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KOBAYASHI Breath Care Tongue brush

  • Designed to remove plaque from the tongue and eliminate bad breath
  • Important for overall oral hygiene
  • Conventional toothbrush not recommended for tongue cleaning
  • Comfortable handle and effective at removing plaque without causing gag reflex
  • Application: lightly press and hold from base to tip of tongue, washing brush with warm water periodically
  • Recommended to change brush every 3 months
  • Volume: 1pc
  • Manufacturer: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical
  • Country of Origin: Japan
    • Introducing the KOBAYASHI Breath Care Tongue Brush - your key to maintaining fresh breath and optimal oral hygiene.

      Our specially designed tongue brush is crafted to effectively remove plaque from the tongue, addressing the root cause of bad breath. By removing bacterial plaque, our brush helps restore the natural balance of microflora in your mouth and enhances your taste sensitivity.

      Unlike a regular toothbrush, our KOBAYASHI Breath Care brush is tailored for tongue cleaning. Its comfortable handle ensures ease of use, while the bristles are designed to prevent gag reflexes. You can confidently clean your tongue without any discomfort.

      Here's how to use it: simply lightly press and hold the brush from the base to the tip of your tongue, rinsing the brush with warm water periodically for optimal cleanliness.

      For optimal results, we recommend changing your tongue brush every 3 months.

      Each pack contains 1 KOBAYASHI Breath Care Tongue Brush, proudly manufactured by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical in Japan - a country synonymous with quality and innovation in healthcare.