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Kanebo Lunasol Coloring Double Lips Double lip gloss

  • New lip gloss from Kanebo Lunasol
  • Glitter double-sided
  • Cream color on one side
  • Enhances clarity of color
  • Leaves lips luscious and plump
  • Manufacturer: Kanebo
  • Line: Lunasol
  • Country of origin: Japan
    • Introducing the Kanebo Lunasol Coloring Double Lips Double lip gloss. This innovative lip gloss was released by Kanebo Lunasol in 2016. It features a unique double-sided design that adds a touch of glamour to your lips. One side offers a creamy color, while the other enhances the vibrancy and fullness of your lips. This lip gloss is proudly manufactured by Kanebo, a renowned brand in the cosmetics industry. Part of the Lunasol range, this lip gloss is made in Japan. For more options, be sure to check out the entire Lunasol collection from Kanebo.