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Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Treatment FORTUNE Restoration and hair treatment

  • Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Treatment FORTUNE is a hair treatment made with organic plant and fruit extracts
  • Contains natural Bulgarian rose oil for a pleasant rose scent and stress relief
  • Moisturizes hair and prevents breakage, reducing the harmful effects of styling tools
  • Rose extract promotes deep reconstruction and moisturizing of hair
  • Additional softening components based on collagen provide a feeling of softness and ease of combing
  • Contains over 80% natural ingredients
  • Suitable for dry, damaged, and normal hair
  • Available in 450ml and 350ml refill sizes
    • Introducing the Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Treatment FORTUNE Restoration and hair treatment. This exceptional product comes from the Rose of Heaven FORTUNE line, which harnesses the power of organic plant and fruit extracts without any chemical additives. Each product in this line is enriched with natural Bulgarian rose oil, renowned for its superior quality. The carefully selected rose scent not only creates a pleasant experience but also helps to ease stress and uplift the mood. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors as this treatment protects your hair from food smells and tobacco.

      The FORTUNE Treatment is designed to restore and nourish your hair with essential nutrients. It deeply moisturizes your hair, ensuring they are hydrated from root to tip. With its powerful formulation, it helps prevent hair breakage and minimizes the damaging effects of daily styling, such as using hair dryers and irons.

      The rose extract in this treatment promotes deep reconstruction and moisturization, leaving your hair looking healthy and beautiful. The additional softening components, enriched with collagen, provide an unparalleled feeling of softness and make combing a breeze. Say goodbye to dry and split ends as the rosehip oil in this treatment works to regenerate your strands and bring back their natural shine. And with hydrolyzed silk, your hair will not only look amazing but also feel incredibly smooth and silky.

      With over 80% natural ingredients, you can trust that this treatment is both effective and gentle on your hair. To use, simply apply on clean, damp hair. Gently squeeze out excess moisture before applying a proper amount of the treatment onto the entire length of your hair. Rinse thoroughly with water and get ready to experience the transformation.

      This treatment is suitable for dry, damaged, and normal hair. Available in two sizes - 450ml and 350ml (refill). Manufactured by Kose Cosmeport in Japan, this remarkable product is part of the Rose of Heaven FORTUNE line. Discover the full range of products from Rose of Heaven Kose Cosmeport FORTUNE and experience the magic for yourself.