is relatively small with the corn chips illustrated at the bottom. Both the logo brands of Midleaf and Tengu are seen at the top and bottom middle of the packaging respectively.

Where To Buy Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

As mentioned earlier, Tengu Beef Steak Jerky is one of the beloved snacks that Japanese people love especially when they need something filling but they don’t have the time to sit down in a restaurant to eat.

Tengu Beef Steak Jerky is widely available in Japan in convenience stores and grocery stores. This just means that getting your hands on these treats while in Japan is very easy and hassle-free.

Now, if you can’t go to Japan yet, there is still a way to buy Tengu Beef Steak Jerky and that is through online novelty shops or Japanese snack shops online that specializes in providing and delivering these goods to foreigners outside Japan.

The only thing you have to watch out for when buying these snacks online is the authenticity of the snacks and the price because these treats go for resale price. There are a lot of online snack shops out there so just pick the one that has the most reasonable price.

The shipping time on these treats depend on how much you’ll buy and how far you are from the supplier or the location of the online snack shop. If you live in a different continent, it might take much longer for it to arrive because they usually deliver in batches.

The payment method is hassle-free if your bank is affiliated with Mastercard or Visa. Some online shops are now affiliated with PayPal which you can also use for convenient payment of the Tengu Beef Steak Jerky.

Tengu Beef Steak Jerky

If you’re on the go in Japan and you need something on the go and convenient to fill your belly, Tengu Beef Steak Jerky is an amazing snack that you can bring anywhere and will give you the extra energy and protein that you need despite your busy day.

Given its accessibility and availability in almost all of Japan, you’ll never run out of places to buy Tengu Beef Steak Jerky and its different flavors.

We hope that this article has been helpful in determining seven types of Tengu Beef Steak Jerky and a quick review on all of them.

Thank you and see you in our next posts!

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