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Tokyo Ghoul Anime vs Manga: Which One is Better?

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Wondering is Tokyo Ghoul's manga or anime is better? Here's Tokyo Ghoul Anime Vs Manga! Check it out!

Anime does not lack any form of innovative storylines that have grasped the attention of the viewers. Lately, the horror genre in anime has seen exponential growth thanks to intriguing anime series like Tokyo Ghoul. 

Although the storylines of the Tokyo Ghoul anime and manga are enthralling there have been countless differences between them. 

The entire narrative and the character arcs differ quite a lot between the anime and manga which has brought up confusion among the fans. 

That’s why we’re here to give heed to the major differences between the Tokyo Ghoul anime and manga.

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Vs Manga

  • Tokyo Ghoul Manga

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy manga written by Sui Ishida. It was initially published in Weekly Young Jump by Shueisha’s seinen magazine in September 2011 and it’s the last chapter featured in September 2014.

The manga had a total collection of 14 volumes. A prequel named Tokyo Ghoul [Jack] was released online in 2013 on Jump Live.

In October 2014 a sequel to the manga was published in Weekly Young Jump called Tokyo Ghoul: re which had a total of 16 volumes. The manga series was released in the English Language by Viz Media in North America.

The prequel Tokyo Ghoul [Jack] focuses on the events which happened 12 years prior to the events in Tokyo Ghoul manga. The manga features characters like Kisho Arima, Taishi Fura, Yakumo Omori, and Itsuki Marude. 

The Tokyo Ghoul manga revolves around the life of Ken Kaneki when he realizes that he’s a half-ghoul after a shady surgery he underwent. This manga focuses more on the life of Ken Kaneki and how he became accepting of his identity and how he learned to live with it. 

Tokyo Ghoul: re centers around events that occurred 2 years after the events in the first manga.

  • Tokyo Ghoul Anime

The Tokyo Ghoul anime series was released in 2014 and was aired on Tokyo MX. The Tokyo Ghoul anime series has 2 seasons with each season containing 12 episodes.

A new season was released in April 2018 under a modified name called Tokyo Ghoul: re which has 2 seasons and a total episode count of 24. 

The Tokyo Ghoul anime series was released globally on Funimation with English subtitles. The anime series is also available to watch on DVD and Blu-Ray and can also be streamed online via Netflix.

The storyline of the Tokyo Ghoul anime revolves around Ken Kaneki, the protagonist of the show. Ken Kaneki is a shy boy in college who often spends time studying books and avoids any social interaction. 

He was attracted to a girl named Rize with whom he goes out on a date. When walking together Rize distracts Ken and takes him to a lonely construction site where she reveals herself to be a ghoul and she attempts to eat him. 

However, an accident in the site saves Ken from Rize but he’s taken to the hospital with fatal injuries. The doctor transplants Rize’s organs to Ken and he survives, fortunately. 

However, Ken realizes something strange in him, especially his food cravings which aren’t his regular cravings. He has a strange desire for human flesh which he later learns that he’s a half-ghoul since Rize’s organs were transplanted to his body.

Ken eventually learns that Tokyo is a city with a dark secret where ghouls disguised as human beings are coexisting in clandestine with humans. And he finds ghouls in his journey who are not only friends but also enemies as the story progresses. 

Differences between Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime

Although the storylines of both the Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime are almost identical there are multiple differences among them that have caused a division among fans as to which one is better. 

It’s entirely impossible to replicate the manga and incorporate it into the anime adaptation since the manga has more detailed content whereas anime focuses only on major events since the run time has to be kept brief.

However, the Tokyo Ghoul anime series has way more omissions from the manga and the differences are many such as:

  • Tokyo Ghoul Chronological order Manga Vs Anime

The order of events was altered in the anime. In the manga, Tsukiyama was initially introduced and Amon and Mado appeared later.

However, in the anime, the order of these events was altered although it didn’t create a big difference from the viewer’s perspective.

Kaneki’s Character in Tokyo Ghoul Manga Vs Anime

In the manga, Kaneki and Toka disguise themselves as high school students to sneak into the CCG headquarters which was a comical moment in a dark fantasy manga.

