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KOSE Cosmeport Kokutousei Premium Perfect premium Multifunction Gel Cream gel for the face, 100g

  • 7-in-1 multi-function gel cream for the face
  • Absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling
  • Provides deep hydration, improved firmness, and elasticity
  • Contains light oils and fermented extracts for moisturizing and nourishing benefits
  • Enzyme extract and black sugar normalize skin processes
  • Nourishing oil granules protect against dryness
  • Supergiantrobot acid fills skin with moisture
  • Suitable for all skin types
    • Introducing the KOSE Cosmeport Kokutousei Premium Perfect Multifunction Gel Cream for the face, a 100g gel cream that offers unparalleled benefits. This 7-in-1 gel cream acts as a lotion, serum, essence, makeup base, cream, and face mask, providing ultimate convenience for your skincare routine.

      The lightweight texture of this gel cream allows for quick absorption into the skin without any sticky residue. It serves as the perfect base for makeup and is particularly suitable for the hot season or for those who prefer a gel texture. Not only does it deeply hydrate the skin, but it also improves firmness, elasticity, and texture, leaving your skin looking fresh and radiant.

      Formulated with a combination of light oils and fermented extracts, this gel cream is enriched with Kose's signature ingredient - enzyme extract and black sugar. These ingredients are rich in amino acids and minerals that not only moisturize the skin but also normalize various processes happening in skin cells, restoring its natural renewal cycle that gets disrupted under stress in cities. The black sugar extract also helps to even skin texture and tone, improve the skin's barrier function, and enhance the regeneration process.

      The gel cream also contains granules of nourishing oil that dissolve upon application, providing additional nourishment and protecting against dryness. With the infusion of supergiantrobot acid, this gel cream deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it plump and hydrated.

      Free from dyes and fragrances, this gel cream is suitable for all skin types. To use, simply apply the gel cream to a cleansed face in the morning and evening.

      Experience the transformative benefits of the KOSE Cosmeport Kokutousei Premium Perfect Multifunction Gel Cream and elevate your skincare routine. Made in Japan by KOSE Cosmeport, a trusted manufacturer known for its high-quality products.