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SHISEIDO d program Balancing care Emulsion, 100 ml

  • SHISEIDO d program Balancing care Emulsion, 100 ml
  • Hydrates and protects the skin with lotion from the same range
  • Soft, delicate emulsion, mattifies oily areas and moisturizes dehydrated skin
  • Suitable for problematic, irritated, sensitive skin
  • Does not contain fats, silicones, or alcohol. Unscented
  • Active anti-inflammatory ingredients: licorice extract, hawthorn extract, tranexamic acid
  • Can be applied with a cotton pad or bare hands, one pressing on the dispenser is enough
  • Designed for 2 months of use, morning and evening. Made in Japan
    • Introducing the SHISEIDO d program Balancing Care Emulsion, 100 ml!

      This is the perfect solution for the second stage of your skincare routine. With its hydrating and protective properties, this lotion provides the essential care your skin needs. The soft and delicate emulsion not only moisturizes dehydrated areas but also mattifies those oily spots.

      Designed specifically for problematic, irritated, and sensitive skin, this emulsion is free from fats, silicones, and alcohol. It is also unscented, ensuring a gentle and irritation-free experience.

      Packed with active anti-inflammatory ingredients like licorice extract, hawthorn extract, and tranexamic acid, this emulsion is specially formulated to calm and nourish your skin.

      Applying the emulsion is a breeze. You can use a cotton pad or simply your bare hands, and just one press on the dispenser is enough for your entire face. With a 2-month supply for both morning and evening use, this emulsion is perfect for long-lasting skincare.

      This product is proudly manufactured by SHISEIDO, a renowned beauty brand, and belongs to their Balance Care line. It originates from Japan, known for its dedication to quality skincare.

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