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SHISEIDO ADENOVITAL Advanced Scalp Essence Hair Growth Serum, 480 ml

  • Shiseido ADENOVITAL Advanced Scalp Essence Hair Growth Serum
  • Contains Adenosine, a famous remedy for hair loss and baldness
  • Works to make hair thicker, denser, and grow faster
  • Reduces gray hair and promotes hair density and volume
  • Concentrated scalp treatment for hair loss due to diseases, childbirth, and age-related hair loss
  • Relieves itching, dry dandruff, and eliminates odor from hair
  • Contains adenosine, extracts of various plants, vitamin E, and menthol
  • Does not contain ethyl alcohol
    • Experience the power of SHISEIDO ADENOVITAL Advanced Scalp Essence Hair Growth Serum. This professional hair care product is formulated with the exclusive ingredient Adenosine to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. Unlike addictive drugs, our serum is safe and free from side effects, making it a renowned solution for hair loss and baldness.

      With Adenovital, you can expect three key benefits: thicker and denser hair, faster growth, and reduced gray hair. This advanced scalp essence is specifically designed to address hair loss caused by various factors such as diseases, childbirth, and aging.

      Treat your scalp to a concentrated treatment that activates hair follicles, enhances density, accelerates growth, and boosts the volume of new hair. Say goodbye to itching, dry dandruff, and unpleasant odors, as our essence effectively tackles these issues as well.

      In addition to adenosine, our formula combines the power of prickly steel, arnica, perilla, Japanese pepper, hops, soflora, and ginseng extracts. These ingredients, along with vitamin E and menthol, ensure optimal delivery of the beneficial components to your skin.

      Free from ethyl alcohol, this serum is easy to use. Simply apply it to towel-dried hair, focusing on the roots and massaging gently. Spread it across problem areas until absorbed for best results. Each bottle contains a generous 480 ml of product, providing long-lasting nourishment for your hair.

      Suitable for those with loose and falling hair, SHISEIDO ADENOVITAL Advanced Scalp Essence Hair Growth Serum is proudly manufactured in Japan. Discover the full range of ADENOVITAL PROFESSIONAL products from SHISEIDO and experience the transformative benefits for yourself. Click here to purchase the 180 ml variant of this powerful serum.