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Kose Esprique Comfort Makeup Cream SPF 50 PA ++++

  • Kose Esprique Comfort Makeup Cream is a cream that combines foundation and makeup base
  • Provides a natural look without weighing down the skin
  • Offers SPF 50+/PA++++ protection against UV rays and pigmentation
  • Contains Kose Treatment Shield’s patented ingredient for long-lasting wear
  • Smoothing and moisturizing, gives a velvety and smooth feeling
  • Suitable for all seasons, resistant to sweat and water
  • Volume: 30g
  • Made in Japan by Kose
    • Introducing the Kose Esprique Comfort Makeup Cream SPF 50 PA ++++. This innovative cream combines the benefits of a foundation and makeup base, providing a comfortable and lightweight coverage without a heavy mask effect. With its high SPF 50+/PA++++ protection, it effectively shields your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing pigmentation and freckles.

      The patented ingredient in Kose Treatment Shield creates a unique base makeup that offers a tight seal, making you feel refreshed and polished throughout the day. This cream also offers smoothing and moisturizing properties, leaving your skin feeling velvety and smooth, similar to after a luxurious cream treatment.

      Suitable for all seasons, this makeup cream can withstand sweat and water, making it a reliable choice for any occasion. The 30g volume ensures you have enough product to last you for quite some time. Manufactured by Kose, a trusted brand in cosmetics, this product belongs to the Esprique line and originates from Japan.

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