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7 Best Lens Mount Adapters 2024 | Making Beautiful Photography Accessible

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Lens mount adapters, an accessory that acts as an interchangeable lens for cameras, have become quite popular in recent times. In this article, we review some of the best lens mount adapters that have gained prominence of late. 

When purchasing cameras with interchangeable lenses such as single-lens and mirrorless cameras, the lens mount adapters are an important component to consider. 

Lens mount adapters use a mechanism that joins the camera body to the lens. Many manufacturers create their own lens mounts according to their specifications and there is no cross-compatibility with other lenses. 

Lens mount adapters are on sale from numerous manufacturers both in Japan and abroad. The price ranges from around 1,000 yen to several tens of thousands of yen. 

Lens mount adapters is a piece of equipment that lets you fix any type of lens irrespective of its specifications. It’s a ring that’s mounted between the body and the lens. 

However, even with a lens mount adapter, all lenses aren’t compatible with all cameras. Lens mount adapters are released only for those cameras with a short flange back (the distance from the mounting surface to the image sensor surface).

There are also some restrictions functionally, as it cannot be used like the original lens. Even with the help of lens mount adapters many people have the opinion that it’s hard to use. 

In such circumstances, an AF compatible lens mount adapter is handy because it’s easy to handle even for beginners. Generally, when people talk about lens mount adapters, they think of the old school silver lenses. 

But in this article, we’ll cover lens mount adapters for new lenses that support AutoFocus. It’s not the same as a genuine lens, but it doesn’t require complicated operations and settings and anyone can use it easily. 

Best Lens Mount Adapters Best For Price
Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS-R Canon EF/EF-S lens on EOS-R
camera body
Altson EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter (CEF-SE) Canon EF lens to Sony E-mount Camera body $79.98
Sigma MC-11 Canon EF lenses to Sony-E Camera body $199.00
Commlite "CM - EF - NEX" Canon EF to Sony NEX Camera body $80.00
Commlite CM - EF - E HS Canon  EF/EF-S lens to E-Mount camera $242.10
Commlite CM-ENF-E1 PRO Nikon F Mount Lens to Sony E Camera $369.00
Commlite CM - AEF - MFT Canon EF/EF-S lens to M4/3 Camera $212.22

Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

The first of the best lens mount adapters is the EF-EOS R mount adapter. With this mount adapter you can use your EF/EF-S lens on an EOS-R camera as the exterior design of this lens adapter matches the EF lenses. The lens adapter is designed to be resistant to dust and water. 

Altson EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter (CEF-SE)

The next one in this list of best lens mount adapters in the Altson EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T lens adapter. It is designed with an aperture control function so you can easily adjust the aperture of your lens using your camera. It also supports high-speed autofocus as it features a gold-plating contact

Sigma MC-11

Best Adapter For Canon Lens On Sony Body

Among the AF compatible lens mount adapters, one that stands out is the Sigma MC-11 released in 2016. It’s the mount that’s used to fix a Canon lens on a Sony camera. 

The breakthrough of MC - 11 is that the AF operates at a quick speed with a large number of lenses, and the stability while shooting is good. 

In the case of "MC - 11 EF - E" for Canon, only Canon lens made by Sigma are officially listed, but in my case, many canon lenses worked seamlessly without any problems*.

*This review is based on the experience of the author. There is no guarantee that this will work with all lenses of Canon.*

Another point to note is the frequent firmware upgrades that are done to increase compatibility and improve functions. 

The quality of the product is solid. In my opinion, the MC-11 is an everyday necessity for those who have Canon and Sony E mount cameras. 

A disadvantage of this mount is the size and weight of the adapter is greater than regular ones. 

The focus area modes such as zone focus cannot be used. Also, please note that Canon “EF-S Lens” exclusive for APS - C cannot be physically attached to the MC - 11. 


Commlite "CM - EF - NEX" 

Best Camera Lens Adapters For Canon Lens

Commlite is a photographic equipment manufacturer in China and Shenzhen. They manufacture a number of mount adapters.

The number of lenses that one can operate with this lens mount adapter is lesser than that of Sigma MC - 11, and it doesn’t have the level of stability of AF that the MC-11 has.

