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Have you heard of MOS burger in Japan? They offer unique burgers like never before. Try these scrumptious burgers only in Japan!

Dive into Mos Burger, Japan's innovative fast-food gem, where traditional flavors meet modern twists. Discover a menu bursting with unique offerings like rice burgers and locally-sourced ingredients, promising a culinary adventure that's quintessentially Japanese and irresistibly delicious.

Join us on a taste exploration of Mos Burger's delights!

Mos Burger In Japan Menu Items

Mos Burgers

It consists of a chilled tomato slice paired perfectly with piping hot meat sauce and a freshly grilled juicy patty.

MOS Yasai Burger(NATSUMI):

This unique burger has our original Aurora sauce paired with fresh  veggies like red bell peppers, celery, chopped onions, and  zucchini, along with a scrumptious patty wrapped in lettuce instead of bread buns.

Teriyaki Burger: 

This Japanese style burger is everything you will need starting from the fresh and crispy lettuce to the juicy patty drizzled with the MOS original teriyaki soy sauce and miso marinade.

Tobikiri Cheese Burger:

Feast your taste buds on our Japanese ground beef and pork patty, topped with MOS original Gouda cheese,sliced onions, and savory rich Japanese style soy sauce made from authentic  whole soybeans.

Beef Burgers
MOS burger ¥440
MOS Burger Double Patty ¥600
MOS Cheese Burger ¥480
MOS Cheese Burger Double Patty ¥640
Spicy MOS burger ¥480
Spicy MOS burger Double Patty ¥640
Spicy MOS Cheese Burger ¥520
Spicy MOS Cheese Burger Double Patty ¥680
MOS Yasai Burger ¥440
MOS Yasai Burger Double Patty ¥600
Hamburger ¥240
Hamburger Double Patty ¥400
Cheeseburger ¥280
Cheeseburger Double Patty ¥440
Teriyaki Burger ¥430
Teriyaki Burger Double Patty ¥590
Beef & Pork Burgers
Tobikiri Tomato & Lettuce ¥550
Tobikiri Tomato & Lettuce Double Patty ¥810
Tobikiri Cheese Burger ¥540
Tobikiri Cheese Burger Double Patty ¥800
Tobikiri Burger with Japanese Sauce ¥500
Tobikiri Burger with Japanese Sauce Double Patty ¥760

New items on menu (Limited period):

White Mos Burger ¥500
White Mos Burger Double Patty ¥660
Hot & Spicy MOS Chicken ¥350
Avacado Croquette Burger ¥290
Hot & Spicy MOS Chicken ¥1650
Lime & Lychee Soda ¥290 (S) / ¥360 (M) / ¥430 (L)
tea Sangria (Non Alcoholic) ¥560
Cool Dolce Kuzu Berry (Strawberry and Blueberry ¥250
Cool Dolce Box of 5 Kuzu Berry (Strawberry and Blueberry ¥1250
Cool Dolce Kuzu Soda (Pine & Mango) ¥250
Cool Dolce Box of 5 Kuzu Soda (Pine & Mango) ¥1250

Beef & Pork items on menu:

Tobikiri Tomato & Lettuce ¥550
Tobikiri Tomato & Lettuce Double Patty ¥810
Tobikiri Cheese Burger with Hokkaido Gouda cheese ¥540
Tobikiri Cheese BurgerDouble Patty with Hokkaido Gouda cheese ¥800
Tobikiri Burger with Japanese sauce ¥500
Tobikiri Burger with Japanese sauceDouble Patty ¥760
(Please note: Mos Burger Tobikiri hamburger patties are made from 100% dometic beef & pork)

Beef items on MOS Burger in Japan menu:

Mos Burger ¥440
Mos burger Double patty ¥600
Mos CheeseBurger ¥480
Mos Cheeseburger Double patty ¥640
Spicy Mos Burger ¥480
Spicy Mos Burger Double Patty ¥640
Spicy Mos Cheeseburger ¥520
Spicy Mos CheeseBurger Double Patty ¥680
Teriyaki Burger ¥430
Teriyaki Burger Double patty ¥590
Mos Yasai Burger ¥440
Mos Yasai Burger Double Patty ¥600
Hamburger ¥240
Hamburger Double patty ¥400
Cheeseburger ¥280
Cheeseburger Double patty ¥440

Chicken and Seafood Burgers in MOS Burgers Japan Menu

Chicken Burger ¥360
Teriyaki Chicken Burger ¥450
Shrimp Cutlet Burger ¥480
Fish Burger ¥390
Mos Rice Burger Kaisen Kakiage ¥440
Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku ¥490
Pork Cutlet Burger ¥480

Hot Dog  items on Mos Burger in Japan menu:

Hot Dog ¥400
Chili Dog ¥430
Spicy Chili Dog ¥470

NATSUMI Items on Mos Burger in Japan menu:

(Uses lettuce wraps in palace of buns)

Shrimp Cutlet Burger ¥500
MosYasai Burger ¥460
Teriyaki Chicken Burger ¥470
Fish Burger ¥410
Pork Cutlet Burger ¥500
Chicken Burger ¥380
Soy Patty Mos Yasai Burger ¥480

SOY items on Mos Burger in Japan menu:

(Patties are made solely from soy protein)

Soy Patty Teriyaki burger ¥450
Soy Patty Mos Burger ¥460
Soy Patty Mos Cheese Burger ¥500
Soy Patty Spicy Mos Burger ¥500
Soy Patty Spicy Mos Cheeseburger ¥540
Soy Patty Spicy Mos Yasai Burger ¥460
Soy Patty Hamburger ¥260
Soy Patty Cheeseburger ¥300

