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Kose Esprique Liquid Eyebrow liquid eyebrow pencil

  • 2 mm thick liquid pencil for shaping eyebrows
  • Filling powder with open sponge for even application
  • Brush included for styling hair in the right direction
  • Custom super natural remedy for eyebrow makeup
  • Thin liquid eyeliner for tinting eyebrows with small strokes
  • Good quality and affordable price compared to other luxury brands
  • Easy to use, no special skills required
  • 0.7 ml volume, made in Japan by Kose Esprique
    • Introducing the Kose Esprique Liquid Eyebrow Pencil, an essential tool for shaping and defining your eyebrows with ease. This liquid pencil offers a 2 mm thin tip for precise application. The filling powder, coupled with the innovative open sponge, ensures even distribution and effortless blending, resulting in beautifully styled eyebrows.

      This liquid eyebrow pencil serves as a custom natural remedy for eyebrow makeup, providing a thin yet vibrant color that allows you to achieve the perfect shade with multiple small strokes. Renowned for its combination of exceptional quality and affordable prices, Esprique is one of the leading luxury Japanese brands offering such liners.

      No special skills are required to utilize this eyeliner for eyebrow makeup; it effortlessly creates well-defined and fuller brows. With a high score of 5 out of 7 points on cosme.net, this product has gained recognition for its outstanding performance.

      The Kose Esprique Liquid Eyebrow Pencil comes in a compact volume of 0.7 ml and is proudly manufactured in Japan by Kose, a trusted brand in the beauty industry. Elevate your makeup routine with the whole range of decorative cosmetics from Kose Esprique. Explore the collection here.