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Shiseido REVITAL Cream ENSCIENCE AA EX, 40 g

  • Shiseido REVITAL Cream ENSCIENCE AA EX, 40 g
  • Cream for youth and firmness of the skin
  • Contains pure retinol to stimulate cell division and restore collagen production
  • Reduces wrinkles and smooths the skin surface
  • Contains ginger extract and glycerin for moisture and shine
  • Collagen Breeder Skin Protection Complex for softness and tenderness
  • Evening Primrose Oil and Squalane to restore the skin’s protective barrier
  • Spreads easily, moisturizes without stickiness, has a light floral scent
    • Introducing the Shiseido REVITAL Cream ENSCIENCE AA EX, 40g - a cream designed to promote youthful and firm skin.

      The REVITAL Cream ENSCIENCE AA EX is part of the renowned Japanese cosmetics line by Shiseido. This line has gained recognition in Japan for its exceptional effectiveness in combating skin aging for women aged 30-35 and above. The secret lies in its unique formula, which includes pure retinol that deeply penetrates the skin, stimulating cell regeneration, increasing dermis thickness, and boosting collagen production. Regular use of this high retinol content cream results in improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, and a smoother complexion. Its effectiveness has been scientifically proven through laboratory tests.

      Shiseido REVITAL Cream ENSCIENCE AA EX not only restores the youthfulness of your skin but also provides firmness and elasticity. As we age, our skin undergoes changes that alter our appearance. The specialized formula of ENSCIENCE cream helps your skin regain its elasticity, transforming your complexion and bringing back its vitality and freshness.

      This cream contains ginger extract and glycerin, which deeply moisturize and smoothen the skin, giving it a radiant glow. The Collagen Breeder Skin Protection Complex, consisting of Saccharomyces lysate, marine collagen, arginine, and glycerin, instantly revitalizes the skin, leaving it soft and tender while providing moisture and a smooth texture. Evening Primrose Oil and Squalane play a role in restoring the skin's protective barrier, providing antioxidants and nourishment to soothe the skin.

      The cream effortlessly glides onto the skin, providing deep hydration without any sticky residue. It offers a light floral scent, enhancing the overall experience.

      Active Ingredients: DL-α-tocopherol acetate, stearyl glycyrretinate, ginger root extract, evening primrose oil, water-soluble collagen, Saccharomyces culture extract, purified water, α-olefin oligomer, concentrated glycerin, petrolatum, squalane chloride, L-arginine hydrochloride-ascorbyl magnesium, turmeric extract.

      To use, simply take the desired amount of cream on your fingertips and apply it all over your face as the final step of your evening skincare routine.

      Volume: 40g
      Product Line: REVITAL
      Manufacturer: Shiseido
      Country of Origin: Japan

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