LIMITED PLATE SET (Limited Quantity) On Mos Burger in Japan Menu:

Pompompurin plate + Mos chicken + Set Drink

Limited Plate Set
(Please Note: This offer is valid until stock lasts)

VALUE SET (Side Menu + Drink):

(Available when purchased with any burger)

Onion Potato Set  ¥450
French Fries S Set ¥430
French Fries M Set ¥450
French Fries L Set ¥500
Salad Set with Flaxseed ¥450

Set Drink Items on MOS Burger Japan Menu:

Iced Coffee  ¥250 ¥320 ¥390
Iced tea (Lemon/Milk) ¥250 ¥320 ¥390
100% Orange juice ¥250 ¥320 ¥390
Pepsi ¥200 ¥270 ¥340
Ginger Ale ¥200 ¥270 ¥340
Melon soda ¥200 ¥270 ¥340
Iced Oolong tea ¥200 ¥270 ¥340
Hot Blended Coffee ¥280 N/A N/A
Hot Tea (Lemon/Milk) ¥280 N/A N/A
Cafe Latte ¥360 N/A N/A
Iced Cafe Latte ¥330 ¥400 N/A
Corn Soup ¥360 N/A N/A
Clam Chowder ¥360 N/A N/A
Vanilla MOS Shake ¥290 ¥360 N/A
Coffee MOS Shake ¥290 ¥360 N/A
Uji Matcha (Stone Ground Matcha) ¥340 ¥420 N/A

Set Menu Items Available:

Hot & Spicy Mos Chicken( Limited Period) ¥310( 1 piece)¥1550 ( 5 pieces)
Mos Chicken ¥280( 1 piece)¥1400 ( 5 pieces)¥2800 ( 10 pieces)
French fries ¥250(small)¥330(large)
Onion rings ¥290
Onion potato  ¥280
Chicken nuggets ¥350¥40(BBQ or Mustard sauce)
Fried Edamame & Corn hash(limited period) ¥270
Chili Dip ¥90
Variety Pack A ¥1100
Variety Pack B ¥1570
Variety Pack C ¥1370
Mixed salad with flaxseed (Low salt Japanese dressing) ¥310

Dessert Items on Menu:

(Available only on limited period)

Cool Dolce Kuzu Berry (Strawberry & Blueberry ¥250
Cool Dolce Box of 5 Kuzu Berry (Strawberry & Blueberry ¥1250
Cool Dolce Kuzu Soda (Pine & Mango) ¥250
Cool Dolce Box of 5 Kuzu Soda (Pine & Mango) ¥1250
Cool Dolce Cup Strawberry Mousse Cake ¥350

Morning Menu On Mos Burger in Japan:

(Available until 10:30 am)

MENU ITEM PRICE (Drink Set) PRICE (Individual Item)
Morning Hot Dog ¥440 ¥290
Yasai burger ¥540 ¥390
Yasai cheese burger ¥580 ¥430
Soy Patty Yasai burger ¥560 ¥410
Soy Patty Yasai cheese burger ¥600 ¥450

Please note: (The drinks available in the morning are the same mentioned under the set drinks menu)

Night time Mos Rice Burgers in Japan Menu:

Pork Cutlet With Curry ¥590 
Big Appetite Yakiniku ¥690 

Low Allergen items On Mos Burger in Japan Menu:

(This menu was designed by eliminating all the seven major seven major allergenic foods as ingredients, the ketchup sachet contains apple and the patties and sausages contain pork).

Pork burger(rice flour) ¥370 
Pork hot dog(rice flour) ¥370
Set with drink and toy(Please Note: some drinks contain allergens so check the allergen information regarding this) ¥580 each

Mos Plant based Green Vegan Burger:

Mos Burger in Japan had launched the all new Vegan &  100% plant-based burger in 2020, thus becoming the first homegrown fast food chain in Japan  to do so. It does not contain any eggs, dairy or meat. 

It is made from soy based protein, yam or konnyaku and cabbage. They serve this burger fresh with  some shredded lettuce, tomato sauce, sliced tomatoes sandwiched between a light-green coloured bun, getting its rich  color from spinach puree.

This burger was developed in line with the United Nations SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals in order to eliminate the  carbon footprint of its menu offerings and offer a more plant-friendly alternative option for vegan consumers

Green burger (teriyaki) ¥590

Contact MOS Burger in Japan: 

MOS Burger Japan: FAQs

What does MOS Stand For?

MOS stands for ‘Mountain Ocean Sun.’ This is an expression of the founder’s love for people and the environment along with a desire to establish a group of people who are committed to this ideal. With a strong aim to make people happy through delicious food, they follow a strict policy to never leave food sitting out, and prepare everything to order.

How many MOS Burger branches are there in Japan?

In March 1972, The founder of Mos Burger Satoshi Sakurada started the first test hamburger restaurant located in Tokyo. From then on, the company grew and at present they have more than 1700 restaurants in Japan and the rest of Asia, and 400 branches overseas.

What Is the recommended way to eat a MOS Burger?

The best way to enjoy a piping hot and fresh burger is to eat it without taking off the wrapper. Rotate the burger while you eat and indulge it  in the sauce tucked in the wrapper. Finally, dip  your fries in the wrapper and finish off the rest of the sauce.

Conclusion :

Mos Burger is a great place to go to the next time you start craving for a  hamburger. So, are you willing to try these Japanese style burgers? Try them out the next time you find yourself at MOS burgers in Japan. 

You also do not want to miss out on their  other unique menus offered throughout the year. Stay tuned for more delicious updates. You can drop your favorite  items from their menu in the comments below. Be sure to also follow Mos Burger on both Facebook and instagram for regular updates on their best selling items.

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