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KAO Merit Shampoo Brush head

  • Designed to massage the scalp while washing hair
  • Bristles of different lengths prevent hair from getting tangled
  • Helps improve blood circulation
  • Manufactured by KAO in Japan
  • Part of the Merit product line
    • Introducing the KAO Merit Shampoo Brush Head - a revolutionary tool designed to give your scalp a luxurious massage while washing your hair. This specially designed brush features bristles of varying lengths that effortlessly glide through your hair without causing any tangles or knots.

      Not only does it effectively clean the scalp, but it also improves blood circulation, leaving you with a refreshing feeling. Manufactured by KAO, a renowned company from Japan, this brush is a part of their Merit line, which guarantees quality and excellence.

      Experience the pleasure and benefits of using the KAO Merit Shampoo Brush Head and elevate your hair washing routine to a whole new level.