Does Wendys Japan Serve Alcohol?

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Does Wendys Japan serve alcohol? Read on to find out more about this popular fast food chain's beverage offerings!

Eager to find out if Wendy’s in Japan serves alcoholic drinks? Well, check out our article below to know more. 

Liquid refreshments are mandatory when it comes to having a filling meal and especially if you’re planning to gulp down fast foods then you need to have a beverage to help you digest what you consumed.

There are a wide variety of drinks that are available in fast food restaurants from soft drinks to fruit drinks. In fact, some fast food restaurants even offer alcoholic beverages to their adult customers.

Wendy’s is one of the most popular American fast-food restaurant brands in the world that serves alcoholic beverages in some of its outlets in the United States, the UK, and Europe.

But does Wendy’s in Japan serve alcoholic beverages? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

Make sure to read further below to know if Wendy’s in Japan serves alcohol.

Wendy’s has carved its name as one of the most successful and popular fast food restaurant brands in the fast food industry. Wendy’s is an American fast-food restaurant brand that was established in 1969 in Ohio, US by Dave Thomas

In 2008, Wendy’s fast food restaurant brand merged with Triarc Companies Inc. which was later renamed the Wendy’s Company. 

Does Wendy’s Japan Serve Alcohol?
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Presently, Wendy’s is the third largest restaurant that serves hamburgers followed by McDonald’s and Burger King. Wendy’s has over 6000 outlets in multiple locations across the globe while most of its outlets operate in the United States. 

Just like most fast food restaurants that serve hamburgers, Wendy’s provides a range of delicious and succulent meals on its menu.

Some of the widely sold meals at Wendy’s restaurants are burgers, sandwiches, french fries, side dishes, desserts, and drinks. 

Wendy’s in Japan was established in the early 80s and was able to open up to nearly 70 restaurants by 2009.

However, by the end of 2009, Wendy’s in Japan had to face closure due to bureaucratic conflicts with the franchisee. Fortunately, Wendy’s returned to Japan in 2011 and has been a prominent brand in the fast food industry in Japan.

Currently, Wendy’s in Japan is known as Wendy’s X First Kitchen as Wendy’s acquired the fast food brand First Kitchen in Japan thus the new name.

Does Wendys Japan Serve Alcohol?

Is Alcohol Served In Wendy’s Japan?

Wendy’s and other fast-food restaurant brands in the US began serving boozy drinks on their menu after much request and demand.

This not only helped the fast food restaurants to provide for a large adult customer base but rather also increased the sales of other meals which were purchased as complements to the alcoholic beverages.

This practice of selling booze was even adopted by Wendy’s in operating in other countries in Europe and the UK. Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants in Japan also followed suit and introduced a few alcoholic beverages to their menu.

The alcoholic drinks that are made available to the adult customers of Wendy’s X First Kitchen in Japan are mostly beers and wines.

does wendy's sell alcohol
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Popular alcoholic beverage brands that are available in Wendy’s X First Kitchen in Japan are Carlsberg Beer, Budweiser Beer, and Carlo Rossi wines.

You can choose your desired boozy drink along with a meal that complements your drink well. Furthermore, there are also other premium booze brands served at Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants in Japan that are usually served with premium meal options.

The main objective of Wendy’s X First Kitchen in Japan is to serve fast food meals that are not just conventional like most fast food restaurants but premium and out of the ordinary as well. Hence why alcohol is served at Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants in Japan.

Other Drinks Available On Wendy’s Menu In Japan

When you’re dining in, taking out, or ordering meals from Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants in Japan you don’t have to worry about not finding drinks.

This is because Wendy’s in Japan provides a wide plethora of colorful and refreshing drinks that can quench your thirst. 

Apart from booze, these drinks are mostly available at most, or if not all Wendy’s X First Kitchen branches across Japan. Let’s check out what these non-alcoholic beverages are down below.

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In the cold drinks menu at Wendy’s X First Kitchen Japan, you can find brown sugar tea lattes, iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, iced coffee latte, apple juice, and soft drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and 7Up. There are also hot beverages available at Wendy’s restaurants in Japan like Hot coffee, hot caffe latte, hot peach tea, hot matcha tea, etc. 

There are also a few flavors of shakes at Wendy’s in Japan such as Soft Serve Shake Supernatural Matcha Azuki and Soft Serve Shake High Roasted Tea Azuki.

