Japan Truly

KANEBO Media Luxe Press Powder

  • Translucent brightening powder
  • Provides natural coverage
  • Hides color imperfections
  • Covers pores and irregularities
  • Reflects light for a bright, fresh look
  • Absorbs sebum and reduces stickiness
  • Comes in two tones: Lucent light and Medium brightness – beige
  • 6g volume, manufactured by KANEBO in Japan
    • Introducing the KANEBO Media Luxe Press Powder - the perfect addition to your makeup collection. This translucent brightening powder effortlessly provides natural coverage while concealing any color imperfections.

      Experience the advantages of this luxurious powder. It effectively fills in pores and irregularities, giving your skin a smooth and flawless appearance. The powder also works to conceal blemishes by reflecting light, leaving you with a bright and fresh impression. Say goodbye to excess oil and stickiness, as this powder absorbs sebum and provides a silky smooth finish.

      Choose between two beautiful tones: 01 Lucent light or 02 Medium brightness - beige. Both shades are designed to enhance your natural complexion and leave you looking radiant.

      To achieve the best results, simply apply the KANEBO Media Luxe Press Powder after your foundation or base makeup. Use the included puff to evenly distribute a thin layer of powder over your skin. For touch-ups throughout the day, make sure to remove any excess oil or sweat with matting wipes before reapplying.

      Each package contains 6g of product, ensuring you have plenty to last. Rest assured, this product is expertly manufactured by KANEBO, a trusted brand known for their high-quality beauty products. The KANEBO Media Luxe Press Powder is part of their exclusive Media Luxe line, bringing you the best of Japanese beauty.

      Elevate your makeup routine with the KANEBO Media Luxe Press Powder. Say hello to flawless, radiant skin with a touch of luxury.