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SHISEIDO MEN Energizing Moisturizer Extra Light Fluid, 100 ml

  • SHISEIDO MEN Energizing Moisturizer Extra Light Fluid, 100 ml
  • Emulsion with instant moisture replenishment
  • Absorbs quickly and has a smooth, elastic texture
  • Reduces fine wrinkles and prevents rough skin
  • Contains rice germ oil, angelica extract, and perilla extract
  • Application: Apply after washing or shaving
  • Ingredients include water, alcohol, glycerin, and various extracts
  • Part of the Shiseido Men line, designed for men’s skin care
    • Product Description: SHISEIDO MEN Energizing Moisturizer Extra Light Fluid, 100 ml

      Experience the refreshing and moisturizing benefits of the SHISEIDO MEN Energizing Moisturizer Extra Light Fluid. Specifically designed for men, this moisturizing fluid provides instant hydration to combat roughness and dryness, leaving your skin looking healthy and revitalized.

      The emulsion boasts a quick-absorbing formula with a smooth and elastic texture. It effectively penetrates the skin's outer layer, minimizing the appearance of fine wrinkles caused by dryness. Say goodbye to rough skin after washing or shaving, as this moisturizer restores the protective barrier and keeps your skin hydrated for hours.

      Infused with rice germ oil, a powerful ingredient known for its moisturizing, regenerating, and softening properties, it provides antioxidant benefits for your skin. Angelica extract improves microcirculation and promotes the active regeneration of skin cells, while perilla extract is ideal for sensitive and irritated skin, restoring its well-groomed and healthy appearance.

      To use, simply apply the required amount (about 2 pumps) to your palm and spread evenly over your entire face after washing or shaving. For optimal results, pair it with the SHISEIDO MEN Total Revitalizer cream.

      This energizing moisturizer is free from harsh ingredients and contains a carefully curated list of components, including water, denatured alcohol, glycerin, and various plant extracts. It comes in a convenient 100 ml bottle.

      SHISEIDO is a renowned manufacturer known for harnessing the latest scientific advancements in men's skincare. The SHISEIDO MEN line is specifically formulated to address the unique needs of men's skin, such as an uneven surface and increased sebum production. Each product is designed to keep your skin in perfect condition, targeting signs of fatigue and stress to reveal a healthy and vibrant complexion.

      All products in the SHISEIDO MEN line feature a special protective complex known as the Damage Defense Complex. This complex ensures that your skin is infused with essential elements for optimal functioning and effective resistance against signs of aging.

      Not only do SHISEIDO MEN products deliver remarkable results, but they also have a lightweight, non-greasy texture that provides deep hydration and a refreshing sensation. The special soothing fragrance adds an extra touch to combat stress.

      Originating from Japan, this product is backed by the rich history and expertise of SHISEIDO.

      Take care of your skin with the complete line of SHISEIDO MEN products, delivering unparalleled performance and visible results. Visit our website to explore the full range of offerings.