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Kose Esprique T-zone Base, 15g

  • Kose Esprique T-zone Base, 15g
  • Foundation for T-zone makeup area
  • Masks unevenness, provides smoothness, and absorbs sebum
  • Prevents skin glow for 13 hours
  • Contains strong absorbing powder, liquid cosmetic ingredients, and powder EX
  • Odorless
  • Volume: 15g
  • Manufactured by Kose, made in Japan
    • Introducing the Kose Esprique T-zone Base, a must-have product for creating a flawless T-zone makeup look. This base effectively masks any unevenness, leaving your skin smooth and shine-free.

      Formulated with a unique "powder of strong absorption of sebum," the Kose Esprique T-zone Base effortlessly absorbs excess oil, ensuring your skin stays beautiful and free from oily shine for up to 13 hours. The combination of skin-friendly ingredients like strong absorbing powder, liquid cosmetic ingredients infused with oil, and powder EX creates a long-lasting matte finish.

      What sets this base apart is its odorless formula, making it perfect for those with sensitive noses. With a volume of 15g, this product is compact and travel-friendly.

      The Kose Esprique T-zone Base is proudly manufactured in Japan by Kose, a reputable brand known for its high-quality cosmetics. Experience the difference with this exceptional T-zone base and achieve a flawless makeup look that lasts all day.