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The mother of life for women aged 20 to 40 years Inochi no Haha Kobayashi

  • Highly effective product for women aged 20 to 40 years
  • Contains 11 species of grasses, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Herbs used in traditional Japanese medicine
  • Helps maintain female body systems and improve metabolism
  • Normalizes menstrual cycle and hormonal balance
  • Indicated for menstrual disorders, back and abdomen pain, circulation issues, psychological discomfort, headaches, sleep disturbances, and more
  • Full course is at least 14 days, 4 tablets 3 times daily
  • No side effects, recommended for every woman except during pregnancy
    • Introducing "Inochi no Haha Kobayashi" - The Ultimate Women's Health Supplement for Ages 20 to 40

      Experience the power of nature with the exceptional "Inochi no Haha Kobayashi" supplement specifically tailored for women aged 20 to 40 years. This highly effective product is crafted with a unique blend of 11 different herbs, infused with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

      Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese folk medicine, these herbs have been widely used to address gynecological issues and are now gaining popularity as a natural alternative to medical treatments. The meticulously balanced formula aims to support and maintain optimal female health, promoting improved metabolism, balanced hormones, and overall well-being.

      Designed to cater to a variety of symptoms and concerns, "Inochi no Haha Kobayashi" is ideal for women dealing with menstrual disorders, back pain, circulation issues, postoperative adhesions, psychological discomfort, headaches, sleep disturbances, irritability, forgetfulness, mood swings, depression, chronic fatigue, anemia, troubled skin (acne), early menopause, and stiff neck.

      To achieve substantial results, it is recommended to follow a full course of at least 14 days, taking 4 capsules three times a day.

      - Rhubarb (200 mg)
      - Zhgun-root Medicinal (200 mg)
      - Tree Peony (200 mg)
      - Peach Seeds (100 mg)
      - Peony Macniceguy (300 mg)
      - Angelica (300 mg)
      - Cinnamon (200 mg)
      - Carrot (50 mg)
      - Atractylodes (200 mg)
      - Poria Kolosovidnye (200 mg)
      - Chastuha (150 mg)

      Directions for use: Take 4 capsules three times a day.

      Rest assured, this product is crafted with utmost care and has no known side effects. It is recommended for use as a therapeutic and preventative measure to ensure every woman feels her best. Suitable for girls as young as 15 years old dealing with inflammatory diseases and menstrual irregularities. However, it is not to be consumed during pregnancy.

      Experience the trusted quality of Kobayashi, a renowned manufacturer of health and wellness products, originating from Japan. Put your health first with "Inochi no Haha Kobayashi" and start embracing a healthier, happier life.