Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors In Japan

10 Types Of Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors In Japan

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Wanna try all the Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors in Japan? Check out the full list here with the reviews for each one!

Fujiya’s famous Milky Chocolate snack is a good sweet snack dessert that is a must-eat after a hearty meal. But would you believe us if we told you that Fujiya is not only famous for their Milky Chocolate, but with other flavors too?

10 Types Of Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors In Japan

For people with a sweet tooth and love for milk, Fujiya’s flavor line for their chocolate snacks are a must-try and with all the unique flavors they have to offer, you’ll always have something new to eat.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 delicious types of Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors exclusive only in Japan.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Types Of Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors In Japan

Fujiya Milky Chocolate Box

We can’t discuss Fujiya Milky Chocolate flavors without first introducing the one that started it all. The Fujiya Milky Chocolate Box is the first flavor that Fujiya released and this is the same formulation that boosted them into global recognition because of how good it is.

Even though a few people are saying that this dessert is a little too sweet for their liking, we think otherwise. The flavor of these classic Milky Chocolate bars is just right, especially if you’re just eating a few bars at a time.

Fujiya Milky Chocolate Box

Once you snap the bar into bite-sized pieces, you’ll actually see the milky filling inside and if you eat it at room temperature, you’ll actually feel the milk incorporating the chocolate inside your mouth.

The packaging of this one is very anime-like with a big illustration of their mascot, Peko-chan smiling in the left-hand side of the packaging. The color is dominantly red as well with illustrations of the chocolate bars all around.

Fujiya Peko-Chan & Sanrio Characters Chocolate - Mixed Berry

A collaboration with familiar faces like Hello Kitty, this one is heaven for children and foodies alike that watch these cartoon shows. This Mixed Berry flavor of Fujiya even has assorted tiny bars inside that features all the Sanrio characters with Peko-chan!

Fujiya Peko-Chan & Sanrio Characters Chocolate - Mixed Berry

The combination of the milk chocolate at the bottom and the mixed berries at the top make it perfectly sweet and a bit sour at the same time. It’s like dipping your strawberry in a rich chocolate sauce.

The packaging on this one is very creative and pastel-like as it features all the Sanrio characters with Peko-chan all over the front. This is one of the flavors Fujiya released as a celebration for 70 years in the industry.

Fujiya Milky Peko-Chan Strawberry Chocolate

Just like what we mentioned earlier, nothing beats a fresh strawberry if you dip it into a warm and rich chocolate sauce. This is what Fujiya thought of when they created this very yummy Strawberry Chocolate flavor.

Milk chocolate and strawberry is indeed an amazing combination and it shows in this chocolate bar. Once the bar gets cracked, an equal lining of milk and strawberry is stacked on top of each other and the taste is just perfectly sweet and sour.

The packaging for this one has mouth-watering illustrations of strawberry and of course, Peko-chan at the side smiling at the chocolate bar illustrations.

Tohato x Milky Caramel Corn Puff Snacks

Given Fujiya’s popularity and growth over the years with their famous milk chocolate products, they decided to venture a little bit farther from what they’re used to and introduced a whole different snack that is just as delicious as what they’re known for.

A collaboration with Tohato, these Corn Puffs are still flavored with the delicious Milk Chocolate flavor and it tastes good but the combination of caramel with milk chocolate is a little bit too sweet for our liking.

The packaging is slightly different because it’s manufactured by Tohato and it’s not boxed anymore. The colors still featured red to signify their partnership with Fujiya.

Fujiya Milky Peko-Chan Benihoppe Strawberry Candy

Again, one of the newer flavors released by Fujiya that doesn’t revolve around their world-famous milk chocolates, the Benihoppe Strawberry Candy is the perfect candy snack for any occasion.

Milk and strawberry really go well together especially when it melts inside your mouth. The equal serving of milk and strawberry gave justice to the flavor and it’s not too overpowering for a candy.

The packaging is dominantly red with Peko-chan wearing a cute strawberry hat at the bottom. Illustration for the candy is also in front of the packaging.

