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ROHTO SUGAO Jelly Sheer Lip Tint, 4.7ml

  • ROHTO SUGAO Jelly Sheer Lip Tint, 4.7ml
  • Japanese cosmetics novelty for 2019
  • Long-lasting tint for lips
  • Moisturizes lips and evens tone
  • Available in 4 shades: Apricot orange, Pink berry, Pink plum, Coral – red
  • No flavor
  • Easy application with applicator
  • Volume: 4.7ml
    • Introducing the ROHTO SUGAO Jelly Sheer Lip Tint, a must-have product for 2019 from the renowned Japanese cosmetics company.

      Lip tint is a long-lasting coloring pigment that usually comes in a liquid water or gel-like formula. With its exceptional staying power, this tint can last on your lips throughout the day, even through meals and kisses.

      The ROHTO SUGAO Jelly Sheer Lip Tint not only moisturizes your lips but also evens out the tone, leaving a beautiful glossy finish that stays intact until the evening without smudging. Its smooth texture makes it easy to apply and covers any imperfections.

      Choose from four stunning shades: Apricot Orange for a healthy, natural tone, Pink Berry for vibrant and juicy lips, Pink Plum for a fashionable bright shade, and Coral Red for expressive lips.

      This lip tint is fragrance-free and comes in a convenient 4.7ml size.

      To achieve the desired look, simply apply the product to your lips using the applicator.

      Manufactured by ROHTO and part of the SUGAO line, this lip tint comes straight from Japan, known for its exceptional quality in beauty products.

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