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SHISEIDO INTEGRATE Matsui girls rush Mascara, 7гр

  • SHISEIDO INTEGRATE Matsui girls rush Mascara, 7гр
  • Waterproof mascara that doesn’t create lumps and crumble
  • Easily washed off with warm water
  • Creates lush, curled and thick lashes
  • Contains Camellia seed oil, soluble collagen and natural vitamin E for hydration and nutrition
  • Comes in three types: Curl, Volume, and Long
  • Color: black
  • Manufacturer: SHISEIDO Japan
    • Product description: SHISEIDO INTEGRATE Matsui girls rush Mascara, 7g

      The SHISEIDO INTEGRATE Matsui girls rush Mascara is a waterproof mascara designed to create lush, curled, and thick lashes. This mascara is from the renowned brand SHISEIDO INTEGRATE, known for their high-quality cosmetics.

      Unlike other mascaras, the Matsui girls rush Mascara doesn't create lumps or crumble throughout the day. It can be easily washed off with warm water, making it convenient and hassle-free. The waterproof formula ensures that it stays put, even against skin oil and sweat.

      The creamy texture of the mascara allows for smooth and even application. It coats each lash perfectly, creating a false lash effect that adds volume and expression to your eyes. The mascara is enriched with ingredients like Camellia seed oil, soluble collagen, and natural vitamin E, providing hydration and nourishment to your lashes.

      To apply, simply use a zigzag motion to coat both the top and bottom lashes for optimal coverage. The mascara is available in three types: Water proof Matsui girls rush Curl (removable with an oily makeup remover), Matsui girls rush Volume (removable with warm water), and Matsui girls rush Long (removable with warm water).

      The mascara comes in a classic black shade, perfect for enhancing your lashes and adding definition to your eyes. It has a volume of 7g, providing you with a generous amount of product.

      The SHISEIDO INTEGRATE Matsui girls rush Mascara is manufactured by SHISEIDO, a renowned Japanese brand known for their exceptional skincare and beauty products. This mascara is a part of the INTEGRATE line, specially designed for young skin.

      Give your lashes the attention they deserve with the SHISEIDO INTEGRATE Matsui girls rush Mascara. Experience voluminous and expressive lashes with just one application. Order yours today and enjoy the Japanese quality that SHISEIDO is known for.

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