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SHISEIDO MEN Skin Empowering Cream for men, 50 g

  • SHISEIDO MEN Skin Empowering Cream for men, 50 g
  • Designed specifically for men’s skin
  • Revitalizes and evens out the skin
  • Tones enlarged pores and improves elasticity
  • Targets all signs of skin aging
  • Includes powerful anti-fatigue antioxidants
  • Enhances hydration and locks in moisture
  • Application: Apply after cleansing and emulsion or lotion application
    • Introducing the SHISEIDO MEN Skin Empowering Cream, a breakthrough product designed specifically for men's skincare needs. Created with the latest advancements in scientific research, this cream takes into account the unique characteristics of men's skin, such as its uneven surface and increased sebum production, to ensure it stays in perfect condition.

      Experience the revitalizing power of SHISEIDO MEN Skin Empowering Cream. This cream not only evens out and smoothens the skin's surface, but also tones enlarged pores, improves skin elasticity, and shields against the harmful effects of environmental factors. It is a powerful global treatment that targets all signs of aging, from wrinkles and flabbiness to roughness, dryness, and dullness.

      Featuring DP carnosine and bean extract, potent anti-fatigue antioxidants that extend the lifespan of skin cells and boost collagen production, this cream is fortified with anti-aging benefits. It also includes Damage Defense Complex, Gritritol, and Hydro Wrap Vitalizing DE, a hydro-sensitive polymer that enhances hydration and locks in moisture, even in extreme dry conditions. All of this is delivered in an ultra-light texture.

      To use, cleanse your face and apply the cream after emulsion or lotion. Simply take a pearl-sized amount (approximately 0.3 g) on your fingertips and apply it evenly all over your face, working from the bottom to the top. The cream has a delightful scent inspired by the argan tree.

      Manufactured by SHISEIDO, a trusted name in skincare, this product is part of the acclaimed SHISEIDO MEN line. Proudly made in Japan, it is a true testament to the Japanese commitment to excellence in beauty and grooming.

      Discover the full range of SHISEIDO MEN products available from SHISEIDO, and experience the ultimate in men's skincare.