Unfortunately, this entire scene was omitted in the anime. This scene would have displayed more insight into Kaneki’s nature because he was able to pass through the ghoul detector which failed to detect him as a ghoul.

Amon vs Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul Manga and Anime

When Amon and Kaneki were having their final battle, Amon uses his Arata Proto II armor to fight him in the manga. However, in the anime, Amon only uses his quinque and not his armor to fight Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul: re Disarray Manga Vs Anime

Tokyo Ghoul: re is a sequel to the original series written by Ishida. This sequel manga introduced new characters and different relationships to the series which warded off from the authentic narrative. 

The Tokyo Ghoul: re manga provided a detailed explanation of the sequel and how the character arcs of the new characters improved. 

However, in the Tokyo Ghoul: re anime, most of the details from the manga were omitted which caused great confusion among the viewers. 

The backstories and the arcs of the new characters weren’t portrayed in the anime series which made the viewers dislike the new adaptation. 

Some of the crucial details that were omitted in the adaptation were Kaneki exiting the Quinx squad and the entire Operation Rushima wasn’t portrayed.

Kaneki’s Signature Chin Touch in Tokyo Ghoul Manga and Anime

This is a habit of Kaneki which he usually did in the manga whenever he lies about anything. It was not just cute but added more depth to his character and portrayed how Kaneki still has his original traits despite being a half-ghoul. 

However, in the anime, we can only see Kaneki doing this a few times, which many viewers noticed and weren’t quite happy about it.

Although not as important as other scenes, this still would have made Kaneki’s character more likable and real in the anime.

Difference in Rize’s Character Arc in the Manga and Anime

Rize is an important character in the Tokyo Ghoul series as she was the reason for Kaneki to turn into a half-ghoul. In the Tokyo Ghoul manga, Kaneki suffers from severe hallucinations of his past and Rize appeared in his hallucinations when Kaneki was being tortured by Jason. 

In the anime, though Rize haunts Kaneki when he learns about his ghoulish nature when trying to fight his cravings.

In addition, Rize’s character arc was explained thoroughly in the manga but in the anime, there weren’t many portrayals of Rize and her fate except in the last season.

Kaneki uttering: ‘I’m a ghoul’ in the Manga Vs Anime

It took Kaneki a while to realize he was a ghoul and to accept his new identity in the manga. When Jason brutally tortured Kaneki he finally realizes he’s a ghoul and possesses ghoulish powers which helped him defeat Jason. 

Meanwhile, in the anime, Kaneki is seen calmly saying ‘I’m a ghoul’ and he accepts his ghoul identity instantly and his hair turns white. 

Differences in Hide’s Backstory in Tokyo Ghoul Anime Vs Manga

In the manga, Hide joins the CCG  to monitor Kaneki and he witnessed Kaneki and Arima fighting each other to death. 

After the fight, Kaneki looks extremely exhausted and hungry. Hide asks Kaneki to eat him but Kaneki is hesitant and he passes out. However, in the anime, Hide didn’t witness a restless Kaneki but Hide was wounded and he asks Kaneki to take him home and Kaneki takes Hide’s body walking on the street. 

Is Tokyo Ghoul manga better than anime?

Tokyo Ghoul manga is better than the anime adaptation because the anime provided detailed explanations about several incidents and character arcs which helped the fans comprehend the original narrative. Although the anime initially took off fairly well, the ending was what warded off from the original narration which resulted in plot holes and confusion.

Should I watch Tokyo Ghoul anime or manga first?

It’s best to read the Tokyo Ghoul manga first because the anime adaptation was based on the manga. In addition, the manga offers great insight and detailed narration of the storyline whereas in the anime there were several omissions and plot holes which may cause confusion if you watch the anime first.

Why is the Tokyo Ghoul manga better?

The Tokyo Ghoul manga is better than the anime because the manga clearly explains the backstories, storyline, and character arcs. The events in the Tokyo Ghoul series are explained pinpoint in the manga which makes it convenient for the readers to understand.

Is Tokyo Ghoul re better in the manga?

The Tokyo Ghoul: re manga is way better than the anime adaptation because there were countless inconsistencies in the plot and several details were omitted. This manga contains the storyline in precise which can help the viewers understand the concept better.

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