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SHISEIDO Elixir White Clear lotion Moisturizing lotion 170ml

  • SHISEIDO Elixir White Clear lotion moisturizes the skin and improves skin color
  • Contains Tranexamic acid to inhibit melanin production and treat hyperpigmentation
  • Comes in 3 types: Type I for oily skin, Type II for combination to dry skin, and Type III for dry skin
  • Absorbs instantly and penetrates deep into the skin
  • Helps prevent the appearance of freckles and age spots
  • Apply after cleansing
  • Made by SHISEIDO in Japan
  • Part of the Elixir White skincare line
    • Product Description: SHISEIDO Elixir White Clear Lotion Moisturizing Lotion 170ml

      Introducing the SHISEIDO Elixir White Clear Lotion Moisturizing Lotion, the ultimate anti-aging skincare solution for individuals over 30 years old. This exceptional product utilizes the power of Tranexamic acid, a bleaching component that effectively inhibits melanin production and treats hyperpigmentation. Combined with CE hydrating components, this series not only combats premature aging by enhancing skin firmness and elasticity, but also brightens the complexion and improves dark spots and uneven skin tone.

      The Elixir White Clear Lotion offers three different types of lotions to cater to various skin types. Type I, designed for oily skin, provides a refreshing and moisturizing experience with its light texture that is instantly absorbed by the skin. Type II, suitable for combination to dry skin, offers deep moisturization with its denser texture, ensuring easy absorption into the skin. Lastly, Type III, ideal for dry skin, delivers exfoliating properties with its dense texture, leaving the skin deeply nourished.

      Enriched with special extracts, this lotion not only moisturizes the skin but also enhances its complexion, restoring its natural radiance. It aids in preventing the appearance of freckles and age spots, ensuring a youthful and even skin tone.

      To achieve maximum results, we recommend applying the Elixir White Clear Lotion after cleansing. Created by the renowned brand SHISEIDO, a leader in skincare, this product is part of their Elixir White line, originating from Japan.

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