Furthermore, floats are also a go-to drink option at Wendy’s Japan for most Japanese customers. The flavors of floats offered at Wendy’s X First Kitchen Japan are Cola Float, Cream Soda Float, Coffee Float, High Roasted Tea Float, Peach Tea Float, and Supernal Matcha Float. 

Do All Wendy’s Restaurants In Japan Serve Alcohol?

When Wendy’s restaurants in the US, the UK, and some European countries introduced booze to their drinks menu, not a lot of the customers were pleased with the decision. This is mainly because of the stigma that’s involved in drinking alcohol in a place where kids are prevalent. 

As a consequence, some Wendy’s outlets and even outlets of other fast food brands had to halt their booze sales.

In addition, in the US, only a few proportions of Wendy’s restaurants offer alcoholic beverages on their menu and it also depends on the laws and regulations of the state regarding alcohol consumption. 

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Similarly, not all of the Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants in Japan serve boozy drinks. This is because some Wendy’s restaurants in Japan, particularly the outlets where kids stop by frequently have refrained from serving alcohol to their customers.

Furthermore, some Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants only serve alcohol at a specific time, usually during the night since most families with kids don’t dine in at night. 

As a matter of fact, even Wendy’s X First Kitchen website doesn’t contain any alcoholic beverages on its online menu. Also keep in mind that since alcoholic beverages are costly, they may not always be in stock at certain Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants. 

What’s Available On Wendy’s Menu In Japan?

Let’s check out the plethora of meals, beverages, and desserts available on Wendy’s menu in Japan. 

Wendy’s restaurants in Japan serve a massive range of burgers that are predominantly made out of chicken and beef patties.

One popular aspect of Wendy’s burgers is that their burger patties are square shaped and you can also find them at Wendy’s in Japan as well. The hot-selling burgers at Wendy’s Japan are Tsukimi BBP Burger and Teriyaki Chicken Burger.

wendys japan menu
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There are also a few options of pasta dishes at Wendy’s Japan for those who don't prefer eating burgers.

And we can’t forget the side dishes at Wendy’s Japan such as chicken nuggets, crispy fried chicken, french fries, and the iconic Wendy’s Chilli which is a famous Wendy’s side dish around the world. 

Desserts served at Wendy’s restaurants in Japan are inspired by Japanese flavors such as Soft Serve and Sticky Rice Flour Dumplings and Supernal Matcha Shaved Ice.

In addition, there are multiple drinks offered at Wendy’s Japan such as floats, soft drinks, iced coffee, iced tea, hot coffee, hot tea, and even soft-serve milkshakes. 

Some of these beverages are exclusively available in Japan only like Jewel Tapioca High-Roasted Brown Sugar Tea Latte, Supernal Matcha, Supernal Matcha Float, etc.

Issues Related To Serving Alcohol At Fast Food Restaurants 

When a fast food restaurant decides to launch alcoholic beverages on its menu, then it can expect several issues to come on its way.

This is because the laws and regulations that come with selling alcohol are intricate and can vary from time to time depending on where the fast food restaurant is located. 

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To be able to sell alcohol, any restaurant or store must obtain liquor licenses and these licenses can be quite expensive. While the initial sum to obtain a liquor license can be a huge fee, the annual fee which is fairly low than the initial fee is still costly as well.

This is a cost most fast food restaurants don’t wish to bear as they’re uncertain if the alcohol sales would help them reimburse all that money used to purchase the liquor license.

Furthermore, the legal age for alcohol consumption in Japan is 20 and above. This is a huge obstacle for fast food restaurants like Wendy’s X First Kitchen because most of the employees working in such restaurants are usually aged between 18-20 years.

Since there are multiple implications with selling booze, not many Wendy’s X First Kitchen sell hooch, and even if they’re served, they’re only available in limited quantities for a specific time.

Does Wendy’s Japan Serve Alcohol: FAQs

Is alcohol available in Wendy’s Japan?

Wendy’s in Japan is also known as Wendy’s X First Kitchen. In the drinks menu on Wendy’s X First Kitchen in Japan, you’ll find a variety of drinks from soft drinks, fruit drinks, shakes, floats, hot and cold coffee and tea, and alcoholic beverages as well.

The alcoholic drinks available at Wendy’s Japan are mostly beer and wine.

Is alcohol available in all Wendy’s restaurants in Japan?

Serving alcoholic drinks has become a norm in the fast food industry. Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants in Japan serve alcohol as a part of their drinks menu.

However, not all Wendy’s X First Kitchen restaurants in Japan serve alcohol. In addition, some Wendy’s restaurants in Japan serve alcohol only for a specific time period which is usually at night.

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