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Royal jelly Royal Jelly 30 sachets, SHISEIDO

  • Contains Royal Jelly
  • 30 sachets in a pack
  • Royal jelly has insulin-like peptide and lipoic acid, which positively affects carbohydrate metabolism
  • Contains gammaaminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter for brain function
  • Provides anti-stress effect and increases endurance
  • Promotes gentle stimulation of the CNS
  • Does not cause increased anxiety
    • Product Title: SHISEIDO Royal Jelly 30 Sachets

      Product Description: Experience the exceptional benefits of SHISEIDO Royal Jelly with our 30 sachets packed with 1.5g of pure goodness.

      Discover the amazing properties of royal jelly, including its insulin-like peptide that resembles zinc and acts as a hormone, promoting a positive impact on carbohydrate metabolism. Additionally, royal jelly contains lipoic acid, further enhancing its effects on metabolism.

      Our royal jelly formulation also includes gammaaminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that acts as a brake for the hypothalamic brain structures. This ingredient helps to regulate and balance vegetative functions, alleviating symptoms associated with hypothalamic syndrome.

      Whether you're seeking an anti-stress effect, increased endurance in times of stressors, or gentle stimulation of the central nervous system, SHISEIDO Royal Jelly can provide the support you need. Say goodbye to anxiety and welcome a sense of calm and vitality in your daily life.

      Try SHISEIDO Royal Jelly today and experience the remarkable results for yourself.