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The moisturizing lotion lightweight texture Revital Granas lotion Clear 150 ml, SHISEIDO

  • Shiseido Revital Granas is a luxury anti-aging skincare line
  • Main active components include hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, protein Fibrin 5, and an extract of winged bean
  • Strengthens the skin, prevents sagging and sagging
  • Design and packaging are given much attention, with pleasant textures
  • Shiseido Revital Granas lotion Clear has a lightweight texture and is moisturizing
  • Best applied using a cotton pad on massage lines of the face and neck
  • Suitable for normal skin, ages 30, 40 and older
  • Made in Japan by Shiseido
    • Introducing the SHISEIDO Revital Granas lotion Clear - a lightweight moisturizing lotion with a clear formula. This luxurious product is part of the progressive Revital Granas line, designed to provide high-quality anti-aging skin care that enhances firmness and elasticity.

      Enriched with a proprietary formula of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and a special protein called Fibrin 5, this lotion works to maintain elastic tissue and stimulate its production in the skin. It also contains an extract of winged bean, known as Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, which further supports the production of Fibrin 5. Additionally, a rich Botanical complex strengthens the skin, preventing sagging and keeping it firm and supple.

      With attention to detail in design and packaging, the SHISEIDO Revital Granas lotion Clear offers an incredibly pleasant texture and is best applied using a cotton pad on the massage lines of the face and neck, moving from bottom to top. The recommended time of application is 60 seconds to ensure proper absorption.

      This lotion is suitable for normal skin and specifically targets individuals aged 30, 40, and older. As a trusted brand, SHISEIDO is the manufacturer of this product, made in Japan.

      Discover the entire line of SHISEIDO Revital Granas products and experience the luxury of Japanese skin care.