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Kose Esprique Foundation Brush Foundation brush

  • Kose Esprique Foundation Brush is a foundation brush used for applying foundation
  • It allows for application of foundation to all areas of the face
  • Manufactured by Kose, a cosmetics company
  • Part of the Esprique line of products
  • Made in Japan
  • Can be used in conjunction with other decorative cosmetics from Kose Esprique
    • Introducing the Kose Esprique Foundation Brush, a must-have tool for flawless foundation application. This high-quality brush allows you to effortlessly cover every area of your face, leaving you with a perfectly blended and natural finish. Manufactured by Kose, a renowned beauty brand, this foundation brush is part of their prestigious Esprique line. Crafted in Japan, this brush is a testament to Japanese precision and innovation in cosmetic tools. Elevate your makeup collection with the Kose Esprique Foundation Brush and explore the full range of decorative cosmetics available from Kose Esprique.