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KOBAYASHI Bluelet Decora Le Relax aroma Flavor for a toilet bowl, 7.5 g × 3pcs

  • Gel cleans toilet bowl with every discharge and prevents re-contamination
  • Does not stain water and prevents stains and rust
  • Special bottle design creates flower-shaped gel when pushed out
  • Delicate aroma of fragrant roses fills the dressing-room
  • Apply gel in two places inside toilet bowl
  • Remove remnants with toilet brush after 2 weeks
  • Use exactly as prescribed
  • 1 package lasts about 1 month, 1 bottle lasts 3-5 days
    • Product Title: KOBAYASHI Bluelet Decora Le Relax Aroma Flavor for Toilet Bowl, 7.5g × 3pcs

      Product Description:
      Introducing the KOBAYASHI Bluelet Decora Le Relax Aroma Flavor for Toilet Bowl. This gel is designed to deliver exceptional cleanliness with every flush, while also preventing re-contamination. Say goodbye to stains and rust as this product leaves no residue and keeps your toilet bowl looking fresh.

      The unique tube design of the bottle features five legs that create gaps on the surface of the gel, resulting in a beautiful flower shape when dispensed. Simply apply the petals of this fragrant rose-scented gel to decorate the inside of your toilet bowl and fill your restroom with a delicate aroma.

      Upon contact with water, the active ingredients in this gel work quickly and effectively, keeping your toilet bowl clean for an extended period of time. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to apply the gel in two places inside the toilet - on the right and left side.

      Here's how to use it:
      1. Unscrew the cap and hold the spray tip perpendicular to the flat surface inside the toilet.
      2. Firmly press the bottom part of the bottle to squeeze out approximately half of the gel content, forming a flower shape.
      3. Gently remove the bottle without disturbing the flower.
      4. To create a second flower, squeeze the upper part of the bottle.
      5. If there is excess gel, use it to create an additional flower or utilize it for cleaning the toilet.

      After two weeks of use, simply clean the toilet bowl with a toilet brush, using the gel as a cleaning agent. Please follow the instructions carefully for best results.

      For improved efficiency, it is recommended to apply the gel after cleaning the toilet. Avoid placing the bottle near the water drain hole to prevent obstruction or splatter. If the gel hardens, gently remove it with a toilet brush.

      Please note that this gel is intended for use with ceramic toilet bowls and should not be used with bowls made of other materials.

      Each package contains three bottles, which typically last for approximately one month of use. One bottle, with two flower shapes, is sufficient for approximately 3-5 days.

      Experience the long-lasting freshness and cleanliness for your toilet bowl with KOBAYASHI Bluelet Decora Le Relax Aroma Flavor. Manufactured by KOBAYASHI in Japan.