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SHISEIDO Elixir Reflet Balancing Mizu Cream, 60 g

  • SHISEIDO Elixir Reflet Balancing Mizu Cream is a moisturizer for young women that fights the first signs of aging
  • The cream balances moisture and oiliness, tightens pores, and evens out complexion
  • It is an aqueous transparent cream that delivers active ingredients to the deep layers of the skin
  • The cream prevents acne breakouts and keeps the skin hydrated with dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and tranexamic acid
  • The balancing formula maintains healthy skin by balancing oiliness and moisture
  • It contains luxurious ingredients that penetrate the stratum corneum and is easily absorbed without stickiness
  • The cream has a scent of a flower bouquet
  • The application is to apply the cream to cleansed skin after using lotion with gentle sliding movements along the massage lines
    • Product Title: SHISEIDO Elixir Reflet Balancing Mizu Cream, 60 g

      Product Description:
      Introducing the SHISEIDO Elixir Reflet Balancing Mizu Cream, an anti-inflammatory and balancing moisturizer designed to combat the first signs of aging. Part of the Elixir Reflet skincare line, this cream promotes healthy skin by balancing its moisture and oil levels, tightening pores, and creating a more even complexion.

      The Elixir Reflet Balancing Mizu Cream contains a unique aqueous transparent formula that delivers active ingredients deep into the skin, effectively preventing acne and maintaining the skin's water balance. The cream is infused with granules that dissolve upon contact with the skin, penetrating the dermis for maximum efficiency. Its lightweight and refreshing texture absorbs quickly, providing all-day comfort. Suitable for both morning and evening use.

      Inflammation and acne on the skin can be common issues faced by women. However, the Elixir Mizu Cream is specially formulated with two powerful ingredients, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and tranexamic acid, to prevent acne breakouts and keep the skin hydrated. These ingredients possess anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, reducing redness, irritation, and roughness while preventing acne.

      The balancing formula of this cream effectively controls oiliness and maintains optimal moisture levels, resulting in healthy and supple skin. Enriched with rosemary extract, glycyrrhizin, peach extract, skullcap extract, and glycerin, the cream provides deep hydration to each skin cell, smoothing its texture and leaving a velvety soft feeling.

      The Clear Keep Complex, a combination of lysine hydrochloride and saxifrage extract, works to maintain the purity and freshness of the skin while providing hydration and soothing effects.

      Collagen, a key ingredient in the cream, promotes the synthesis of the skin's own collagen and elastin, aiding in smoothing the skin and restoring its youthful radiance and smoothness.

      This luxurious cream features a special watery texture that allows its rich ingredients to penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum. Its non-sticky formula is easily absorbed into the skin, making it perfect for morning and evening skincare routines.

      Experience the uplifting scent of a flower bouquet when using this cream.

      Ingredients: Tranexamic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, purified water, 1,3-butylene glycol, ethanol, concentrated glycerin, dipropylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, dimethylethylene glycol, sodium, xanthan gum, dilauroyl glutamate, sodium disodium citrate, sodium hydrochloride extract, extract, peach extract, saxifrage extract, tea tree extract, water-soluble collagen, phenoxyethanol, perfume.

      Application: After cleansing your skin and using a lotion, apply the cream with gentle sliding movements along the massage lines.

      Volume: 60 g

      Manufacturer: SHISEIDO

      Product Line: Elixir Reflet

      Country of Origin: Japan

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