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KANEBO LUNASOL Secret Shaper for Eyes

  • KANEBO LUNASOL Secret Shaper for Eyes is a retractable eyeliner
  • Defines the shape of the eye and gives a subtle pearly sheen
  • Easy to shade and draw small details
  • Resistant to sweat, water, and sebum
  • Comes in 5 shades: Brown Neroli, Malty Brown, Velvet Ruby, Olive Leaf, and Charcoal Shade
  • Swipe along the edges of the eyelids, filling the space between the eyelashes
  • Made by KANEBO in Japan
  • Part of the Lunasol line of products from KANEBO
    • Product Title: KANEBO LUNASOL Secret Shaper for Eyes

      Product Description:
      Enhance and define the shape of your eyes with the KANEBO LUNASOL Secret Shaper for Eyes. This retractable eyeliner effortlessly lifts the eye with its rich and pigmented shades, giving a subtle pearly sheen. The creamy formula allows for easy application, making it perfect for shading and creating intricate details like arrows.

      Not only is this eyeliner easy to use, but it is also long-lasting. It is resistant to sweat, water, and sebum, ensuring that your makeup stays in place all day long. Choose from five beautiful shades - 01 Brown Neroli, 02 Malty Brown, 03 Velvet Ruby, 04 Olive Leaf, and 05 Charcoal Shade - to suit your desired look.

      To use, simply glide the eyeliner along the edges of your eyelids, filling the space between the eyelashes. Remember not to extend the rod more than 1.5 mm to prevent breakage. This product is proudly manufactured by KANEBO, a renowned brand known for its quality cosmetics. The Lunasol line is made in Japan, giving you the assurance of superior craftsmanship.

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