Mont Blanc Kit Kat Review

Mont Blanc Kit Kat Review 2024

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Want to know more about the Mont Blanc Kit Kat? Read our in-depth mont blanc kit kat review of this chocolate bar and find out if it lives up to its hype.

Indulge in the fusion of confectionery innovation and classic dessert with our review of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat.

This tantalizing treat promises to blend the iconic crisp wafers with the luxurious flavors of the traditional chestnut-based dessert, offering a unique twist on a beloved snack.

Join us as we unwrap the layers of this gourmet chocolate delight and reveal whether it ascends to the peak of indulgence.

Mont Blanc Kit Kat Review

Mont Blanc Kit Kat is a limited-edition treat transforms the humble Kit Kat into a gourmet experience, mirroring the classic Mont Blanc dessert's essence with its creamy chestnut flavor layered over the signature crisp wafer.

Each bite offers a harmonious blend of smooth and crunchy textures, while the subtle sweetness pays homage to the confection's alpine namesake.

However, it may not cater to all palates, particularly those unaccustomed to chestnut's nuanced taste.

Nonetheless, this Kit Kat variety is a bold foray into luxury, making it a must-try for adventurous chocolate aficionados.

Why Did Nestle Japan Release Mont Blanc Kit Kat?

Albeit Mont Blanc is an ancient Italian dessert, it was only introduced in Japan during the early 1930s. It is the go-to dessert for those hankering sweet treats during the autumn and winter seasons in Japan. 

Due to the popularity of Mont Blanc in Japan, several patisseries and bakeries across the island incorporated creative flavors associated with the Asian and Japanese culture into the Mont Blanc recipe such as purple yam, strawberry, mango, matcha, cocoa, etc.

mont blanc dessert
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With all the hype and craze for Mont Blanc desserts in Japan, this seemed to be undoubtedly a massive business opportunity for those operating in the confectionary industry.

As Kit Kats were already a staple in Japan, food, and drink conglomerate Nestle, was ingenious enough to blend the flavors of the two most favorite desserts in Japan. 

And thus began the legendary introduction of the Mont Blanc-flavored Kit Kats which was a massive sensation in Japan as well as in numerous other countries that made tourists flock to Japan just to figure out what Mont Blanc Kit Kats taste like.

Packaging Of Mont Blanc Kit Kat

Mont Blanc Kit Kats are only available in mini sizes that usually come in a large packet or bag that consists of 12 mini Kit Kats.

The large packet is mint colored and has a portrayal of a classical French patisserie which has mont blanc desserts on display while a white cat sits outside the entrance of the patisserie. 

kitkat flavours
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The exact design is also applied to the mini Kit Kat packets as well. Since Mont Blanc Kit Kats come in mini sizes, they only have two short fingers, making them an ideal treat to nibble after a meal out and even to offer kids as an appreciation present. 

They aren’t sold individually but only in a big pack of 12 minis which is a win-win for me because then you can leisurely indulge in them and have a reminiscent of their taste.

Taste And Texture Of Mont Blanc Kit Kat

Let’s cut to the chase and get to describing the taste of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat. First off, it’s exceptionally sweet, too sweet for my liking if I might add.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat as it was decadent, smooth, and creamy, and it instantly melts in your mouth. The Kit Kat had an off-white color with slight hints of a caramel brown hue.

The sweetness of Mont Blanc Kit Kat was intense that I was glutted after just devouring 3 mini Mont Blanc Kit Kats and I even had a strong aftertaste of the Mont Blanc flavor as well.

If you prefer to have more than 2 mini Mont Blanc Kit Kats at once you can have a cup of coffee to cut through the profound sweetness. 

mont blanc kit kat flavors
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However, if you relish sugary treats then you would love to have the entire pack of Mont Blanc Kit Kats to yourself.

It’s understandable why Nestle has created a glace flavor for Mont Blanc Kit Kat because the original Mont Blanc dessert is overly cloying as well.

Mont Blanc Kit Kat’s texture was surprisingly contrasting compared to every other Kit Kat flavor I’ve tried. This Kit Kat has an extensive outer layer-to-wafer ratio.