However, it’s very affordable and can be used on EF-S lenses in addition to the EF lens.

Commlite CM - EF - E HS

Canon To Sony Lens Mount Converter

The top product of the company is the model. This lens mount adapter helps with quick autofocus and changes over between AF and contrast AF is possible with a button on the side. 

Commlite "CM - EF - E HS". Also, AF compatible mount adapter that can mount the Canon EF lens on the body of Sony E mount. Fast AF is a feature. The actual sale price is 19,800 yen($177.98)

Commlite CM-ENF-E1 PRO

Best Lens Mount Adapter Nikon To Sony

Commlite "CM - ENF - E1 PRO" AF compatible mount adapter that can mount the Nikon F mount lens on the Sony E mounting body. The price is 42,832 yen($384)

In addition, the company also released the "CM-ENF-E1 PRO" that can mount the Nikon F lens on the Sony E body. 



Commlite CM - AEF - MFT

Best Camera Lens Mount Adapters For Canon

Commlite "CM - AEF - MFT" AF compatible mount adapter that can mount the Canon EF lens on the micro Four Thirds body. The price is 10,9979 yen($986.25)

The “CM - AEF - MFT" AF compatible mount adapter can mount the Canon EF lens on the Micro Four Thirds body.

The AF compatible mount adapters communicate their settings through electronic contacts. It’s also compatible with EXIF information. 

Since the aperture value and focal length details are recorded, it will help with image management in the future. 

Canon "EF 35 mm F 2 IS USM" is attached to Olympus "E - M 1 Mark II" using CM - AEF - MFT. With this combination, it can be used as a medium telephoto lens equivalent to 70 mm



Apart from the two companies mentioned here, AF compatible mount adapters are released by various manufacturers, but many of them are products for mounting on the Sony E mount.

The reason for a large number of mounts is because of the flange back (the distance from the mounting surface to the image sensor surface). 

The flange back is as short as 18 mm and other lenses can be attached easily. In order to mount the adapter, the flange back of the side of the body must be shorter than the flange back of the lens side mount. 

In addition, the mount diameter on the side of the body should be larger than than the mount diameter of the lens side.

It’s also one of the reasons that Sony discloses the specifications of E mounts to third party manufacturers.

In the case of other lens mounts whose specifications aren’t publicly available, third-party manufacturers have to analyze the details of the camera and create protocols to pass information between the lens and the body seamlessly. 

The AF compatible mount adapter is a convenient item that broadens the scope of the body and lens. It’s freed of the so-called "mount restraint", and free shooting becomes possible. 

It’s recommended for people who own cameras from different manufacturers or those who are planning to change to another manufacturer's mount.

Do lens adapters work?

Lens adapters work to allow you to use a lens of one camera on another. For example, using your favorite canon lens on your favorite Nikon camera is possible only with the help of a lens mount adapter.


How do you replace a lens mount?

To replace a lens mount:
Step 1: Take off the lens mount cover on the front side of the camera
Step 2: Remove the backside cover of the lens
Step 3: Align the mounting indexes of the lens and camera. Check the user manual of your camera to do this properly.
Step 4: Place the lens on the camera's lens mount
Step 5: Now rotate in clockwise direction until you hear it click.


Which lens mount is best?

Best Lens Mount Adapters are:
Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R
Altson EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter (CEF-SE)
Sigma MC-11 - Canon lens to Sony
Commlite CM - EF - NEX - Canon lens converters
CM - EF - E HS - Canon lens to Sony
CM-ENF-E1 PRO - Nikon lens to Sony
CM - AEF - MFT - Canon EF lens to Mirrorless camera

Do lens adapters effect image quality?

Glassless lens adapters that are used to only to adjust the sensor plane and the lens have little to no effect on image quality.


Can I use EF lens on EOS M?

You can use the EF lens on EOS M with the help of Canon mount adapter EF-EOS M. With this lens mount adapter you can use any EF or EF-S lens on EOS M cameras.


Are mount adapters worth it?

If you use multiple cameras from different brands or you're planning to change your camera then mount adapters are definitely worth it. For example, if you already have Canon lenses but planning to invest in a Sony camera then getting a mount adapter would be a more economical option.

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