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KAO Curel UV Milk Sunscreen Milk for Sensitive Skin SPF30 PA ++, 30 ml

  • KAO Curel UV Milk Sunscreen lotion for sensitive skin
  • SPF30 PA ++
  • Blocks UV rays and prevents sun damage
  • Hydrates the skin and eliminates redness and roughness
  • Contains stearyl glycyrrhetinate for anti-inflammatory and soothing effects
  • Contains plant ceramides and extracts for moisturizing and cell regeneration
  • Does not leave white marks or clog pores
  • No colorants, flavors, or alcohol, suitable for sensitive skin
    • Product title: KAO Curel UV Milk Sunscreen lotion for Sensitive Skin SPF30 PA++, 30 ml

      Product description:
      The KAO Curel UV Milk Sunscreen lotion is specifically designed for sensitive skin. This emulsion not only effectively blocks harmful UV rays but also helps prevent sun-induced damage to the skin. With its hydrating properties, it keeps the skin moisturized, relieving redness and roughness.

      This sunscreen milk includes stearyl glycyrrhetinate, which counteracts the negative effects of prolonged sun exposure. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, making it suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergies. Additionally, it contains plant ceramides, eucalyptus extract, and asunaro extract, all of which provide moisturizing effects, soothe irritation, and stimulate cell regeneration.

      With a non-greasy formula, this milk sunscreen does not leave any white marks and does not clog pores. It is free from colorants, flavors, and alcohol, making it non-allergenic. It has been thoroughly tested on sensitive skin to ensure its safety.

      This product can also be used as a makeup base, providing an added layer of protection. With a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 and a PA++ rating, it offers reliable sun protection.

      Volume: 30 ml

      Manufacturer: KAO

      Product Line: Curel

      Country of Origin: Japan

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