The wafer in Mont Blanc Kit Kat was very slim compared to most Kit Kat flavors. Hence, the outer layer Mont Blanc flavor was more prominent than the wafer itself. 

When I initially took a bite of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat, the creamy layer stuck on the roof of my mouth.

You don’t have to bite and chew much when it comes to the Mont Blanc Kit Kat because there was just a single thin layer of the wafer that instantaneously obliterates in your mouth. 

The overall texture and taste of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat are hands down to die for. Furthermore, I can ensure that you’ll never come across such a Kit Kat flavor ever in your lifetime.

Ingredients Of Mont Blanc Kit Kat

Evidently, there’s no way we can follow the recipe for making a Mont Blanc Kit Kat at home even after looking at the ingredients.

However, the ingredients give us a fundamental concept and insight into the manufacturing process of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat and they also aid us in concluding if Nestle has actually included the original Mont Blanc palate.

Mont Blanc Kit Kat ingredients comprise whole milk powder, wheat flour, vegetable fat, sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, chestnut powder, etc. 

kit kat mont blanc ingredients
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The vital ingredient that gives rise to Mont Blanc Kit Kat is chestnut powder. This is because the authentic recipe of Mont Blanc is developed with chestnut puree.

I was alarmed as well as elevated to notice that Nestle included raw chestnut powder in their recipe because it gives hints of roasted notes to the Mont Blanc Kit Kat. 

Other ingredients like wheat flour, vegetable fat, and whole milk powder grant Mont Blanc Kit Kats their creamy, buttery texture while a heap of sugar is what’s responsible for the treacly taste. 

Despite cocoa powder being one of the major ingredients in the Mont Blanc Kit Kat, I couldn’t perceive any cocoa flavor.

Has Kit Kat Replicated The Hallmark of Mont Blanc Perfectly?

Kit Kat or should I say, Nestle, has done a superb job at almost perfecting the Mont Blanc flavor in Kit Kat.

I’m emphasizing the word ‘almost’ here because some aspects of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat such as the flavor was subtle but the fragrance was not nearly phenomenal. 

kit kat mini mont blanc
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As a matter of fact, the Mont Blanc Kit Kat smelled nothing like the traditional Mont Blanc dessert. I’ve even heard a few of my friends state that the scent of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat was overwhelming and off-putting. 

Of course, the tastes of people are subjective and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was anyone who dislikes it.

In fact, several people have claimed to have had contrasting flavors when trying Mont Blanc Kit Kat.

Some of my peers mentioned the flavor of Mont Blanch Kit Kat being parallel to Ferrero Rocher or chocolate hazelnut spread while a few of them were incapable of tasting any Mont Blanc or chestnut flavors at all.

In my opinion, the flavor of the Mont Blanc Kit Kat was commendable and it did contain traces of the Mont Blanc palate. Yes, it was way too sweet and fatty but that’s how Mont Blanc desserts taste too.

Therefore, I’d recommend Mont Blanc Kit Kats for those who love the Mont Blanc dessert and chestnuts.

Is It Worth Buying Mont Blanc Kit Kat?

First off, the Mont Blanc Kit Kat was launched as a limited edition Kit Kat flavor only in Japan. This should be sufficient information to let you know that Mont Blanc Kit Kat is going to be charged a hefty price and Japan is the only destination on Earth where you can get your hands on them. 

kit kat big pack
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Certain e-commerce websites like Amazon do sell Mont Blanc Kit Kats but they’re unavailable most of the time due to limited availability.

In fact, these Kit Kats are way more expensive on Amazon than in Japan as their prices can spike to over $10. 

Regardless of the rate, if you’re an avid Kit Kat lover or someone who fancies Mont Blanc then it’s undeniably worth the money you spend on purchasing Mont Blanc Kit Kat. 

In my opinion, the Kit Kats do possess the flavor of Mont Blanc and are an amazing treat or gift to be offered to a special person.

If you happen to visit Japan and come across Mont Blanc Kit Kats, then they make an ideal souvenir as well.

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