Minon Medicated Shampoo Review

Minon Medicated Shampoo Review - Good for Hair Loss?

Jun 19, 2024Shopify API

Want to know about Minon Medicated Shampoo? In this review, we'll take a look at the ingredients and how they work to deliver on that promise.

Does dandruff or a sensitive scalp have you reaching for the soothing aloe every shower? If you crave relief without harsh chemicals, then Minon Medicated Shampoo might be the answer. This gentle formula promises to tackle flakes and itch while keeping your scalp happy. Let's see if it lives up to the hype!

Well, check out my review below to find out!

Minon Medicated Shampoo Review

Minon Medicated Shampoo targets dandruff and itchy scalp with a gentle touch. Free of harsh sulfates, it cleanses with plant-derived ingredients while aiming to minimize irritation.

While some users find it effective against flakes, others report it might not be strong enough for severe dandruff. The lightweight formula lathers well and rinses clean, leaving hair feeling soft.

If you have a sensitive scalp or mild dandruff, this fragrance-light shampoo could be worth a try.

Minon Medicated Shampoo: What’s In The Box?

I always buy my products on Amazon! Yes, it is my go-to shopping website. I got my parcel and found it well packed.

The shampoo came in a plastic bottle, which also had a pump for easy dispensing. So that’s what I really liked. But the bottle is quite big in size, so it is definitely not a “travel size”.

Top Active Ingredients In The Minon Medicated Shampoo And Their Benefits

I always make sure to check out the active ingredients of a product before I try it out. While I had tried products that included coconut extract as one of its ingredients, this was my very first try at using a product with amino acids and glycyrrhiza glabra extract.

So, I was quite interested to see how well they would work on my hair.

Here are the three main and active ingredients of this shampoo along with their benefits which I found during my personal research.

Coconut Extract

Coconut extract is one of the safest options for hair moisturization. It is also a very effective remedy for treating scalp conditions like dandruff, psoriasis, etc.

It helps reduce dry scalp issues by keeping the scalp naturally conditioned and hydrated for long hours. When the scalp is well moisturized, it will automatically reduce the itchiness caused due to dryness.

Using coconut extract on the hair can also act as a protective barrier to prevent the hair from external damage. It can also promote an increase in hair growth.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are a form of protein for the hair. Well, the hair is made up of protein and thus, amino acids are very essential for the hair. It helps make the hair stronger and can prevent the hair from getting damaged.

It also can help restore the moisture barrier of the hair and scalp and thereby prevent the loss of moisture and hydration.

It can promote better and more sustained hair and scalp hydration, thus reducing hair and scalp dryness including their related problems.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract

Glycyrrhiza glabra extract is a form of licorice root which helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp and can thus help increase hair growth.

Also, it can act as a natural hair moisturizer that can keep the hair hydrated, reducing dryness, and can also hydrate the scalp reducing dry scalp issues like dandruff and itchiness. It can also help create a healthier atmosphere for hair growth and can reduce bad odor.

My Experience Using The Minon Medicated Shampoo

This was my very first time trying out a medicated shampoo and I have to say my experience was pretty good!

So, before I get into the details, if I sum up in brief, I can definitely say that my dandruff reduced quite a bit, the itching actually stopped completely, my scalp odor reduced and my scalp felt well-moisturized.

What I was rather surprised to notice is that I saw new strands of hair growth as well! Yes, as much as I was surprised, I was also super happy.

Well, so, for all those of you who wanted to know whether this shampoo worked, yes, it did!

I’d like to start off with a little about its ingredients. I found that it has powerful active ingredients like coconut extract, amino acids and glycyrrhiza glabra extract which are all very good at promoting better hair health, improving moisture retention, and a possibility of hair growth as well (which I experienced).

Checking out the ingredients is something I always consider before buying a product. Also, what I loved was that this shampoo is sulfate free, so it caused no damage to my hair.

So, I have been using this product for around three and a half months now and I began noticing the “results” at different stages of its usage.

