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LION Ban Premium Roll on Unscented Deodorant

  • Premium roll-on deodorant
  • Unscented formula
  • 3D sweat-blocking technology
  • Waterproof formula
  • Germicidal component kills odor-causing bacteria
  • Easy application process
  • 40 ml volume
  • Manufactured by LION in Japan
    • Introducing the LION Ban Premium Roll-On Unscented Deodorant, a high-quality roll-on deodorant that offers all-day protection against sweat stains and bad odor!

      Featuring innovative 3D sweat-blocking technology, this deodorant contains a nano-ionic antiperspirant ingredient called ACH (chlorhydroxyaluminum) that effectively prevents sweat from escaping, thus eliminating odors and stains on clothing.

      With its waterproof formula, you can trust this deodorant to provide long-lasting protection, even on the most active days. Additionally, the inclusion of the germicidal component IPMP (isopropyl methylphenol) ensures that odor-causing bacteria are eliminated, keeping you fresh and confident all day long.

      Applying the LION Ban Premium Roll-On Unscented Deodorant is quick and easy. Simply remove the cap, turn the bottle upside down, and apply the desired amount to your skin. Once dry, you can comfortably put on your clothes without worrying about any residue.

      This product comes in a convenient 40 ml volume, ensuring that you have an ample supply to last you a while. Manufactured by LION, a trusted brand from Japan, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of this deodorant.

      Say goodbye to sweat stains and bad odor with the LION Ban Premium Roll-On Unscented Deodorant, your secret weapon for all-day freshness!