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SHISEIDO ELIXIR ADVANCED Esthetic Essence Beauty Liquid, 40 g

  • SHISEIDO ELIXIR ADVANCED Esthetic Essence Beauty Liquid, 40 g
  • Anti-aging serum with massage rollers for lifting
  • Ideal for loose skin around eyes and cheeks
  • Creates apple cheeks, firms, and improves elasticity
  • Contains collagen, hydrolyzed yeast, and natural plant extracts
  • Removes active oxygen, whitens, and improves microcirculation
  • Delicate floral scent
  • Apply after moisturizing with lotion, massage all over face with roller
    • Product Description: SHISEIDO ELIXIR ADVANCED Esthetic Essence Beauty Liquid, 40 g

      Discover the luxurious and innovative SHISEIDO ELIXIR ADVANCED Esthetic Essence Beauty Liquid. This anti-aging serum comes in a unique bottle equipped with massage rollers specifically designed for lifting. Perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes and cheeks, where signs of aging tend to appear.

      This advanced serum is formulated to help you achieve that coveted youthful glow. It works wonders in creating firmness, rosiness, and elasticity in your skin. The original Elixir massage roller effortlessly applies the serum infused with carefully selected ingredients, gently lifting your skin for a radiant and youthful appearance.

      Enriched with collagen and hydrolyzed yeast, this serum effectively moisturizes your skin, leaving it smooth and promoting cell renewal. Natural plant extracts provide a nourishing boost of vitamins and minerals, restoring density to your skin. Additionally, the presence of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract offers multiple benefits such as removing active oxygen, brightening the complexion, preventing skin coarsening, and improving microcirculation.

      Delight in the delicate floral scent as you apply this transformative serum.

      Apply the SHISEIDO ELIXIR ADVANCED Esthetic Essence Beauty Liquid in the morning or evening after moisturizing your skin with lotion. Use the roller to evenly distribute the serum across your face, lifting the skin upward and gently massaging it for optimal results.

      Volume: 40 g
      Manufacturer: SHISEIDO
      Product Line: Elixir
      Country of Origin: Japan