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S/children's pasta with peach flavor Clinica KID'S, 60gr, LION

  • Children’s pasta with peach flavor
  • Clinica KID’S toothpaste
  • Enzymes and fluoride protect baby’s teeth and remove plaque
  • Enzymes dextranase removes plaque in remote areas
  • Sweetened with natural ingredient xylitol for a pleasant taste
  • Manufactured by Lion
  • Made in Japan
    • Product Title: S/Children's Peach-flavored Pasta Clinica KID'S, 60g, LION

      Product Description:

      Introducing Clinica KID'S, a toothpaste specially formulated for children with a delightful peach flavor. This toothpaste is packed with special enzymes and fluoride to effectively protect your little one's teeth and aid in removing plaque. With the help of dextranase enzymes, even hard-to-reach areas are cleared of plaque efficiently. Plus, the addition of xylitol, a sweetener derived from natural ingredients, provides a pleasant and sweet taste that kids will adore.

      Manufactured by Lion, a trusted brand known for their quality oral care products, this toothpaste guarantees top-notch dental protection for your child. Originated from Japan, this product brings innovative dental hygiene solutions tailored specifically for children.