I found that my itching reduced within a week of usage and gradually over the course of a month, it stopped completely.

Then, within a month, I observed a considerable reduction in my dandruff, but even after three and a half months, I cannot say that my hair is completely dandruff free. It probably requires more time maybe.

Also, my scalp began to feel moisturized within just a couple of weeks. I also noticed that my hair felt much softer than before.

Within three months, I observed a considerable amount of new hair growth at the roots as well.

I used this shampoo along with the Minon Medicated Conditioner to go with it and I found that both these products coupled together worked perfectly on my hair and scalp.

My scalp odor was quite bad at the beginning when I started using this shampoo, but over time it reduced and now my scalp is odor free.

The shampoo description states it is “unscented”, but I do feel that I can smell a slight floral scent, which is mild and one that I liked. It made my hair smell fresh.

I also liked the liquid texture of the shampoo and the creamy texture of the conditioner. It was super easy to lather into my hair and scalp.

Both the shampoo and conditioner wash off really well within just a few minutes of rinsing and absolutely no residue remains.

Overall, it was a good product and I bought it a second time, but in the form of a 380 ml refillable sachet since I already had the bottle and just needed to refill it.

Is The Minon Medicated Shampoo Worth The Price?

I paid $49.88 for a 450 ml bottle of shampoo. Yes, I know, it was super expensive, but I have to say it was totally worth it!

I bought it along with the conditioner, but I ordered it separately after a couple of days and I paid $13.15 for the same-sized bottle, and surprisingly the conditioner was way cheaper. So, this was something I was quite confused about.

Anyways, since the product helped me, even though it was pricey, I’d definitely say I would buy it again. In fact, I did!

Pros And Cons: Minon Medicated Shampoo


  • Helps reduce dandruff to a considerable extent.
  • Can completely stop itchiness on the scalp caused due to dandruff.
  • Works on promoting hair growth over time.
  • It can help get rid of scalp odor.
  • Has powerful hair and scalp moisturizing ingredients.
  • This shampoo is completely sulfate-free and doesn’t damage the hair or scalp.
  • Works well when combined with the Minon Medicated Conditioner.
  • Comes in refillable sachets so you do not need to buy the bottle a second time.


  • The shampoo in particular is very expensive in comparison to other medicated shampoos, even though it makes justice to the price.

How To Use The Minon Medicated Shampoo?

Even though this shampoo is a medicated one, it can be used just like any other regular shampoo.

Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Wetting your hair

Make sure to wet your hair and scalp well under running water. This shampoo lathers the best when used on wet hair.

Step 2: Lathering in the shampoo

Into your palm, squirt a couple of pumps of shampoo and rub your palms together. Then apply it evenly all over your scalp and hair and gently using your fingertips massage it in. Then, leave it in your hair for a few minutes.

Here’s a personal tip, into a mug of a little water, you can dilute your shampoo before applying it on your hair and scalp. This lets it rake up a better lather.

Step 3: Rinsing the shampoo off and conditioning

Next, make sure to rinse off the shampoo well under running water, and then you can condition your hair.

Apply the conditioner on evenly, and leave it to work on your hair for a few minutes before you go ahead and wash it well with plain water.

Tip: Here’s another tip from my side. When you first wet your hair, use warm water. Thus, the shampoo molecules can penetrate into the open hair cuticles and work well.

When lastly rinse off the conditioner and use cool or cold water. This can help seal and trap in the moisture from the conditioner making your hair feel soft, and smooth and can keep it moisturized for a longer time.

The final takeaway: Do I recommend others to use it? 

If you are wondering whether using a medicated shampoo actually makes a difference as compared to using a regular shampoo, well, it does!

I really liked how well this shampoo worked on my hair and scalp. Even though it was pricey, it was worth it.

I’d definitely recommend anyone who has scalp issues like dandruff, itching, and dry scalp to confidently go ahead and use this product if it fits in your price budget.

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