Fujiya LOOK Ukeka Chocolate Family Pack

If you want to try more flavors from Fujiya without the hassle of looking for one flavor at a time, this is a good buy for you. The Chocolate Family Pack has four flavors that you will surely love and they are Sakura, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Almond.

All of the flavors still taste creamy because of the milk chocolate base but the Sakura and Strawberry stood out if we were to talk about more sour notes in the snack. For the Almond it gave more nutty flavor into it, while the pineapple made it more savory and tropical.

The packaging for this one features a huge Peko-chan illustration on the left wearing a cat costume while the chocolate bars are showcased at the right side.

Fujiya LOOK Chocolate - Matcha Edition

Fujiya paid homage to rich Japanese culture and cuisine on this one because they got a very key ingredient and featured green tea locally sourced from Uji, Kyoto. They were even able to create three different types inside, Latte, Macchiato, and Dark Matcha.

Fujiya LOOK Chocolate - Matcha Edition

The Latte and Macchiato reminds us a little bit of coffee especially with the bitterness of the Matcha, but if you want to go for a more authentic tasting Matcha, the Dark Matcha is the clear winner for that, but it’s a bit too much for us.

The packaging for this one is very green with three different tones from light to dark to differentiate the three different types inside.

Fujiya LOOK - Marshmallow Milk Tea

If you really want to eat on the go, Fujiya’s Marshmallow Milk Tea is a good choice for you because each chocolate bar is separated from each other so you can just grab one and go.

The flavor on this one is very rich and deep because the ganache inside is Earl Gray milk tea and real marshmallows. It gave a good contrast with the sweetness of the chocolate and bitterness of the milk tea. We liked this one the best.

The packaging for this one is dominantly bronze orange in the background with a coffee mug in the middle featuring the milk tea and marshmallows.

Fujiya Milky Chocolate x Demon Slayer Assorted

To cater to the youth population of Japan, Fujiya decided to collaborate with one of the biggest anime of the new generation, Demon Slayer. Each character represents a flavor from Fujiya which entices the people to buy and try.

The flavors are either Matcha, Strawberry, Banana, or Blueberry. They taste the same as they were described, the Matcha was on the bitter end, the Strawberry has that sourness in it. The banana added more sweetness to the chocolate base just like the Blueberry flavor.

The packaging for this one features four of the Demon Slayer characters in a dominantly red background alongside other writings at the top.

Fujiya Peko-Chan Heart Peanuts Bag

Again, one of Fujiya’s new flavor lines to celebrate 70 years in the food industry. This time, they created a special bag to make it easier for you to give out candies during Halloween. The Heart Peanuts bag features nutty chocolate flavors.

We liked this one a lot as well because the nuts just worked perfectly with the milk chocolate just like always, the separate candy bars in the shape of a heart are not too big as well so the flavor is not too overpowering.

The packaging for this one is a bit all over the place so it’s hard to comprehend especially if you can’t read traditional Japanese writing. Peko-chan is still in the packaging at the right-hand side.

Where To Buy Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors In Japan

Convenience stores are all around Japan and these are the common places where you can find all the different flavors released by Fujiya. For the flavors that are seasonal and unavailable in the public market, there are other ways for you to get your hands on them.

Where To Buy Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors In Japan

Novelty and specialty Japanese snack shops have risen in popularity as well, especially online which makes buying phased out snack flavors easier. You can find rare Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors there if it’s unavailable in the public market.

For the rest of the Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors, you can get them at shops like Lawson, 7/11, MiniStop, and more. Groceries and department stores are possible places as well around Japan where you can get these treats.

10 Types Of Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors In Japan

For people who love chocolate and milk, Fujiya is the definite winner when it comes to milky chocolate desserts. Now, with all the new flavors and assortment, you can expand your palette and still taste the milky goodness of their flavor line.

Now, you have one more new reason to try and visit Japan so you can get your hands on these Japan-exclusive treats and take a few home for your other friends and family to try.

We hope that this article was helpful in determining 10 types of Fujiya Milky Chocolate Flavors in Japan.

Thank you and see you in our next posts!

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