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KAO Biore Deodorant Z Drug unscented deodorant, 30g

  • KAO Biore Deodorant Z Drug unscented deodorant, 30g
  • Medicinal deodorant cream that prevents sweat smell and kills bacteria causing body odor
  • Can be used on armpits, neck, and between toes
  • Suitable for shaving underarms
  • Contains hyaluronic acid and extract of cork tree bark for moisturizing and care
  • Odorless formula
  • Application: squeeze a small amount and spread throughout the body
  • Volume: 30g
    • Introducing the KAO Biore Deodorant Z Drug unscented deodorant, 30g. This medicinal deodorant cream is designed to prevent sweat odor and kill bacteria that cause body odor, keeping you fresh for a long time. It can be used on various body parts, including armpits, neck, and even between the toes. Additionally, it is suitable for shaving underarms. With its delicate texture, this deodorant contains hyaluronic acid and cork tree bark extract to provide care and moisture to the skin. It is completely odorless. The ingredients include water, hyaluronic acid, Dolabrata Extract, and other nourishing components. To use, simply squeeze a small amount of cream, about the size of a pea, and spread it across your body. Each tube contains 30g of product and is manufactured by KAO Biore in Japan. Discover the complete range of products from Biore KAO by clicking here.