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LION PLALA Jasmine travel kit with toothpaste and brush

  • Perfect for travel or office use
  • Includes toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Toothpaste has a jasmine scent
  • Toothbrush is of medium hardness
  • Comes with a stylish cosmetic bag
  • Design is Minnie Mouse
  • Manufactured by LION
  • Produced in Japan
    • Introducing the LION PLALA Jasmine Travel Kit with Toothpaste and Brush

      Ideal for travel or office use, the LION PLALA Jasmine Travel Kit provides everything you need for fresh breath and a clean smile on the go. This set includes a toothpaste infused with the delightful scent of Jasmine, a toothbrush with medium hardness bristles for effective cleaning, and a stylish cosmetic bag to keep your dental essentials organized.

      The design of the cosmetic bag features the iconic Minnie Mouse, adding a touch of charm to your travel accessories. Manufactured by LION, a reputable brand in oral care, this travel kit promises quality and reliability.

      Designed and made in Japan, the LION PLALA Jasmine Travel Kit offers convenience and functionality in a compact package. Don't compromise on oral hygiene during your travels - grab the LION PLALA Jasmine Travel Kit and keep your smile bright wherever you go.