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KAO Biore foaming face wash for oily skin, 130g

  • KAO Biore foaming face wash for oily skin
  • Gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin
  • Moisturizes while controlling skin oiliness
  • Contains glycerin for moisturizing
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Manufacturer: KAO
  • Series: Biore
  • Country of origin: Japan
    • Introducing the KAO Biore Foaming Face Wash for Oily Skin, 130g. This facial cleanser gently and effectively removes excess oil while providing moisture to the skin. It features a delightful floral fragrance and contains glycerin for added hydration.

      To use, simply squeeze a small amount of the product and lather it up using a mesh for a rich and foamy texture. Gently massage it onto your face and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

      Designed specifically for oily skin, this face wash is brought to you by KAO, a reputable manufacturer from Japan. Explore the entire Biore KAO line to discover the secrets of Japanese beauty rituals and their unique two-stage cleansing system.

      Get the perfect skincare routine with KAO Biore and experience the wonders of Japanese beauty. Order yours now!